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I had bought the old style 3 yrs ago and absolutely loved these boots. Hiked Iceland and many other mountains in WV and NC and never had any problems. I needed a new pair and bought the new ones. I had ready the reviews that the new ones were different and didn’t fit as well, but thought maybe they were wrong. THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I was so uncomfortable in these new boots after only 2 miles in. I’m so disappointed!!! Time to find a new brand unfortunately.

It is too early for me to write a meaningful review. They fit fine and worked well on my recent backpacking trip in Yellowstone and hiking in Grand Mesa. The real test will come in how well they hold up. I previously had a pair of Merrels that were great until the tread wore off the soles. I then had a pair of Ahnus and had the same expectation of them. But they developed holes in the uppers where stitching gave out long before the tread became worn. I bought these new Ahnus because they are comfortable and also because the design is a little different than my old ones. If they hold up well, I will give them a good review.

These are the most comfortable hiking boots I've worn. I wear them at work in the plant nursery/merchandising industry. I am on my feet up to 6-8 hours a day and never have I experienced discomfort by days end. They are very functional and also look nice. I've had several women ask me what they are and where did I get them.

The Good: These are excellent in snow and wet conditions. I've had no issues with my feet staying dry so far. The Bad: The break in process is extremely long and painful. I've owned these 8 months already and have hiked almost every weekend. At first, I had to tape my feet and toes because of blisters. It's getting better now, but still! It's difficult to get these shoes tied tight and to stay tied to my liking. There is nothing more annoying then having to continue to adjust them on the trail. Also, they are pretty heavy / clunky IMO - I sometimes trip. These are good in the right conditions.

I bought these boots this past spring after a friend raved about them to me. My old boots needed to be retired after many years of hiking and I was hoping to get the same longevity and durability out of these. I am disappointed. Firstly, the process of breaking them in was the worst of any hiking boots I have ever owned. They were a pain but once broken in, were incredibly comfortable. Unfortunately, that only lasted for about 60 miles of hiking before two of the hook eyelets on the lace up system broke off. I can now only lace the left boot up to the ankle. They are in the shop being repaired and I hope to get many more miles out of them. Very disappointed with their performance thus far. The process of making these boots are an environmental investment and their impact on the environment is one I hope to make as seldom as possible. I am disappointed with the quality of this product.

I have terrible ankles, including one with two plates and 16 screws, so when I started hiking more my go-to hiking/trail shoes weren't cutting it anymore. After some FANTASTIC assistance at my local REI, I settled on these because of how magically light they are, although the price was a little hard to swallow.

I had a fracture in my foot & a hiking trip on the calendar. My foot doctor recommended higher ankle supporting boots to protect my foot. Without any breaking in, I slipped these boots on, no issues! These boots are great support & very comfortable.

These boots are super comfortable and the vent technology works wonders. They are lightweight with great grip. My boots however are not holding up. After a few light hikes and one long strenuous hike, the sole is starting to peel off at the toe.

I was looking for sturdy hiking boots that weren't as clunky as my last cheap pair, and these fit the bill perfectly! I wore them straight out of the box for a week-long trip to Iceland this January. They required no breaking in whatsoever. I walked on all sorts of terrain--street, sand, lava field, dirt, mud, small streams, and a glacier--and they kept me warm and dry (minus my big toes, which after a while did understandably start to feel a little cold on the glacier). They also dry quickly too. I love these boots and look forward to taking them on many more hiking adventures.

I absolutely love these boots! They are completely water proof, have great traction, and support your feet very well! I hurt my ankle (in a different pair of shoes) on the first day of my trip in Wales and wore these tied extra tight for the extra support and I was able to walk in them all day everyday without any increasing pain. I would recommend these to anybody!

I really wanted to love these boots, in store they fit like a glove and felt good walking around and going up and down on their incline/decline tester. Went out with the dogs, hiked only 1.5 miles on flat terrain and my left heel and arch sides do not feel good. Will be returning sadly.

Love these Ahnu boots. Lightweight and sopprtive, didn’t need any breaking in, however they laced may need to be loose at the top if you’re not used to the higher boot. Was worried they wouldn’t have enough arch support in the store, but they were very comfortable hiking. Good for trail/boulder hiking. Hiked rocky mountain trails in Alaska. I have trouble with all shoes with nerve pain in my toes. No problems with these.

I have hiked at least 100 miles in these and find them wonderfully reliable, comfortable, and durable. Only got blisters once, when I wasn't wearing wool socks. Only hiked in rain once and discovered my feet were soon sloshing around in them. I have since waterproofed them with spray-on Camp Dry 13% silicone water repellent, which did not change their look, but I haven't tested the result in truly soggy conditions yet, but no problem so far in mist/snow/light moisture. Would not recommend if you need a reliably dry boot.

I learned of the Ahnu Women's Montara eVent III Hiking Boot through a friend who, herself learned of this boot through another hiking enthusiast. Having hiked for most of my life, and knowing my friend, I knew that this boot was worth exploring. I took 3 pairs of shoes to Mexico City. I hiked to the top of pyramids and around other ruins, visited numerous museums, walked among the 22 million people in the city, dined in many restaurants, walked through many market places and shops, and enjoyed a worship service. Through it all, and after many, many miles later, I never wore another pair of shoes for a week as these hiking boots were the most comfortable, and supportive footwear I could have asked for! I had no desire to leave them behind for another choice of footwear. They served me well and supported my feet, ankles, and my entire body. Thank you for making such a superior product that supported my traveling and hiking adventures throughout my time in Mexico City.

These fit my wife well , her feet are hard to fit we tried on several pairs of other brands and actually took the Solomon’s home and we brought them back and exchanged for these and wore them all day with no issue out in the elements

Fits perfectly - the Solomon were too wide. Comfortable and Light!! I've been wearing them in, but kind of feel like they don't need much of that. I think they are versatile. Based on my recommendation, a friend bought the identical and loves them.

I recently bought these boots because of an upcoming trip to Iceland. I've been a huge fan of the way hiking boots look, but I figured I should buy a pair since we're going to be doing lots of hiking while abroad. Enter these shoes - I love the look of these and they also offer great support for my weak ankles. I've only worn them 3-4 hikes so far, but they've been so comfortable. I haven't even really had the annoying pain of breaking shoes in, so would definitely recommend these!

I've had these boots for just over a year - they are comfortable and cute, and took very little time to break in. However, they are no longer waterproof. The sole is not separating from the fabric at all, yet my feet get soaked if walking through small puddles or snow. If the waterproof aspect is not important for you, then I would still recommend these boots. However, be warned that water may soak through over time.

I will start by saying that I am an avid runner and have very neutral feet (so much so that if I wear shoes with arch support for longer than 1 hr, I am in pain). With that said, these boots are amazing if have neutral feet! I went on a 7-mile uphill hike in them today and my feet did not hurt one single time! Additionally, the trail was extremely wet (at certain times, my feet were completely submerged in water) and yet, the boots kept my socks and feet 100% dry. The stability of the boots, thanks mostly to the ankle support, was also helpful in spots that were rocky and uneven. They are also easy to clean and I can tell that they will last for years and many, many more hikes. They are great quality boots and keep my feet comfortable and dry. These boots are just incredible in every way - I could not possibly give them a better review! I am so glad I purchased them.

I can't review this kind of product so soon, bought 30 days ago.

So cushy with arch support so I don’t need orthotics! Also no achilles pain.

While they're not going to help you carry much weight, these are super lightweight and soft right out of the box. Took them up and down extremely steep terrain with no slippage, and across extremely wet terrain and stayed fairly dry. They also fit crampons OK: who knew. Also cute enough to wear while city traipsing.

I bought these for my wife for Christmas and she absolutely loves them. Wears them for everything from hiking to just going around town. They fit true to size and have the design making the fit around the toes feel much better. I’m so happy my wife loves them. Great boot and I don’t have to wear them to know that.

These are the best boots ever! I have gone on maybe hikes with these boots over 8 miles and have never had a blister. They are very comfortable and look great too! And they really are water proof too! I stepped in a deep puddle and soaked more than half the boot and my socks were still dry.

They are comfortable and beautiful. They are true to size. My only problem is they came up too high on front of my leg, causing irritation and my feet are super narrow so I added a good insert. I'm sure with the right kind of socks they would be perfect.

I use these boots for both my job at a plant growing facility and for hiking. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever warn. I never have aches at the end of the day. I liked them so much I bought a second pair.

I absolutely love these, so much so that I just purchased the low cut shoe. Excellent protection wading through shallows. I tried on many other brands, but these fit fine with no inserts or adjustments

I have an older pair of Ahnu boots and love them. These are just as nice: sturdy and well-made with a great fit for my ladies size 11 feet!

I didn't have to break these babies in a bit. I love these boots so so so so so much. I can't wait use them again and again and again...

I love these boots, I got a great deal at REI. Light weight, good fit. highly recommend.


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