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My Son and I each have been using the half dome 2 plus for 3 years now for all of our BSA camping. I just recently purchased the half dome 4 plus for my wife and I to use on family campouts. First use was a 5 day camping trip, my wife has the rei kingdom cot and I use the helinox cot, there is plenty of room with room to spare and even head room to spare when sitting on the cots. On the third day we had about 2 inches of rain within an hour with a solid stream of water flowing around the tent not one drop of water entered the tent. Im sold on the REI half domes, never had any issues with the half dome 2 plus and am really liking the new half dome 4 plus. The only issue I can see coming is the bungees inside the tent poles wearing out over time which is to be expected on any tent and easy to fix. Overall easy to use, always stay dry, quality product and should last for years if properly cared for.

We use this for car camping, as it is light weight and compact-able, it probably would be a little too much for backpacking. It's super easy to set up and directions are sewn into the bag that holds it so it will be hard to lose. The material seems pretty thin, but it is excellent for wicking away water and dries super fast in the sun. I'm 5'2" and changing inside is a breeze, I can't stand all the way but I have plenty of headspace while bending a bit. It doesn't feel crammed at all. We use it for 2 people with our gear, we have plenty of room. You could fit 3 w/ your gear or 4 w/o gear pretty tightly. The tent held up well in a storm with high winds and stayed dry. The only thing I wish it had was longer looping for the rain fly on the sides, as you have to rig some rope in for the stakes to stay into the ground. Without the extra slack the wind blows the stakes out of the ground. Rain ends up pooling at the bottoms and between the footprint. The extra looping is pretty essential to keeping rain out of the underneath. So I think REI could have made that a little easier because the rest of the tent was super user friendly. We're super excited to keep camping and adventuring with this tent! I posted a pic of the up close of our tent stake being pulled out of the ground as it is just too tight.

I've had my REI Half Dome 4 for 14 years now and it's still as dependable as the day i bought it! Thought I'd leave a review after all these years! I camp primarily in the Rocky Mountains where the weather turns every direction. Its kept me dry in crazy long and brutal rainstorms, protected against high winds gusting 30 mph. It's taken a beating but still as dependable as ever. Even the poles are going strong.

I've only used this tent in fair weather thus far, so I can't attest to it's waterproofing or long-term reliability. But, from what I've experienced, I have no reason to believe this tent would be anything but phenomenal in any weather.

I bought and compared this tent to a Kelty Outfitter Pro and a Marmot Limelight. While all three had plusses and minuses, I found the REI tent had the best features and design overall. The Kelty Pro was heavier-duty and had a simpler pole structure, but felt less spacious and didn't have nearly as much ventilation, or the nice features of the REI, like overhead pockets. And it was heavier to carry. The more vertical walls of the Marmot were nice, but it didn't pack as small (the bent poles take up extra space), and it was also heavier, even though the materials seemed to be similar in durability to the REI. After careful side-by-side comparison, I went with the REI tent. It has a lot of really well-thought out features that the others do not. Our first trip saw 25-32 degree nighttime temps. The first night we had the fly fully staked out, so lots of ventilation, which meant it was cold but no condensation. The second night I let the sides of the fly lay against the tent, which was slightly warmer but resulted in condensation. Other than still figuring out the optimal configuration for ventilation -- and the options are many on this tent -- so far this is a great tent. Looking forward to some warmer-weather trips, where I am sure I will really appreciate all the ventilation.

The tent is full of surprises in the best way possible. My old tent is classified as a 3 person tent which means that it comfortable sleeps 2 and 3 people are tight. I got this 4 person tent with the hopes of have a bit more room or sleeping a 3rd person comfortably. I was pretty surprised the first time I set this tent up to find that it's massive inside. There is easily enough space to sleep 4 large adults in the tent with space to spare. I wouldn't hesitate to sleep 5 people in it while backpacking.

I bought a half dome 4 tent in 2006. It has served our family over 10 years. It has been a trusty companion on many adventure. It is one of the best products that I have ever purchased.

The quick version. Easy to set up tent that will actually fit 4 people for a bargain price. Did i mention all the headroom and fast one person set-up/takedown.

Thought we’d Love this tent, with all it’s good reviews....the tent a family of three plus dog could use car camping and backpacking! But the second car camping trip in the Sierras, d r y weather, all awoke to drip drip d r i p in the face, or on the neck, (or in the fur). As experienced backpackers, we thought we could fix the problem by changing the staking, making sure the fly was taught, vents were already open, but no. Three mornings of waking to dripping water. Can only imagine it dripping worse in humid climates. Netting was also a little snagged in places when we first took it out of the bag and only got worse with use. Returned. Still searching for a decent family tent.

I bought this tent a week ago. I used over Memorial Weekend. Setup was a breeze and used all original parts to include stakes. First day we had tornado force winds come in and destroy our camp. We had a an 10 x 20 awning with 3 in metal tubing staked with 16 in stakes that when it was over looked like broken tooth picks. The only thing to survive and stayed dry was our REI tent. I am so happy I bought this tent. Thank you REI.

We bought this when our family expanded in size. Without having to jump up to a bigger tent, this does the job. There is a ton of room (especially head room) in the Half Dome 4.

I bought this tent because the 2 person version wasn’t big enough for my car camping needs. I have used it several times over the last year and it has exceeded my expectations. It’s plenty large for me and my gear. I can set it up in 5 minutes or less by myself. Last week, I camped during flash flood rains on two different days, including a deluge on one of the days. To my surprise, the tent stayed perfectly dry on the inside the entire time, even when water was running underneath it. I am very happy with this product.

I bought this tent for car camping, my wife and I used it the very next weekend and it was all we expected it to be! This is my second REI Half Dome (first one is a 2plus we use for backpacking.) and though it looks the same, the design has improved. The rain fly was the most noticeable design change, my 2plus is from 2012 where you have to get the rain fly anchored though the footprint and tent stakes, now with the new design it has a easy release buckle that make it even easier to set up when wind is present. My only complaint about this is not with the tent but rather the stuff sack, or lack thereof. You now have to buy a compression or tent stuff sack separately to get it compact enough for backpacking, again we don’t use it for that but it would be nice to have if we ever decided to.

Used it twice so far. Quick, easy set-up. Took 5 mins with 2 people. Held up well to wind and rain, completely dry inside.

The tent is fine. The stuffsack is too small. The compound pole is needlessly complex. Individual poles as in the older model I replaced would have been far easier to breakdown and store. And why not include stakes for the included guylines?

I bought this tent for two purposes: as my main tent for car camping, and as a potential backpacking tent (I have a trip to Havasupai coming up and there will be 3 of us) if there will be more than 2 people. I was able to set the tent up easily by myself at home, and even faster with another person. The tent is very roomy and you can actually sleep 4 people in it (unlike most “4-person” tents). For two of us, it had loads of room for our gear, or moving around inside, loads of storage pockets built in, and we appreciated the vestibules for storing our dirty hiking boots. My partner was concerned about it being cold with the vestibules not touching the ground, but there was no issue.

I have an REI branded half dome from about 5 years ago, and I was surprised to see that their design really has continued to improve. Putting it up genuinely doesn't require directions, and the hangers are super simple to snap into place. The fully-assembled poles do become truly huge before you arc them into position, and that takes a little effort—probably easiest with two people. Assembled, this 4+ model provides lots of space without being too heavy to carry for a few miles. I would definitely be able to fit my partner and a large dog inside with lots of room left for gear.

Bought this tent at a garage sale along with the footprint. It’s worked great on a number of BSA camp outs with my son. It is perfect for car camping - a little heavy and too bulky for backpacking. We have the 4+ but it really is a good size for 2 plus packs. To get 3 or 4 you’d really have to use the vestibules. All in all a great tent for 80% of what you’d ever need it for.

Haven’t got much use out of it yet but it’s pretty much what I expected out of a lightweight tent. Seems pretty durable and is easy to set up. It’s a great, functional design. Definitely can be called a four person backpacking tent. Or a very roomy/comfy two person.

This a great tent, I love pretty much everything about it. My only complaint has to be that folding up the all in one pile system when breaking down the tent is SO frustrating. So if I could ask REI to improve one thing about this tent it would be to PLEASE add guidance on how to fold up the tent poles. But even with that complaint, I would still recommend this tent.

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Just received this tent and will be returning it. The walls and ceiling of the tent are all mesh and mine has at least 9 spots where the mesh is bunched with surrounding holes. Doesn’t seem like a good way to start out of the bag brand new. Poor materials.

Great tent so far lots of storage inside setup is great for all weather can even fold the fly back half way for stars or have doors open for the hot days.



Do you think one person could set up this tent alone?

Yes, with some practice, one person should be able to set up this tent within 15 minutes.


I have the tent footprint for the old (pre-2018) REI Half Dome 4 tent. Can it be used with this newer Half Dome 4 Plus tent?

​No, the floors are not the same size.

Andrew dR

Can this tent be set up with just the footprint and rainfly (i.e without the actual tent) for a lightweight shelter?

This tent is not constructed for a Fast-Pack setup.


What are the poles that hold up the rain fly in the photos? I can’t find them anywhere on here, I’m assuming they’re sold separately? 

The poles in the image are the REI Co-op Flash Carbon Trekking Poles. Here is a link for the poles separately:


The rain fly of my dome 4 has de-laminated due to overheating. Can I purchase a replacement fly from REI?

We do not have replacement rainflies for REI tents.


Per your answer "We recommend Tent Pole Technologies to make replacement poles for this tent," I see the replacement poles they sell, but what's the diameter of the poles for this tent?

The pole size is 9.5mm. Tent Pole Technologies can confirm the size you need.

Chrissie G

Is it possible to purchase replacement poles? After a big move, I seem to be missing one piece of the three piece part in the middle.

We recommend Tent Pole Technologies to make replacement poles for this tent.


Is the mesh noseeum mesh?  Will be beach camping mainly in south Florida.  

​Yes, this tent features no-see-um mesh.


Will the taped floor be more susceptible to water leakaged when the ground is flooded 

​​Although the floor of this tent is waterproof, there is a chance that it will saturate if it's set up in standing water.


Is the floor a bathtub style without seam? If not, will it leak if the rain is around 2 inches?

​The floor is not bathtub style. The seams are sealed and will not leak.


I am looking to make a long-term investment into a four-season tent that will handle a wide range of temperatures (5 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit), and college budget is playing a large factor in this decision. How does this tent handle extreme cold?

​This tent can handle cold temperatures. It is however not rated to handle snow loads.


On top of the tent body, rain fly and poles what does this include? i.e. how many stakes, guy lines, etc ?

​The tent comes with 8 stakes and 4 guylines.


Im assuming the minnimum trail weight is just using the foot print, poles, stakes, and rain fly? Is that correct? And how much is that total weight? Thanks in advance

​The minimum trail weight for this tent includes the tent body, tent poles and rainfly. The packaged weight (which includes everything except the footprint) is 7 pounds 10 ounces.


I have a REI Half Dome 4 from 2009. Will it be possible to use the new Half Dome 4 Plus rainfly for it because my old rainfly is worn out. What is the Price if the rainfly will ve send to Denmark in Europe. Best wishes Morten Stabel

No, the two tents are different sizes and therefore the rainflies are not interchangeable. I'm sorry, we do not sell replacement rainflies for our tents.


Does the rainfly extend out with vestibules on both sides?

​The rainfly does extend out to create equal vestibules on both sides.


Are the seams taped on the fly and the floor

​Yes, the seams on the fly and the floor of this tent are taped.


Looks like nice ventilation for hot days. How well does it retain heat on colder nights?

This tent is not designed to retain heat on cold nights. Warmth on cold nights is provided by an appropriate sleeping bag and pad.


Does this come with the footprint?

No, the footprint is optional here:


What parts does the minimum trail weight include?

​The minimum trail weight includes the tent body, rainfly and poles.


I heard rumors that the 2018 version of the Half Dome 4 Plus would be offered in additional colors as well. Is that true? If so, when will they be available?

​As of May 2018, we have no plans of releasing additional colors for this tent.


I love this tent, but need a new rainfly. do you sell the rainfly by itself?

​The rainfly is not available separately.

Laken M

Would I be able to fit a 23” tall queen size mattress and still have headroom?

​The floors dimensions are 92" x 92". We suggest a mattress with dimensions about 3"-4" less in both length and width to be assured it will fit inside the tent without touching the walls.


What would be the total packed weight of this tent including body, ground cover, rain fly, poles, stakes?

Packaged weight of this tent is 7 pounds 10 ounces. The footprint which is sold separately is 14 ounces.


Would it be reasonable to comfortably fit two standard cots in this tent?

​The floorplan of this tent does provide room for two cots. However, this is a backpacking tent with lower peak height and less-than vertical side walls. If your cots are tall they may not fit comfortably in this tent.


What are the waterproof ratings on the flooring and rain fly?

​The hydrostatic rating of the rainfly is 1,800mm and the floor is 1,500mm. Keep in mind that there is not industry standard for this testing.

Eric S

Are the seams sealed from the factory or do I need to do this after I receive the tent?

This tent comes fully factory seam sealed; it is ready to go right out of the package.


Does the floor have a seam in the middle or is it one full piece of nylon?

​There is a seam running through the middle of the floor.


What are the dimensions of the vestibules?  We are camping with dogs. 

The vestibules when staked out measure 92 inches from pole to pole, 40 inches from center to vestibule stake out point, and 56 inches from stake out point back to the poles. The triangle is approximately 22.5 square feet in total.


Are the tent & the rain fly out free standing?  The online photo seems to show that the rainfly is staked into the ground.

The tent is freestanding and the rainfly must be staked out to create the vestibule area.

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