MSR - WindBurner Duo Stove System

Category: Camp Kitchen

Lightweight, packs up well with other components... boils water extremely quickly. I highly recommend if you are boiling water for a party of two or more folks.


Smooth Chocolate

Can any manufacturers iso-butane/propane canister be used to fuel the stove, or only MSR?

Good question! Yes, you can use any brand of iso-butane as long as it has the 7/16 inch Lindal valve.

Tommy G

Will this fit into the 1.0L pot? Or does it only fit in the 1.8L pot?

Yes, the Windburner Duo will fit into the 1.0 Liter pot.


Do you recommend using a rechargeable plasma arc lighter to ignite this stove ?

​We do not recommend using a rechargeable arc lighter to ignite this stove.


The MSR website shows the duo stove nested into the 1.0l pot nested into the 1.8l pot. Does the stove set include both pots or is one sold separately?

​This stove system only comes with the 1.8 liter pot.

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