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After a horrible experience backpacking with these shoes in Washington in July I decided to give them another chance and took them on a 3 day 30 mile backpacking trip in Yosemite, and again they failed misserably, worst shoes I have ever owned, and I have had quite a few with a 1000 miles hiked the last year. These shoes destroy my feet, blisters and just general pain in my legs, without me doing anything very extreme. Also they break and fall appart after a few days. Not recommended, I will not give these shoes another chance now.

These are very stylish hiking boots. Very comfortable but high price.

Writing a reveiw about hiking boots diffcult as each persons experience will be different. So Here is what I been impressed with. 1. light weight with support and a solid foot bed. I am not a fan of ulta light. I have owned ulta lights to find they cause impact issues with the ball of my foot. These boots are light with proper footbed support. 2. Good mid and side support. The sides are tight on my feet with good support. My feet are average in dimensions. This is important for me, as this is where most boots fail over time. 3. Traction, I walk on plastic membrane roofs where a little mositure makes the roof surface slippery. These boots have provided the best traction so far of any other boots previously owned. All of the more slippery surfaces I have been on in nature, these boots have proven superior. Traditionally I have been a Solomon boot fan, as I know these will always fit me. I found the same type if not a bit better with the La Sportiva Stream.

Wearing these boots is like sitting in the plush leather seats of a luxury car for you feet. The treads grippy af and the water proofing kept me dry through streams and while sloggin through deep snow for hours (was also wearing gaiters). I don't think i will be buying another kind of boot.

I have always been prone to blisters (due to sweaty feet). This is the first pair of boots not to give me blisters. These boots are extremely breathable. They also required no breaking in. I also like the light weight. Best pair of boots I have ever owned.

This is a beautiful shoe and has amazing technology however I wish they made it available with wider versions as it is meant for a narrow foot. Even undoing the laces to make it wider doesn't work.



I love my Spire GTX low-rise shoes and I'm looking for the La Sportiva over-the-ankle boot that most closely matches the Spire in construction and weight. Does this fit the bill?

The construction so the Stream and the spire are the same, with the Stream being the mid-ankle cut version.


What sort of load could you carry with these boots, a backpack of 30 lbs?

These boots are designed for day hikes with moderate loads. We do not have a specific weight range to suggest.


how does it handle wet surfaces? ex: rocks, cliffs, wood areas, etc?

These boots are a great choice for hiking on wet surfaces. The very aggressive Vibram XS Trek outsoles provide excellent traction in a variety of conditions.

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