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I tried to love them but after trying to different sizes they just did not work. I normally can wear 10.5 or 11. The 11 felt great but the heel slip on this shoe was unstoppable. Returned for 10.5 and the heel did not slip nearly as much as the 11. However the shoe is no arrow across the top of your foot and the sole has little support. I felt that you felt everything you stepped on. Nothing comfy about the sole. Also. My toes rubbed on the top of the shoes creating irritation. Could just be me but another strike. I wore them enough and tried to love them but all I thought about was how they did not feel good when hiking about. Traded in for Saloman Ultra GTX and those were money!!!

I’ve been wearing La Sportiva shows for almost 10 years. The Spire May be their best all-around shoe design yet, but I can tell these shoes will especially earn their hiking cred. Great support for rocky Colorado trails and waterproof, too (tested). As a senior hiker, the support I get with all this comfort on the side is a big plus. Highly recommend this show.

The shoes fit strangely on my feet at first and it rubbed on my angle but I decided to give it a few days to a week. After a week and some pain they are really comfortable and I wear them for 10-12 hours a day. I’m on my feet all day averaging 10,000+ steps a day.

I thought I would get used to high heels on these shoes, but never did. My ankle would buckle every hour or two on flat terrain or going downhill. I am not a novice hiker.

Active guy who's occasionally challenged with plantar fasciitis. Heel and arch support in these hiking shoes are exceptional. I appreciate the need to not replace the standard insoles for newer expensive'ish ones.

I purchased the Spire GTX as a winter shoe for hiking in the Pacific North West. I used the non waterproof La Sportiva Raptors into October.

I used this shoe in Colorado hiking the Maroon Bell's loop and a 14:er, pretty much taking the shoe straight out of the box. Never had any blister issues or sore spots. The shoe fit my foot perfect and snug with enough room in the toe box to make long descents a non-issue. The sole has perfect grip, I saw my buddy slip several times when I didn't. We had sunny warm days, and rainy, cold, muddy days, and my feet never got wet, cold or hot. Probably the first time that has happened after a full day of downpour. I'm very impressed with the breathability and the water protection with this shoe.

Great customer from REI. Firm, comfortable fitting hiking shoe, that I also use for general walking purposes. I would highly recommend this product. Thank you REI also in making my past returns convenient when I chose a wrong size. Lou S.

Shoppers should know about this issue and the company should be avare of it. I bought those in October 2018 and have just noticed condition of the sole of my left shoe. Can't believe it would look like that after 6 months of light citi walk use, not to mention that for the most of the winter I wore my boots. These are not cheep shoos and I was expecting at least 10 year life span. Otherwise very comfortable and water resistant shoes.

I bought these to do another Camino. I have done 5 others using Merrill's. While good I was never 100% happy with them. I did some miles in two pairs but both blew out in the toe box. I was also surprised how slipper the soles were on wet rock. I have only done a few short hikes in these new shoes but can immediately feel the difference. Way more support and the soles gives way better traction. I did get these a 1/2 size larger than my old shoes.

I am a casual hiker (182 lbs), I bought them in REI a month ago and yesterday 07/14/2019

Tight fit in the mid-front area. Not good if you have slightly wider feet.

The shoe looks stylish, cool, and nice. But it is unbelievably slippery in wet weather; zero traction control. I fell on my back walking down stairs outside and it could have been a very serious accident. I love La Sportiva. And I have felt that they have some sort of a traction problem. I have still purchased many pairs over the years and enjoyed them. This one was particularly problematic. Wear it anywhere as long as you do not have to walk on a wet surface.

Bought these to walk on the Cotswold Way in England. With about 60 years of hiking with the Boy Scouts, theses are probably the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.

So I bought these boots for a upcoming 13 mile hike at Glacier National Park. I went solely off recommendations at the store and online. And I’m so glad I did! Boots turned out to be great! Especially when paired with a great pair of hiking boots (which is a must IMO). So during the hike around mile 11 I started to feel some hot spots in my big toe, however that was the only discomfort I had the entire trip. Next day, zero blister and/or foot problems. Overall, great boot! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a low.

Really like these shoes. I had been hiking in trail running with shoes but due to an injury I needed a little more structure. These fill the bill. As comfortable as trail runners, more flexible than many hiking shoes and just enought structure for comfort.

I love this hiking shoe. I live in the desert in Arizona and wanted a lightweight breathable shoe. The sole is very firm, protects me from the occasional sharp rock. When they get wet, they dry fast. When I get them dusty and dirty I run water over them and wipe them off and they’re dry by morning. Not the cheapest option, but worth every penny.

These hiking shoes are great right out of the box! I wanted a versital hiker for long day and weekend light backpacking trips and these fit the bill. The only thing you should be aware of is that the shoes are a much darker color then the way they look on the website.

I tried a pair of these and they make a clicking and popping noise at the toe pivot point you can hear and even feel it when it occurs.

I have morton's neuroma which causes pain in the ball of my right foot when walking. No problem when barefoot but most shoes exasperate the problem. Over the years I have found a few shoes (all no longer available) that do not cause this problem. These are best yet. After purchasing a pair I discovered how comfortable these are. I have since purchased a second pair and will soon get a third. I usually wear a size 10 but these fit in a size 9.5 I tried other La Sportiva shoes and all fit as a 10 and all were painful for my foot problem. Expensive but worth it.

This by far is one of the best trail / light hiking shoes I have worn. Its greatest assets are: fit, its grip in wet environments, and overall support. Waterproofed, this is also winner on trails and other terrain. It runs a bit narrow but I was able to find a 10.5+ (size) which was perfect for my feet. I've a little over 20 miles with no issues and they felt fine right out of the box. My only complaint is that these shoes come with a very light ortho insole which is disappointing for a $190.00 shoe. I would have rated them a 5 had they used a better insole.

I had the La Sprortiva Synthesis Mid GTX before these (3 different pairs), they were full of issues from glue, to flappy base, to clasped padding, etc ...So, I was "upgraded to these" On the first trip (Kilimanjaro), fine mud made its way into the breathable sole channels and dried creating a big lump under the front of my food. I tried everything to get it out but it was locked in there because of the micro mesh that is suppose to keep stuff like that out. Also, these will look old fast, the vent holes on the top of the shoe turn white-ish as the material wears, and the green part of the sole on the back heel gets beat up quick due to the angle of the sole construction. Further, they are really uncomfortable, the laces are to thin vs. the amounting of padding in the tongue, so if you want to get them tight for the decent, the laces will cut into the top of your foot. All this only after 6 days of hiking....Geeez guys, come on, for the price of your shoes, you should of sorted this kind of stuff out. I'm convinced we are paying for a "brand" now, not the cutting edge in technology.

The La Sportiva men's Spire GTX Hiking shoes look good from the outside, are lightweight, appear durable and claim to be water resistant which are the main reason I purchase these shoes. The shoes fit good in heal and true to length. However when walking on level surfaces there is a popping sound in the top of shoe between laces and toe. There seems to be extra material. I have a size C foot so somewhat narrower than average but bid not occur any issues in heal. This shoe may be ok for people with D size width but do not recommend this for narrow feet.

I hiked Oregon and North California in these shoes and didn’t have to break them in before my trip. No blisters after 50+ miles. Walked through several running streams, glad these are waterproof!

These shoes are very narrow and it hurt to wear them even after a long break in period. Additionally I kept twisting my ankle in these even on the easy trails I usually hike. So much more than usual that it became very noticeable and I grew frustrated during my hikes. Fortunately I did not have any injuries. Also the waterproofing did not last at all.

First the Good. The Spire has a very good sole and midsole. It has some stiffness, feels like it would be sticky and does a good job on rock penetration. Unfortuantely it has a VERY POOR upper. There is absolutely no support in the upper. It feels like it was made out of bungy cord material. Canvas would give more support. They only really work for relatively flat foot placement. If you encounter a rocky trail, talus slope, narrow gully or a steep downhill the top stretches so much much you feel like you will roll out of it. I tried the shoe for a month on varied terrain, with different lacing patterns and even a high volume insole (I have a normal foot) before deciding it was never going to work. I returned it. If you are going to use this in the city or wide, prepared trails then this shoe would be great...but then almost any gym shoe would work as well, at a fraction of the price. After my trials I also have strong doubts in the uppers durability from rock abrasion.

I have purchased several pair over the years. An amazing shoe. I have toured Italy and the United Kingdom, hiked on snow and glaciers in Alaska, hiked the Appalachian trail, and walk in the rain and snow in my commute to nyc. Very comfortable, water proof, great support fir my back. Pricey but worth every penny.

I hicked all over Glacier National Park and Banff in these shoes. Through streams, over vast stretches of land, and 52% steep incline- no wetness, blisters, or slipping. These are like gravity boots. I could not slip on missy wet rocks or loose dirt incline/declines. Totally worth the purchase.

These are the best low hikers I have ever used and abused. I probably have 500 miles on these in the 5 months I've had them and the tread still looks brand new.

I have tried all different combinations of shoes in my life but nothing makes me feel stronger and add some pep to my step than these shoes

Comfortable light hiker with aggressive lugs underfoot. These shoes can easily double as trail runner

I went from the Store to Hyde State park and hiked the circle trail; great traction both up and down.

True to size with great support .Would purchase again

This is my second pair of this model, having worn out the first pair. The fit is snug and comfortable like a tennis shoe and is much lighter than a traditional hiker. The price is higher than most hiking shoes, but it has become my everyday shoe along with trail traversing, so worth the investment for me. I have been hiking and backpacking for 50 years, and this product is as good as it gets.

Bought these shoes a couple years ago to hike thru Europe. They are so comfortable that I now wear them as my every day casual shoes. I even use them on the golf course when walking 18 holes. I’ve walked at at least a 1000 miles in these shoes and the way they are holding up, I expect them to last several thousand more miles. Great shoes for hiking, walking, golf or just going to the store.

Doesn't hold up like a respectable hiking shoe. When the lace tips fall apart (and they do), good luck. Difficult to find a replacement that will work with the odd lacing eyelets. La Sportiva claims to sell laces, but they're never in stock. Customer service refuses to suggest laces that will work. But two stars since it's a stylish shoe if you want to drive the Land Rover to brunch.

These shoes are very comfortable and lightweight, and best of all they are very breathable for a waterproof shoe. However, I have to say the reason I do not like these shoes is my they have no traction and slip and slide way too much on any somewhat moist ground. When I was using them to hike, any wet wooden bridge, or tile floor, or moist rocks, and you will slide all over the place. On multiple trips I did not notice this problem with others hiking in my group so I believe they are the shoe. And they are very comfortable for me but after a 10 hr day of hiking or several shorter days in a row my pinky toe rubs too much and starts to blister, but that could just be the fit of the shoe for me. Also there is no ankle support and my feet roll often, but it is a low profile shoe which is lighter & more breathable due to that fact. Mostly I am disappointed in the low grip especially for the high cost of the shoe.

Nice shoe, but disappointed. I tried these on in store, and they fit fine. Waited until REI put out their 20% off an item, and ordered the size I needed. When I got them, they were very loose and felt way different than the ones I tried in store. My heel slipped all over... Planning on returning them and exchanging for something different once the stores open up again.

The title on my review is no joke. These shoes are the best hiking shoes I've ever used. The sole and tread are awesome. The goretex actually works to keep your feet dry. They are rugged yet lighter weight. I consider these a huge improvement over lighter weight running style trail runners. I used these over the summer of 2018 and wore them 12 days across a traverse of the wind river high route and through the Tetons. These shoes really helped keep grip while on granite, wet surfaces and held well in the snow. My only critical feedback is that the fit is really weird. I cannot say they don't fit, as that is a personal situation. What I mean is that the shape of the footbed and the way it fits is just really unusual with a tight toebox and a loose heal. With a little experimenting I was able to dial these in but as is often the case with La Sportivas, I'd say be aware that these will have a fit that is atypical.

The vibram sole! THANK YOU. Thought they were too small and realized they want to be "Snug" not "Tight". Waterproof but will not bake your feet in heat. I have put about 50 hard hiking miles on them so far and they feel like trail runners without turning your ankle on rocks, roots, etc. This is really an exceptional hiker, try one on in-store and see what I mean.

I have about 100 miles on these shoes now, and I can say they are a solid "ok". They seem to me a bit awkward. That is, the sides of the shoes come up just enough to rub my ankle bones, which tends to get real annoying after a few miles. Additionally, the the way the heel box is shaped, it's like it is sloped outward so that your heel feels like it wants to slip out of the shoe all of the time. To rectify this, the shoe needs to be tied real tight, which then causes a lack of blood flow.

Took a few months to break in and after about 9 months the stitching on the heap started coming apart. I’ve always bought Solomon before these and regret not staying with them. $190 to have them wear out in 9 months while my $300 Solomon’s are still very good after 4 years let’s me know the difference in quality is worth the price.

I’m not as strenuous a user as most Spire owners, as my principal use is wet weather dog walking with an occasional mild hike during 1-1/2 years of use. I’ve loved the fit, with the qualification that I use thicker aftermarket insoles in all my shoes due to low volume feet. In fact, I’ve since purchased two pairs of Wildcats (GTX and non-GTX) because of that great LS fit. (Love ’em!)

I started having issues with my plantar fascia and these shoes really helped mitigate that problem. They are very stable and supportive with great traction. I tried Altras, Hokas and Solomans which were good shoes, but the La Sportivas are the shoes I will be wearing on my PCT thru hike in April!

I’ve put over 800 miles on these boots in rural Georgia in the US, tropical forests in Indonesia and Malaysia, deserts in Australia, and rocky terrain in New Caledonia and Fiji, yet these boots are still waterproof and comfortable. And I’m just about to buy a second pair.

Just did a Spartan Run in December and was recommended buying these shoes. I was not disappointed. They gave me the leverage that I needed to complete the run.

Did a 17.3 mile hike with 3760 feet of elevation gain over rough terrain and steep inclines. Traction is excellent, footbed cushion is excellent (didn’t feel fist size rock poking thru) and they are light. First rate lightweight hiking shoe.

Wore these for the first time on a multi-day backpacking trip in Southern Utah. Sand, water, rocks, mud. You name it, they handled it with ease. Never thought about my feet negatively once the whole trip. Amazing shoes.

Purchased these in advance of a trip to Shenandoah National park. Didn't have the opportunity to break them in before the trip, but I didn't need to. Hiked Old Rag on day 1. No blisters, felt great the whole time.

51 years old, I found the best fitting shoes of my life. Stable, comfortable, durable. No hot spots, no flimsiness, top quality material. I’m buying a second and or third pair to store in the closet.

Comfortable right out of the box and the first hiker or running shoe that I did not need to put an aftermarket footbed in. For goretex they actually breath quite well and my feet don't get too warm.

These shoes are amazing. I cannot praise them enough. Completely worth the money and then some. Would recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable, reliable, and supportive hybrid shoe.

This shoe is lighter than a boot but equally as rugged. It stands up to every-day wear on multiple surfaces from city sidewalks to mountain trails. It's got great foot and arch support.

Lightweight, solid construction, waterproof, very stable and comfortable. In 4 weeks I have 100+ miles hiking in them. I will be in the market for their GTX Stream later this summer.

Great shoe, but there’s an apparent roll-over to the outside. It’s a sneaker built on an aggressive, tall work boot tread. With that, it gives. Otherwise, very well done.

What distinguishes these hiking boots are that they are not heavy and rigid as most others. I use them as a sneaker as well. They are also water resistant.

The shoes are great, but the laces fell apart after less than one month. Shoes in that run $190 a pair HAVE to last more than a month. A bit disappointing.

Not the lightest shoe on the shelf. But definitely the best a griping the ground. I’ve worn Merrells all my life. The Sportivas have them beat hands down.

Did over 200 miles on 18 days in these. Have a narrow heel and pretty narrow foot. These worked great. Would definitely use again.

This shoe gives best support, comfort, cushioning with feeling walking on air. It is my best ever shoe, thanks LA Sportiva.

I've been a big fan of Lowa Renegade GTX Lo - I like all leather for waterproofing & to keep burrs/prickers/grasses from sticking into the shoe. When I bought a new Lowa pair, the fit just wasn't as good as prior Lowas. So I tried the La Sportiva (LS), the difference couldn't have been greater. The LS totally wraps, supports & cushions your foot. No break-in, no shoe treatment - ready to go right out of the box. On day hikes in the Alps I switched between a Lowa GTX Mid (which I do still like, particularly for >protection & >waterproofing) & LS. I found myself leaning towards the LS for traction, cushion & support. I'll wear them walking around cities - again, better cushion & support. I probably have a few hundred miles on the shoes & no visible signs of wear. Sticking burrs/prickers/grasses may still be an issue given the surface, but other than that, they're great. One thing I did change - the round laces - I hate 'em on ALL hiking shoes/boots, unless your careful about double knotting, they seem to slip. Switched to flat laces, they don't dig in on the top of the foot & they don't slip.

Got them put them on and went hiking right away, put about 4 miles on them and get feel great

So far has been a comfortable supportive shoe that I have enjoyed wearing.

fit is exceptional,for me, I have a somewhat narrow foot.



I wear these all the time but I need second pair to alternate.  Will these becoming out in another color?

As of December 2018, we do not have plans announced to carry these shoes in different colors. All available colors are currently displayed on this page.


Can I order this shoe in 7.5 or 40?

​We're sorry, size 40 EU is not available.


How do the Spires run sizewise? I normally wear a 10.5 but sometimes need an 11. Planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast and looking for a waterproof hiker for a week long walking tour. Also considering the Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX. Any recommendations? 

​The Spire runs true to size in length and width; if you wear a 10.5 street shoe, then consider that size first. The Salomon also runs true to size but offers large toe box so you'll have a little more room to work with if your toes prefer more space.


Will Be climbing the Grand Teton this month and want to know if this would Be a good approach shoe to wear for that climb?

This shoe is a smart approach option if the trail is fairly smooth. If the trail is bumpy and littered with rocks and roots and you're carrying a 40+ pound pack, shoes may not give you the lateral and under-foot support for a comfortable adventure.

Brian 101

I have never climbed a mountain I work in Retail for a major home improvement company. I spend 10 hours a day walking on concrete floors. I want comfort at the end of the day. Is the La Sportiva Spire GTX right for me?

These shoes are designed for trail hiking and may not be the best choice for concrete floors.


How does the sizing jive with other La Sportiva shoes? I have Ultra Raptors in a 45.5 which is quite a bit larger than my US street shoe size, but they run really small. Are the Spire GTXs sized the same?

​We suggest purchasing the same size as your other La Sportiva shoes.


are they comparable to the lasportiva tx3 as an approach shoe?

As these shoes are designed for day hiking, they do not have the sticky rubber you find on the La Sportiva TX3 approach shoes.


Laces become easily untied...what are the best replacement laces for these shoes, or this problem?

If you are looking for replacement laces, the Sof Sole Round Boot Laces are a great choice.


I understand La Sportiva makes a 47.5 Spire GTX but for some reason REI does not carry (I could only find a 47 in Denver which is a bit too small).  Can that be remedied?

Regrettably, as of May 2018, we do not stock this shoe in sizes larger than 47 and are unable to order other sizes for you. We appreciate your feedback, however, and will pass it on to our buyers!


I read in the comments that the Spire is constructed with the same last as the Ultra raptor...that’s great news, as I’ve owned 2 pairs of Ultra Raptors and the 10.5+ fits me perfectly.  Can you please confirm that EU size 44 is the same size in the Spire?

Yes, the EU size 44 equates to a U.S. men’s size 10.5.

B squared

Do these shoes come in wide or x-wide?

​As of May 2018, we do not have plans to stock this shoe in wide sizes.


Why aren't these available to Men with Wide Feet or Extra Wide?

​As of May 2018, we do not have plans to stock this shoe in wide sizes.


Width of shoe..I have a wide foot and normally use 10.5 and extra wide, or 4 to 5E...

​This shoe is standard D width.


Can I throw them in the washer to clean them?

We recommend hand washing these shoes with a damp cloth and letting them air dry. ​


Are the Ortholite insoles critical to the function of Gore-Tex Surround sole venting? I prefer a more substantial heel cup and arch support as found in aftermarket insoles. 

No, you can remove the insole from these shoes for a replacement insole, and this will not affect the waterproof breathable membrane.


How does the fit compare with the Ultra Raptor ?

Both shoes are built using the same last. The Raptor is likely more comfortable out of the box as it's more flexible; while the Spire is stiffer and a better choice for support over longer distance.


La Sportiva indicates this shoe is available in a 13.5 US, 47.5 EU. Is that size available to purchase from REI, even as a special order? I was as the Seattle flagship location and they did not have it in stock.

​As of April 2018, we are not able to place special orders through All available sizes are listed on this page.


How does this compare to the La Sportiva Synthesis Mid GTX on width?

The Spire and Synthesis shoes from La Sportiva are very similar in width. Both are a regular US men's D width.


What is the toe-box fit like on the Spire? Wider, similar to Wildcat? ...or narrow like the Ultra Raptor or Synthesis? Thanks!

​The Spire and Wildcat models have a very similar toe-box width. However, the Spire is slightly narrower in the midfoot.

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