ENO - Fuse Tandem Hammock System

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No need to squeeze into one hammock anymore! We either would squeeze into the same hammock or use our own hammocks, but would always be too far apart based on the trees available. Now we can have our own hammock but still be close enough to chat and hangout together! This is a MUST for any couples / friends that like to “hang” together

It was a little difficult to set up at first. But once we got the hang of it. It was very easy to set up.

I recently used the ENO Fuse while backpacking with my six year old son along with two ENO Doublenests, two ENO Blaze underquilts and one ENO ProFly tarp. The setup worked out great! I felt a lot safer having him right next to me and it really added to the fun! In my opinion, ENO ProFly was just a little too small for this configuration and I plan to purchase the XL version for our next trip. The regular ENO ProFly just barely covers the two tandem hammocks. In the event of significant rain, I would have had to remove one or both of the bars to avoid getting wet. Some pro tips for enhancing your setup: Offset the tree straps for each hammock so that they hang from the left and right of the tree, rather than the center. If there is a significant weight difference between occupants (in my case 185 lbs vs 50 lbs), set the tree straps lower for the lighter occupants hammock to balance the height of each hammock.

Used them on recent camping trip. Partner and I are both hammock campers and we like sleeping close together. These work exactly as advertised. We each got to sling our hammocks side by side from the same two trees. We slept well, getting in and out of your own hammock did NOT seem to disturb the other much at all.

We have several eno hammocks and while I like a cuddle with my wife in my double nest, there are some times you just want your own space. Best of all you are still close enough to hold hands and even share a tarp. Works with my 2 double nest or my 2 sub7. Boings this on a whim and expected I’d return it, but it has become part of my kit.

I used this tandem setup with two Eno single hammocks in the front yard and then unleashed my kids into them ages 4-9. They absolutely loved having their own hammock and more importantly their own space. I watched them swing and roll around in the hammocks and the tandem bar worked awesome keeping them (and the hammocks) apart. The tandem bar was setup looking exactly like promo photos but at times would get a little off level but still did the job of separating two hammocks without issues. I got in one hammock and my daughter in the other and still worked great despite the significant weight difference. Going solo with an empty hammock next to me still was working great. I haven’t tried setting up a rain fly over this setup so can’t comment on that. Overall great product that collapses down in three sections, is relatively lightweight, and comes with a carrying case.

This is a really fun addition to our hammock tool chest! It's very simple to use and lightweight. You will want to hang the hammock of the heavier person a bit higher, so that it will seem uneven until you are both in them. If you ever want to hammock side-by-side and don't have trees that allow it, you will be happy to have this. :-)

This is a shockingly simple solution for hammocking with a friend. No more stacking or having hammocks touch! The poles keep both hammocks a comfortable distance apart, while being close enough to enjoy hammocking together. This is one of those products I didn’t know I needed! Worked perfectly, and I’m thrilled to have found this.

Figuring out placement of rods and contemplating weight differences can be a bit challenging, but once you got that it works great.

1. This system allows two people to hammock side by side...conversation, etc is easier. 2. Allows two hammocks to be hung using only two trees instead of three or four. Sometimes you only HAVE two trees to work with.

My girlfriend and I sometimes have trouble finding trees that aren’t super far apart, this solves that problem you only need two trees. As simple as it gets for set up and really nice quality. We love them!!

Very easy to put together and add to the hammocks. Also comes apart very nicely and goes back into storage bag.



Would this work inside the ENO Guardian bug net or ENO Guardian Base Camp bug net? I'm assuming by adding the spreader, they would be too long and/or too wide (at the opening) to fit. Is it possible to remove 1 of the 3 sections of poles to hang closer?

​This tandem hammock system is not designed to fit inside the ENO Guardian Bug Net or the ENO Guardian Base Camp Bug Net.

Michael law

What size is the rain fly that you have over the system? My rain fly is eno and it’s pretty big, but I don’t know if it’s big enough for two hommocks side by side. 

​The rainfly in the pictures is the ENO ProFly XL Hammock Rain Tarp that measures 156 x 110 inches.


Has this been tested for 2 sets of the bars to be used to spread out 3 hammocks between the same two trees?

​As of May 2018, we have not tested this hammock system with more than two hammocks.


When my wife and I go camping, I always get up hours before she does. How will this system handle one hammock being occupied while the other is vacant?

If there are weight differences, or only 1 person in a hammock, the heavier side will drop closer to the ground. You’ll want to take that into consideration when you do your initial setup.


does this work with bridge hammocks like the quarter dome air?

​We do not suggest using this on hammocks with spreader bars.

This guy

Will this work with double deluxe or other hammock brands (legit camping)?

​Yes, this system works with virtually any set of hammocks.


Are the straps included?

​No, the straps are sold separately for this system.


Is one or two bars included?

​Two bars are included with this system.

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