NEMO - Fillo Bello 3-in-1 Pillow

Category: Sleeping Bags

Was very excited when this came out, thought I could use it as an inflater for my Nemo Tensor (I currently use the Neoair Xtherm Inflater which works well with the Nemo Tensor pad) a pillow and a dry stuff sack for my sleeping bag, with the hope of saving some weight. But no, this thing is useless as a pillow, it completely deflates after an hour or so out in the field. Contacted Nemo and they told me to try using it as a pillow by stuffing it with clothes. This wont work for me at all as I dont bring extra clothes on long multi night backpacking trips (I bring one pair of clothes that im wearing, sleeping clothes and an extra pair or 2 of socks, nothing at all to stuff this with), I dont know who does, clothes weigh a ton, so this pillow is useless. Guess Im going back to my old setup which is carrying a Sea to Summit ultralite pillow, Sea to Summit ultrasil dry sack for my sleeping bag, and the Neoair Xtherm Inflater to inflate my Nemo Tensor. If they fix this product to actually hold air to use as an air pillow then I will give it another try.

We bought two of these pillows from REI and they do not stay inflated. Tried everything to get them to stay inflated but there must have been a slow leak in both of them. Returning both pillows tomorrow.

I tested it out before traveling. I does not hold air. The idea is awesome but since there is nothing from letting the air out the pillow does not hold. It makes me wonder if anyone tested it before putting it out on the market

It would be great to have a multi-purpose which could also be used as a pillow. The problem, it doesn’t hold air. Sure, it does it first, but loses air throughout the night.


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