Garmin - Forerunner 645 GPS Watch

Category: GPS Systems

I am a long time Garmin product fan. I tried this out to see if the sleep, strain, RHR, HRV, and recovery metrics which Garmin provides in partnership with the company FirstBeat were comparable to the Whoop strap. Unfortunately, Garmin does not even approximate the accuracy, ease, and usability of the Whoop technology for strain, recovery, sleep, and performance analytics. Measuring HRV on this watch is clunky -- requires wearing a chest strap while standing for 3 minutes for daily measurements or confusing third party software. Since I do not really need a watch for time or a GPS device that tracks heart rate, I am returning the watch. I use my Garmin bike computer for cycling and my iPhone for running/hiking and other activities for which I track GPS and heart rate data. That being said, it is a great watch.


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