Scarpa - Crux II Approach Shoes - Men's

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I needed something more legit-looking than Chacos to convince people at my climbing gym I'm totally an outside climber. I wear these shoes and keep a random piece of trad gear clipped to my bag at all times now. Trango has a cam just the right shade of orange to match your shoes, FYI. Scratch the lobes on the sidewalk or they'll figure you out.

These approach shoes have some good stick to them and are comfortable for moderate distance approaches and scrambles. They fit a bit wider which for me was great since my forfoot is a bit wider than the traditional last shoe allowing me to get a proper size and not have to size up for a forefoot fit.

I have these shoes for 3 years and its holding up pretty good. Although i dont think its as good looking some of the other brands, the durability on this thing is absolutely superb. Some of my buddys 5.10s soles would fall apart in weeks of abuse in joshua tree. These ones however is very solid. The only things that annoyed me at first was the laces keeps getting untied. Fixed it by doing extra round turns before tightening it. I highly recommended this shoes , very durable and good sticky rubber.

I've used these as every day shoes over the winter. They're comfortable, light weight and breath well. The retro style appealed to me. Tongue sliding is the same for me in one boot. Am going to try putting a stitch in to hold it. I'd say a more serious down side for me is the rubber composition of the sole which in spite of a nice lug pattern tended to be significantly more slippery on ice than other Vibram-soled boots I own. Surprised me on more than one occasion.

Shoes are comfortable after breaking in. Soles are grippy, and the lacing pattern makes it possible to cinch the shoes against the foot snugly. Not fully waterproof, but I stayed dry enough carefully walking through a couple miles of puddles on wet/muddy trail. Two small complaints: 1 - there's a small bump at the front where the tongue is attached that I could sometimes feel when walking and 2 - the tongue would sometimes slide around and require adjustment.

Truthfully, I was looking for a great walking shoe with solid support and lasting comfort rather than a pre-approach shoe. I am taking only one pair of footwear on a 2 1/2 week trip to Europe and really needed an the perfect match. The salesperson at REI really listened to my needs and hooked me up with a pair of Scarpa's. So far they have been the best shoe I have ever owned. I have some issues with plantar faciitis and so far so good.

I’m very happy I went with these. I don’t have any issues with the tongue at all. The farthest I’ve hiked was 7 miles at The Red and they were great right out of the box. Didn’t even need any break in. Got my girlfriend a pair as well. The sizing is very predictable. Great all around shoe. Nice around town too.

I bought this shoe for an Alaska trip and did not regret. This is the perfect shoe for my everyday life. Great comfortability, mobility, ankle and arch support, this is literally my dream shoe for walking the streets to some rough terrain in Juneau. Would highly recommend.

I wear these shoes daily in town, city, on easy trails, thru hikes, and approaches. perfectly comfortable always, holding up well after a few months. I hope to wear these for the rest of my life

Nice shoe but way too narrow. I have a E width foot and there was no way I was going to ware these shoes. Wish the shoe mfgrs would recognize this.

It fits tightly well and it's comfortable. I tried this shoes and purchased without looking reviews.

Well constructed, excellent approach shoe. Looks like new even after significant wear.


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