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I really love this shoe as I've gotten so much better at climbing. Toe hooking, heel hooking, and edging became relatively easy and my confidence level has dramatically increased.

I bought a pair of free range shoes a few weeks ago, size 9 (my street shoes are 8.5) The shoes fit exactly as they should. They are very tight, but not to the point that I have to take them off in between every boulder problem... First thing I noticed was how stiff the toe box is, it is legitimately stiff enough for me to walk around on my tip toes and I'm a fairly stocky guy for a rock climber at 5' 7" 180lbs. The shoes fit so snuggly that I can easily make use of tiny chips, and feel confident that I'm not going to just blow off. SO ILL seems to have great customer service so far as well, I ordered my shoes on a Monday and received them on Wednesday. I also received a voicemail from a live person asking how I liked my shoes late in the day on Wednesday which I thought was extremely cool. My girlfriend needs to get shoes, and I'm pretty sure we are looking at getting her a pair of either the runner, or kick as she isn't in the market for a highly aggressive profile. 10/10 will buy again.

I purchased the free range climbing shoe to try and get myself to peak performance when it comes to climbing. They have traveled far and wide with me to no disappointment. Excited to become a frequent customer of So Ill as I begin construction on a home climbing gym.

This shoe fits my foot perfect. I'm super stoked about dark matter rubber. As a former life long 5.10 guy, I'm super particular about stickiness. This rubber is where it's at.

Great looking shoes. Didn't come even close to fitting on my size 13 feet.

I've worn the 5.10 Blackwing since 2013 and when it got discontinued I started looking for a shoe that could fill the void. The Free Range is it and more. Probably one of the best climbing shoes I've ever worn and I've gone through a lot (La Sportiva, Scarpa, 5.10, Evolve) now finally landed with So iLL and couldn't be happier. I opted for the Free Range due to the medium stiffness (which they balanced with the perfect amount of sensitivity) First impression - Looks aggressive. The green color pops. Sick shoe. It's easy to get in and out of. Nice padded tongue. The single strap lets you adjust easily to what kind of climbing you'll be doing. There is little to no heel slip but when strapped high there is no way the heel is coming out. The rubber GRIPS - super sticky.

In Australia, we don't actually get a lot of So iLL products in the bricks & mortar stores here which makes it difficult to size however I did my research and trusted the recommendation to go up 1/2 a size for a performance fit. I'm a US 9.5 street so I got the US 10 and it was tight (I should not that my left foot is 1/2 a size larger than my right - so my left was scrunched and my right was tight but not painful). Before I chat about the performance when I hit the boulder gym that night lets discuss the aesthetics.


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