Ultimate Survival Technologies - FlexWare Sink 2.0 - 16 Liters

Category: Camp Kitchen

The sink works as advertised and is quite handy. The sticker that takes up the entire bottom is really difficult to remove. REI - please tell this vendor to replace the sticker!

The sticker that covers the entire bottom of the product is nearly impossible to remove. Once you finally get the sticker off, the adhesive residue will not come off. Very irritating!

I have used this for a year now, including using it daily for 1 month on a summer trip to the west coast and back to the midwest. It works great.

Wish I could have tried the hair dryer method to remove that thing, unfortunately we were out in the woods when I saw the infamous sticker and discovered that it shreds rather than peels off. Since I didn’t have many options I did the dishes, and now I’m left with what was first a wet sticker and is now a seemingly permanent black sticky goo.

Hi, we are all people who don’t like using plastic bags. We found this collapsible sink to be perfect for short shopping trips. You just take it out of the car with you get what you want and pay for it and it goes right back in the same basket and you take it home. No more plastic in the ocean.

This is a great size for washing dishes at your car camping site. Much better than anything else I've purchased. Collapses easily for storage. The sticker on the bottom peels right off after blowing on it a couple of minutes with the hairdryer on high heat.

We used it car camping to wash dishes mulitple times. I like the convenient handles for carrying and it holds alot. The label sticking was not an issue, I read other reviews and peeled off the label before use.

Used it every day after hiking Mt. Rainer and Glacier NP. In the evening, I fill it with ice and soke my feet. When done, colapse it and store it. Very convenient item.

Nicely made, flexible, and kind on dishes. ***To remove sticker, use a hair dryer or heat gun. Comes off in a snap, all in one piece.***

Seriously, using a hair drier to remove the sticker works like a charm. Don't let that flaw dissuade you from giving this product a whirl.


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