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I was very excited to about this 2 person sized blanket. I have the similar REI Co-op version in the throw size and love it! The two bands have very similar fabric and warmth. The material of these blankets is unbeatable for many reasons. Pet hair, grass, and sand roll right off. Even water slips just bead off. I get so much use out of the throw size that I thought the larger 2 person size would be worth the investment. However, I was so disappointed to open up the package of mine new Rumple to find a handful of the quilted threads sections had snags and loose threads and areas where the stitching skipped and then re-tracked. For $300 the lack of quality control was shocking to me. I will try an exchange in hopes this was one bad lemon.

The throw is a good size to cover your body. Very light weight. Hardly any down. Not very warm. Waaay over priced.

This blanket is great, versatile, cosy. The only down side (pun intended) for me personally is the price - I hope the blanket will last me a long time to make it worthwhile.

My husband bought this for me for mornings in the ground blind/tree stand. I do some of my best reading while I'm "hunting" :). BUT I hate being cold. Hate it, hate it, hate it. This Rumpl has saved the day on many occasions. It's lightweight, compressible, and WARM. I can sit on it to insulate my bottom from the metal of the tree stand, drape it over my shoulders like a cape, or completely consume myself in it for those really cold mornings. It's also perfect for early spring/late fall afternoons in our hammock. I LOVE napping in the hammock, but again, hate being cold. The Rumpl also doubles as a sleeping bag substitute when we're truck camping with just sleeping pads. An all-around versatile, well-made product!

The blanket felt nice but I couldn't get past the yellow trim. I wish I could see it in the picture before I ordered. I like all but the color. Also, it is kind of loud fabric.

First thought, the blanket is expensive. Tried it one night at home and it was warm enough at about 60 degrees. It is very light and pretty slippery. Hope to use it with a bag liner or thin sleeping bag this spring/summer to cut down on packing bulk.

Warm, fluffy, downy... I had a dream someone tried to steal it, and I woke up shaking till I realized I was still cocooned in its amazing warmth. Buy it... It's worth the price. Compresses great and goes anywhere. Stays clean and keeps you cozy.

Great purchase. Whole family loves it and fights over who gets it.



Can this item be compressed beyond the included stuff sack?

​This blanket can be compressed smaller using the included compression sack. The compressed dimensions for each size are as follows:


How many oz of down is the fill?

​The fill weights for the Down Puffy Collection are as follows:


My son is going on his first sleep-away summer camp trip soon.  The cabins are air conditioned.  Do you think this blanket would be too warm in that environment or us this really designed for chilly outdoor camping?

​This down puffy blanket is versatile and can be used for indoor climate controlled environments as well as at the campsite.​


What is the loft height ?  REI really shouldn't list any down or insulating products without referencing the loft height. 

The Puffy down blanket is approximately 1 inch thick. Thank you for your feedback.


Is there any difference between goose down and duck down when it comes to their insulating properties or durability?

​There is not a huge difference when it comes to goose and duck down. Both types insulate equally well and will last a long time if properly cared for. The biggest difference is going to be fill-power. The higher the fill power, the higher the quality of the down. Goose down is generally available in a higher fill-power as geese are larger birds that produce larger plumes of higher-end down.


Does this have a temperature rating?

​Rumpl considers this to be comfortable to about 40° F/4° C.


Can this blanket go in a dryer? Or is it air-dry only

If washed, this blanket can be put in the dryer on a low heat until it is completely dry. We also recommend adding two clean tennis balls. This will help re-loft the down.


can you zip 2 of these together?

​These blankets do not have zippers and cannot be zipped together.


What is the fill on the double? 600, 700, 800?

The Puffy Blanket features 600-fill power duck down in all sizes.

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