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After many miles on my old Cascada 9’s it was time to hang them up:( I thought the fit would be similar with the new Cascadia 13’s, not so.

I just finished a 3-day, 30-mile backpacking trip in these. They didn’t require any breaking in and I ended the trip with zero foot pain and zero blisters. They have great padding around the back of the ankle and heel, which is where I am most prone to rubbing and blistering. I would definitely recommend these!

I bought these shoes because I wear Brooks Ghost on the road but they didn't feel good on the rocky trails I run on. The Cascadia are grippy on creek crossings and I notice a difference because these have a rock plate and it makes running over the rocky trail more comfortable. I run in them twice a week and look forward to putting them on every time!

The reason to like Cascadia is that it is an actual real trail running sneaker. It did not (as of the 12) follow the mainstream designs - it provided a sticky grip on loose terrain, a wide toe box yet snug heel, a durable upper that prevented debri but also provided support of the foot. The 13 fit was completely different than the 12 . Its hard to believe since both shoes look exactly the same. But the 13 fit - the shoe felt longer than the 12, and I could no longer fit a 7 or 7.5. I am in between sizes now. Neither the Saucony Peregrine or a Hoka shoe was anywhere near solid on trails such as loose gravel mountain descents. Now the 14 is a disappointment. To see the 14 with the new upper to match popular road running shoes is so disappointing. It removed all that was unique and great about the Cascadia.

So many positive reviews of this update, here's a dissenting opinion. I've been trail-running in Cascadias since version 8 and really loved version 12. Was excited for version 13, but I don't like the changes. After a few runs, I find the 13's upper does not hold my foot firmly in place on side-to-side maneuvers. Comparing it to the 12s I still have, I notice that the overlays on the 13's uppers (the Brooks logo, the inverted "v" under the logo, the strip across the front of the lace panel, for example) are smaller and less substantial, making he uppers less firm and providing less stability side-to-side. And the overlay strip at the front of the laces angles back, leaving more area towards the front without any securing overlay. Also, the mesh on the 13 is quite stretchy, so the forefoot-- which is comprised almost solely of mesh material-- provides less side-to-side foot security. As a result, on technical terrain my foot is not held securely enough in place, it moves around too much in the shoe, too much sloppiness, and I can't count on these to keep my feet steady inside the shoe, risking turned ankles, trips, and injury. I would use them for hiking or on a smooth fire road, but not on technical stuff. Otherwise, the fit, comfort, and tread are great. Brooks, I hope the next version has better reinforced uppers so that I can count on them for technical terrain! Otherwise I will reluctantly seek out a new shoe.

These shoes broke down on me pretty quickly--the sides started peeling and the sole began separating from the shoe after not a lot of miles. I generally like Brooks shoes, but I'm pretty disappointed in the quality and durability of these.

I ordered these shoes after they were recommended to me by my chiropractor. They fit perfectly when I received them and gave me the support I needed but after only 2.5 months of every day wear they have holes in them.

I’m glad Cascadia’s are back. Great for trails, but not too clunky for the occasional road. Wore them for Ragnar last weekend.

I wouldn’t buy these even at half off. The sides completely wore out and they’re super uncomfortable under your toes

i purchased these a week before my first 50K. I loved them. No blisters or rubbing. Fits live a glove

These are amazing shoes. Super comfy and have great traction for day hiking and trail running!


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