Wahoo Fitness - TICKR FIT Optical Heart Rate Monitor

Category: Fitness Electronics

Like many I've used chest strap HR monitors, but found them cumbersome to use and consistentcy of data was sometimes in question. I've used the Wahoo HR Monitor for several months now and could not be happier! Easy to use, just put it on your forearm, turn it on and forget about it. It performs as advertised! I wear it on the inside of my forearm and my data is very consistently reported. Some have noted poor bands or rapid band wear. I've seen nothing of the kind with mine.

This is definitely worth the upgrade from the chest strap. I had the original tickr but it was getting pretty old and I was tired of it slipping so I upgraded to this one. This stays in place during my bike rides, although if I lift weight continuously with my arms it tends to slip off during spin class. I love that it's rechargeable and easy to turn on and off. I often had to fiddle with my old monitor to get it to connect.

I like the comfort of this over the chest band type. I was constantly having to move the chest band as it slid down. This is solid on my upper forearm. I don't notice any sweat issues - yes, you sweat but you do with the chest ones as well. Charge lasts a month with 3-4 times riding a week, roughly 1-2 hours each ride!

I have a Kickr Trainer, Kicker Bike, multiple cadence sensors that work fine with Zwift/Mac except the Tickr. Wahoo claims it is an issue with Zwift/Mac, yet their trainers pair fine with the same setup. I had a Scosche Rhythm+ armband HR monitor that works fine. Looks like I need to go back to Scosche.

I’ve been using it while on the indoor trainer for about month. With the adjustable strap it’s easy to put on. Once on, it doesn’t move and is comfortable to wear even when sweating heavily.

I had a chest strap monitor and then returned it. This is much easier. Paired fine with phone Strava, Wahoo and Elite apps.

I liked the product and works well with my Garmin 800 but only for about an houtr and twenty to an hour and thirty minutes.


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