Vasque - Canyonlands UltraDry Hiking Boots - Women's

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I bought these boots before a 6 day trip to Iceland per the recommendation of the store employee who helped me select them. I have never really owned a pair of hiking boots before but these were great. I switched back and forth between these boots and my actual snow boots I brought along. I wasn't fully confident walking with these boots on ice, the traction was okay (a lot of the walkways around the sites we visited had ice and snow). We weren't doing a full blown hiking trip so I'm guessing if I had had hiking poles I would have found them more stable on ice. But they kept my feet warm and dry and didn't need much breaking in which is mainly the reason I bought them since they are waterproof. I wore them around the day before my trip and they felt very comfortable. Like all hiking boots (I guess? this is my first real pair), they are not easy to take on and off and you really have to tug them on/yank them off your feet. But once they're on it's fine! That's why I rated them four stars. I would definitely hike in them spring/fall/winter. Summer I'm not sure as they aren't the breathable kind, it would depend on how hot and humid it is. All in all I don't regret my purchase!

I have had these for over a year now and am just in love with them still. I have not had to apply any new water proofing spray/wax to the boots and I walk my dog 3+ miles in the rain every day for at least 5 months of the year (I live in Seattle). These were comfortable straight out of the box, wore them on a 4 mile hike and not one complaint. They are true to size. Laces are easy to take off and feel sturdy when tied up. Overall, I love them! I feel very secure and able to stomp through anything with these on.

I only walked in these for about 2 miles as my “break in” period, and they were extremely comfortable as soon as I took them on rocky, muddy 6 mile trails immediately after. Also very easy to clean and cute! Would definitely recommend.

Walked in these boots for 1 day in my home and they were ready to go. Very comfortable.

Boots feet well walking innthem is very comfortable. Good ankle support. Great hiking boot. Also work well as a motorcycle boot for riding my Canam.

Got these a couple weeks ago-required very little time wearing them in and have found them comfortable yet sturdy and the leather really breathes better than many synthetics!

Hello, I just got the boots in and plan on wearing them for my Gorilla trek in Rwanda. I have not worn them yet although they do feel very comfortable right off the bat. I cannot comment on the shoe other than I have pretty standard size 7 feet. Definitely not a wide foot or super narrow foot but standard and my feet were losing compression in the regular size 7. I ordered the wide. Just consider. Thanks.

I have had these boots a year and I feel like they are already worn out. I took them backpacking once and now I feel every rock on the trail. My feet hurt after short hikes. My feet swim around in the toe area because they too wide. I wish I went ahead and bought better boots for back packing but I wanted them light weight. I will say, they are dry.

Great boots, fell in love because of how feminine and pretty they are. You don’t have to break them in they’re very comfortable. The waterproofing is amazing, it really does work unlike other boots that claim to be waterproof and aren’t. Downside was that the lining of the front came out and had to return them.

Did not wear in wet conditions so can’t speak to the “waterproof” claim. Huge blister on back of My right heel and on my right inner ankle where the seam of the tongue folds in after only one day of hiking in the Rockies. My left foot was absolutely fine though. Will likely be returning.

These fit my feet great and kept them from getting tired and sore. But some part of the shoe rubs against the inside of my left ankle and left it slightly swollen and bruised. I still like these boots and I'm hopeful that wearing them more might help with the rubbing.

Nice looking boot, but toe box in wide in not really a wide. Too tight across first lacing location. Salomon wide & Lowa wides are much wider. I tried 2 sizes and even extra 1/2 size too narrow. Else nice boot, nice ankle design.

the foot bed on this was not comfortable. the support did not seem to be coming from the arch area. also the tongue digs into your shin. vasque use to be like slippers over the years they have changed.


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