YETI - Hopper BackFlip 24 Cooler

Category: Camp Kitchen

It is wonderful to take the warmth time, size, and easiness to shoulder.

Very expensive but for my use it's been great. I bought it with my 20% coupon so that helped.

Got the yeti backflip placed a 6 pack with ice and it was good to go. It was airtight felt very sturdy might be my next go to cooler. 2 days later contents still cold but the bottom was wet the yeti backflip is leaking! Empty cooler wipe clean and returned ASAP for $300 you figure they would have figured it out. Go with a different company many others to chose from. FAIL

I work on the water and use this every day. It holds ice ok but not great. I have noticed very little preforamce differences between this and much cheaper coolers. I think you can spend less than half the price on one of the competitiors and have similar ice retention results. I think the YETI hard bodied coolers fare much better. I would not purchase this product again or reccomend it very highly. Also I am fairly confident a bear could easily open it. The product looks super cool but is not worth the high price.

All Yetis do one thing well, keep things cold. No exception to that here. But this Yeti advertises a second feature.... Backpack. Here's where this totally flops (no flip). At this price point and for such a stellar brand one would think some thought would have gone into the usability of this product in the real world. Fully loaded as advertised, the weight of the product becomes a painful and pitiful experience. In a short "hike" from the parking lot to the beach (300 yards) all joy and excitement for my new Yeti product went out the window. The pack pulls and pushes in places that make this more torture than pleasure, making the two person cooler haul seem not so bad anymore. In a world of finely engineered backpacks that make the weight seem to disappear, this pack is back in the stone age.

This is the worst cooker ever. It’s insulates at about the same rate as one of our canvas grocery bags and is hundreds of times more expensive. Stay far, far away from the yeti backflip.

We’ve used this for a few months now and it works great. Pre-cool with a ziplock bag full of ice the night before (gets the cooler cold without getting it wet). Fill it up in the morning with fresh ice and beverages of your choice. Tall enough for wine bottles or other beverages of your choosing and plenty of room left for mixers and snacks.

I was really hoping that this would be my go-to cooler but the ice retention was far less than what I had hoped. I held ice for a couple of days and had a really high melt rate, even when the cooler wasn't opened for the entire time and stayed in an air conditioned car. I returned it and got the Yeti 45 hard cooler instead.

We use this cooler for a family of 5 just about every day. Great to free up your hands. Does not leak. Will condensate some at the Zipper if you lay it down on it's sides but DOES NOT LEAK. Get the accessory bag for your phone, keys, and wallet. Perfect cooler.

Love this little backpack, have had ice in it almost every day sense receiving it. Doesn't keep ice as long as my tundra, but so easy to use. Just fill it up and throw it in the back seat, doesn't matter if it tips over, no leaks or external condensation.

I use this as my carry on piece of luggage. It fits easily in the overhead space on the plane. When I get to my destination, I unpack the clothing and such, and fill with ice and beer. I love this thing!


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