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Category: Sleeping Bags

I sent my brother one for Christmas and surprise, my husband gave me one! I love it. I get chilled easily in the house and a regular couch blanket doesn’t cut it. I guess my husband got tired of moving my sleeping bag off the couch!

Super warm personal camp blanket worked great for hammock camping, almost got too hot... got it wet and it was quickly dry once hung

It's warm and light, and seems durable! The carrying pouch is high quality.

I've used this as a blanket on about a half dozen camping trips when it's too warm to need a sleeping bag. I either put it on the tent floor under me or use it as a blanket. Based on it packing down so small, I used it on a bike packing trip down the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Trail from Pittsburgh to DC in September. Because it's machine washable, it's incredibly easy to clean.

I really like this blanket. It is super lightweight and stuffs small into its bag. It is very easy to wrap around you either sitting or in a hammock. Additionally, it can do double-duty as an extra blanket while you are sleeping. I ultimately picked this one due to its weight and the color (teal) which I love. :-)

Bought an earlier iteration if this blanket before a multi day hike near aspen. Almost didn’t get it, but I was thankful for it when we got rained on our second night. I was able to swaddle my dog in this to keep him warm. Probably saved his life.

I get cold easily, but this super light blanket keeps me exceptionally warm. It’s great on a couch watching movies and coming out of my backpack to keep me warm while I look at the stars. Love it!

Title says it all. Same thing as the military issue poncho liner. If you know about that...then you understand it’s a valued piece of gear.

Fits my VW Bus Camper well and warm enough for not too cool Fall and Spring weather


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