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These shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever run in! Highly recommend to almost anyone who asks. I've run about 82 miles on them, as well as the Chicago Marathon, and they are holding strong! Great buy!!

I got these to wear at work. My feet were bothering me before when I was wearing Birkenstock’s and now with my Hoka’s they feel much better. Especially after 16 and 24 hour shifts in the OR!!

I need a stabilizing shoe with lots of support and cushion...these fit the bill to a capital T. Past injuries and many miles my feet and ankles need extra care. the HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 is just what the Doc ordered...Okay not really what he ordered, but these shoes sure make the miles more comfy

Super comfortable, but the 8.5 I ordered online I took back to the store for 8.5 Wide (2E). The Wide is just right. The woman in the store said ‘they run narrow’. They are definitely plush cushion soft, and I love that. Fairy wide sole, wider than upper. I’m a senior walker, not a runner, and I love them.

I purchased these shoes to run in after counsel from well-meaning REI sales staff against my better judgement and instincts. I put them on and they felt like platform shoes and looked like orthopedic shoes but I was told "I would get used to them." I respect the sales staff tremendously and they've helped me purchase for years. I also understand why they recommended them considering I said that I'm re-entering the running game and I'd like more cushion on the road to begin with versus trying to get arch support, etc. I have to admit, I liked the philosophy of the shoe, i.e. as you age and run, you lose the fatty cushion the sole of your foot and these shoes accommodate for that. On the other hand, the cushion came at a very large expense, i.e. everything else you want in a running shoe. I've only worn them twice for short walks to tried and get acclimated to what I now consider an intolerable fit and function. They do supply a massive buffer between the bottom of my foot and the road but nothing else that I value which is almost everything beyond that. I haven't even run in them because I was so disappointed in the feel of the footbed and the heel cup. After 2 long walks, my foot was strained and exhausted which I've not experienced with any other running shoe. I immediately put them on a shelf to return and resorted back to my multiple old sets of New Balance and my tried and true favorites, Asics and Brooks running shoes. To try and give constructive feedback, I don't like the massive amount of material underfoot and when walking, I had no sense of my toes or heel placement since I was 1" or more above the road at all times. I was truly concerned about rolling my ankle if I did run. Due to the thick sole, they are very rigid and unforgiving during the heel to toe or toe to heel placement, and while walking and trying to get a feel for the shoe, the heel cup continued to slide up and down feeling like the shoe was going to blister my heel or come off the back of my foot. I've held onto them wanting to return them and then we entered COVID-19 lockdown so they are still prominently displayed in my closet with "return due to everything wrong" Post-it attached. It's time to lose these guys.

I walk 80+ miles a week on roads and sidewalks, this has been hard on my right knee for the last year or so. I’ve been wearing Brooks (I forget the model), ASICS Gel Surveyors, and Gel Kayanos during this time.

I had bi lateral knee relpacement and asked my orthopedist if i could return to running. At that time 5yrs ago i was a good boy and listened to his emphatic no.

These shoes have great comfort but I poked a hole in the top mesh after about six months. For $150 that's unforgivable.

Really happy with these. I use them for walking and day to day stuff. Did a couple 3 mile walks in them and no complaints. Max cushion these are no joke. Hella comfortable.

It did not take long to decide this is a GO! Quality material and thoughtful design with excellent cushion. I put these on and they fit well and at that point... game over.

I'm 64, walk over 175 miles per month, have broken both my ankles, and these puppies do the trick on all on/off road conditions. Once you get a pair of Superfeet, then these shoes really stand out. They soles wear just fine and like any shoe, your feet will tell when its time (avg 4 months).

First off, i just bought these shoes and have only walked around my home in them. I purchased these for my work which consists of me standing mostly for 12-16 hours a day. I do not plan on running in them... just a brisk walk at best. my main criteria is the amount of comfort these shoes will provide while standing.

I had bought Hoka shoes for myself. My husband wanted a pair. He loves them. He loves how lightweight they are. He also loves the stability they provide.

Fit and desires for a shoe are highly individual, but this one's a 5/5 for me. My wants were a wide toe box, snug heel, and lots of cushioning, especially in the forefoot. This shoe delivered all for me. I had to utilize the extra eyelets to get the heel fit I wanted, but that's why they're there. I've never used a max cushioning shoe before, so my worries were that all that cushioning would cause instability, and that the shoe would be lousy for speedwork. Fortunately, neither worry manifested for me. As an older guy with bad joints (knees and ankles), this shoe will be my goto shoe for everything - long runs, speedwork, and even racing. Perhaps a younger person without my issues might prefer a lighter shoe for racing, but for me, this one will do it all. Love it!

The Hoka Bondi 6 is an extremely comfortable and most well cushioned road show. I've tried several different brands including Altra which I absolutely love for the wide toebox and zero drop, but the Hoka Bondi 6 feels better constructed and the cushioning is more responsive. I got the 13 Wide and the shoe fits perfectly with enough room to keep from cramping my toes while lacing well across the instep and securing my heel in the show. I'm not a huge fan of the color way but I can live with it for the comfort.

My feet are very sensitive to shoes that are not comfortable. I didn't want to buy these shoes because they looked kind of funny with all that extra cushion. I tried them on anyway and immediately knew these were the shoes for me. So much comfort and support. I ended up buying 2 pairs.

For any one having a hesitation don't, Hokas are the most comfortable stable shoe you will find. I am an ex bodybuilder and my weight is 300 lbs these shoes provide all day comfort, this is my 4th pair of Hoka's and I will not wear any other athletic shoe. They are true to size.

Definitely a specific product for a very specific runner, high rocker, comfortable ride but not too soft to be uncomfortable. Great for roads and long hours at work standing on your feet. Wouldn’t work in any other shoe actually! Great at what it’s made to do

I'm a nurse and have issues with the first joint on my big toes. I find these to be the best shoes--the flexion is minimal. I have the least amount of pain with these shoes. I have bought three or four Hoka. They are my favorite.

I’m a diabetic and I need comfort, these shoes are great.


A couple people who are on their feet all day bought these for comfort. I was having problem with a sore big toe when I walk treadmill and elliptical. This was recommended by an rei employee. These shoes have helped with my toe and provide excellent support. I was so impressed, I bought another type of this brand, a Clifton 4. I can recommend both.

Great shoe. Hoka usually runs narrow and previous versions were causing blisters on my heel until I changed the insoles. This version 6 (wide option) is a great fit with original insole.

After four people recommended these to me I bought a pair. I am on my feet all day long, usually on concrete floors. I have stiffness in my big toes, hallux limitus, and walking can be painful. Walking is not completely pain free but these shoes have surpassed my expectations. Strongly recommend.

This will be my 6th pair. These shoes are so comfortable and supportive. I am on concrete everyday for about 20,000 steps and these help keep me going. They have a lot of cushion and support to keep my feet feeling great all day. I highly recommend these HOKA Bondi 6's!!!

My second pair of this shoe and just doesn’t seem as comfortable or fit as well as the first pair. Wishing I was closer than five hours to a store so I could try before buying! REI sent me a return label and will be returning them soon. Excellent customer service!

Great cushioning and stability. First couple of runs felt over cushioned but got the feel of them and they are fine, compare well with Asics Kayano 25. Good fit, feel like the other shoes I have work over the years and same size number - I am 9-1/2 170 lbs.

I bought a pair of these and then bought a pair for my husband. We both love them and both have feet and ankle problems. These allow us to walk much further than our usual. Recommended by our physical trainer at a resort in Hawaii, hualalai, big island.

This is my first pair of HOKAs. They look and feel different from any athlete shoe I have worn. With this shoe I do not have to add any orthotics at all. This alone makes the value better. I use them for all purpose but mostly walking.

These shoes have changed my life. They are cushion-y soft, but springy at the same time. They are supportive and firm, but cushioned! I have real foot issues, and these shoes have reduced my pain. They are truly worth every dollar.

I purchased these shoes based on the cushioning. They have lowered my foot discomfort from standing, walking and jogging. A little expensive but they are well made. I suspect they will last longer than my previous shoe brands



I wear a 9 in brooks gets & want to get a pair of men’s what size should I get ? & if I get a woman’s sneaker do I stay with the size 9? 

For HOKA ONE ONE, a women's 9 is about equal to a men's 8. The men's will also be wider, a D width vs. a B width.


Which Hoka has the biggest toe box in a size 13C ?

We recommend these shoes for a generous toebox and a D width.


I have had Hoka Bondis strongly recommended to me, but my feet are so difficult (and wide apart in size) that I would like to try them on in a store rather than order them on line. Have you got sizes 10, 10 1/2, and wide for me to try on in store?

​These shoes are available in a number of our stores but not every REI store. Consider phoning your nearest REI to learn about their current inventory:


i work in convention industry walk on concrete for 12 to 16 hours a day what shoe do you recommend

This shoe is a great option for stability and cushioning however, is not classified as slip-resistant.


Do you have wide sizes?

We do have these shoes in wide sizes. Hit the dropdown box on REI.com to see what sizes we have available.


 I purchased  a 12 M and normally wear a D for width. Would I be better with the W?  The salesman said the shoe fit and I took his word . Now seems s little tight on the side. Thanks

This shoe is a D width. If you order a wide it will be a EE width. This may not be the ideal fit for your foot shape.


How does the hoka one one perform dealing with hip pain?

This shoe is among the manufacturer's more cushioned offerings, and people who have had issues with their joints and muscles in their legs and knees felt that the Bondi was able to reduce discomfort during activities. However, we recommend visiting a performance footwear retailer or a medical professional who can determine the source of the pain and how it might be manifested in your walking gate, to recommend the best shoe.


I am looking at the HOKA ONE ONE running shoe. The sole looks like it is thicker than normal shoes. Is this correct.

Yes, these shoes feature maximum cushioning which results in slightly elevated midsoles.


Bondi 6 compared to Gaviota 2 men’s running shoes, which one is best for knee joint protection/cushion? My son has been experiencing inner knee pain when running in Nike - looking for a BETTER Shoe and we have narrowed it down to these. Please advise....

Please consider reaching out to the manufacturer directly as they may be able to more confidently discuss the attributes of their footwear in relation to body metrics and recovery.

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