Freewaters - Freeland Boots - Men's

Category: Men's Footwear

I've worn this boot on various occasions in the few weeks I've owned it, with use spanning from work to walking my dog in ice and snow.

The outsole is grippy on dry ground. The shoelaces are a good length and quality. The cushion is acceptable for casual walking, but for walking through a city, and certainly not a trail, for extended periods. The fit is wide overall for my foot, including the toe box - similar to a Keen brand shoe. I have to wear thick socks to get a fairly comfortable, foot-hugging feel. The ankle area is a loose fit as well, and I imagine if worn for a prolonged period of time, would potentially rub my ankle to a point of irritation. The leather is soft and likely easy to break in over time, which would help make the shoes more flexible and comfortable (but certainly not more supportive). My impression of the upper's quality was underwhelming, with the exception of the quality of leather. The build of the shoe seems flimsy. The odd "shoe-horn" at the inside back heel of shoe seems like an cheap add-on, to which I'd prefer to see wrap around the ankle, which might help with stability, comfort, and more secure fit. The appearance of the shoe is not what I would qualify as stylish for my taste. Looking down on the shoes from above, they appear to be wide, plain moccasins. Again, because they are so wide in fit and appearance, they look odd on my feet. Profile view, they also appear as though they do not fit. Regarding fit, my toe is a finger width or less from the tip of the shoe, suggesting they are the correct size in length, but simply big everywhere else. If this shoe was priced around $50, I would believe I was getting my money's worth and the shoe would meet my expectations. If it was priced any higher, I would be disappointed and likely return.


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