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I bought similar Columbia boots 2 seasons ago and they hold up fine and are comfortable, but they are NOT waterproof, and I discovered that the season they were purchased. I contacted Columbia and they replied with a statement that read they were sorry that the boots didn't hold up well, but that they were glad for the feedback.

I've had 3 pairs of the same boots! Either they leak and the so called Waterproof boots are not, or the insides are ripping out. My current pair is ripping apart on the inside of my right boot. This makes them worthless! I live in Minnesota. I've now got to get another pair of boots. This current pair is only about 6 months old.They were purchased in March 2019.

My boot size is 8. I first ordered a size 8, and found them literally impossible to squeeze into, and even harder to pull off. There are no tabs or finger holds to help get them on or off. Even with the laces as loose as possible and wearing my thinnest winter socks. Returned them. Ordered size 8.5. Same exact problems. I give up. If I ordered a full size up (9) I expect I might be able to get them on and off easier, but probably they'd be too loose in the heels and still too narrow in the ankle, arch and toes. Now I'm out about $25 in return postage. The reasons I bought these boots are because I need light-weight, tall, warm, waterproof winter boots. The standard Bogs boots are a couple pounds per foot, and made my old feet hurt to walk in them. I'm in very good shape for a 62 year old, but my feet can no longer tolerate very heavy winter boots on long hikes. These Columbia boots look great but are so narrow in the ankle and the entire foot area, that they are impossible for me to use. I would recommend Bogs Amanda Plush winter boots for anyone looking for tall, waterproof, lightweight, true-to-size boots. Don't buy these Columbia boots.

Realized I needed a new pair of waterproof boots after a snow then rain storm last week that left huge ankle deep puddles of water at every street corner. Plus boots that have better traction than my older Keen winter boots which I slip around in every winter. Saw these on sale but was hesitant because of all the reviews that said they're too narrow here and on other sites. Decided to try my luck and ordered them in my normal size 8.

I bought these boots last season, on-sale, and wore them for the first time in December 2019, after skiing and going out to dinner. But on a 5 mile walk in January 2020, on a paved path that had some patches of ice, I almost fell a few times. The boots are stylish, comfortable, and keep my feet warm, but are terrible on icy paths.

I ordered the black version of this boot in the mail last week. I wear a size 8.5 -9 and ordered a size 9. But the boot was still too tight for my feet with thin socks on. The boot is very well made, durable, and comfy. I would have exchanged for a larger size but unfortunately they don't have any more in the larger size.

My foot is 9 1/2" in length; based on that, I should wear a 7 1/2. I ordered the 8. Though it does fit, I tried it on without any socks and my toe just touches the end of the boot. No way will I be able to put on heavy socks. Can't decide whether to return it (as there are no 8.5's left).

These seem like they would be great shoes, very comfortable and warm. I had to return mine because even a size 11, larger than I normally wear, was too small. I think you would need to go up by at least a full size to have these fit correctly. Unfortunate that they stop at a size 11.

Ordered from Columbia last winter. Wore them in a little mud and were soaked. Noir sure if I can return now. I was just looking for a pair of boots where I wouldn’t get wet and my feet wouldn’t get super hot.

Great boots and you absolutely need to get a 1/2 size up! The run small and narrow.


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