Columbia - Fairbanks Omni-Heat Snow Boots - Men's

Category: Men's Footwear

tldr; first pair of boots bad, second pair of boots good, super warm and waterproof.

Love the look and style, had to return them for a couple nagging issues. Size- pretty tight from the mid foot forward, maybe that'll change after months of use, I'll never know. I ordered a half size larger, it wasn't enough. But the real reason I'm returning them- there's a little fabric fold at the interior point where the tongue meets the shoe, a little triangle. Jabs me right in the front of my ankle, no matter how you fold it. That would be torture on any sort of hike. These boots feel more like a police style work boot on your feet, made for an urban environment. They would be great in that role, water proof, light, hard shallow sole where mud release isn't a big deal... as far as positives- definitely warm! But I just can't recommend them for hiking due to the little fold on the tongue jabbing my ankle.

These were on clearance when I got to the store. I was visiting Colorado Springs in an unusually cold time and needed some boots that were adequate for the snow. This filled the bill completely. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they are also very warm and my feet stayed dry after hours in the snow. I highly recommend them. I kinda like the grey and orange look too.

Early review. No water yet. Very light, warm and no break in needed. Time will tell; planned use is Fat Tire biking in Alaska.

these feel unbeatable against cold and snow.... best boots I have ever bought!


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