Matador - Pocket Blanket

Category: Camp Kitchen

This is a wonderful, functional little "blanket" to carry for all types of stuff. I live in Chicago and there is always something to do in the summer that this would be perfect for without having to lug around an actual blanket or chair. movies at the parks, outdoor plays, streetfests. I used it to sit on the grass after running a 5 mile race. Definitely recommend to have this in your aresenal

So I read many of the reviews about this blanket being hella hard to pack in and I was a little concerned to buy it, but I found it to be easy to pack without any fuss. Just follow the red lines and compress the air as you fold and just like math it works. I can't wait to use it this weekend. 5 STARS ALL THE WAY!

I really love the layout and size is awesome fits 4 people to sit on or 2 to lay inn and has cool built inn stakes surprisingly warm and overall the package of it is great. I really loved the stitching that made it a breeze to put away and break back down to pocket size.

Not that I was expecting a down sleeping bag but the R value on this makes it less a blanket and more a mat. It would be great for sitting on slightly damp grass as it is semi waterproof but that is where the functionality ends.

I've used this on a Chicago Beach and a Montana glacial lake. Lightweight and durable. Best part are the four metal prongs for securing to the ground thus negating the need to put boots (or rocks) on all four corners.

I went to Coachella for the first time and this item is soooo amazing . Very compact and it’s perfect for light weight storage in my backpack . 5 stars


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