Brooks - Caldera 2 Appalachian Trail-Running Shoes - Men's

Category: Men's Running Shoes

I really like these shoes. I took them with me on a 3-night backpacking trip out to the Cascade Mountains. I also tested them out on a couple trails in and around the city.

For years I've been searching for the perfect trail AND pavement shoe. I've finally found it. I've only put about 30 miles in these shoes so there is still a chance they'll fall apart or wear quickly; but right now I'm in LOVE! Straight from the box you can just see and feel the quality. I'm half temped to purchase a second pair for future use. Truly an excellent running shoe.

These trail running shoes are super cushy, they feel great on dirt, gravel, you name it, even pavement. They held up on 8+ mile trail runs without any issues. The fit seems to be spot on, and they aren't too narrow. They have a little flap on the back to help you get them on. The laces are easy to work with and they stayed tied the entire month.


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