Yellowbird - Hot Sauce - 2.2 oz.

Category: Camp Kitchen

I was thrilled to see these little spice bottles at the store! So much so that I bought one of each flavor. Dehydrated camp foods are kind of notoriously bland, and for those like me who like more flavor and a little (or a lot) of spice in their food, these are a must-have.

I always take seasoning of some sort on longer backpacking trips when I’m eating freeze dried for days. This stuff has great flavor, had a nice leak proof bottle, and made boring meals much more enjoyable. I will certainly buy more in the future and try the other flavors!

I tried the habanero version and found its some of the best tasting hot sauce on the market. Fantastic flavor without being too hot. The size is perfect for taking on your next camping trip.

This little bottle of spice added tons of flavor and zing to our camping trip. The cap held well, its size is agreeable and no leaks. Great addition to our kitchen stock!

My boyfriend made fun of me because I carry this hot sauce around with me. It’s so good- you don’t even need to put it on anything, just squeeze some out on your tongue.

Not a whole lot of flavor. Luckily the bottle costs the same as a refillable bottle so I topped it up with a better sauce when it was empty.

This hot sauce is phenomenal. I nearly finished the whole bottle on a weekend backpacking trip by putting it on everything

The whole family loves this sauce. Just the right amount of spice whole enhancing flavors. I went back and bought more!

This stuff is great I put it on everything!!! I little spicy but sweet also. Great stuff

Good clean and tasty!!! I had to go buy the larger size for the house!

THE BEST! Sauce is as hot as it is flavorful. Prefect for any trips.

Little mild heat to add to your meal and adds some different flavor

Not overly spicy, but spicy enough, and really delicious!

Flavorful and not too hot/spicy. Nice addition to meals.

This is a great way to spice up a meal when backpacking!


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