Garmin - vivomove HR Smart Watch

Category: Fitness Electronics

This fitness tracker is unlike other fitness tracks I've had in the past because it doesn't have any buttons to control the watches functions. While I appreciate the sleek design of the watch, I am experience extreme difficulties having the watch register my touch. Certain functions require the user to double tap. In most situations, I have to make multiple attempts before the screen progresses. It is very inconvenient and quite frustrating.

I already have a Garmin forerunner but I wanted something that was dressier that I could wear to work. It's great, I'm able to switch been devices easily and it tracks steps and floors on this one. The discreet screen is amazing too



Will this monitor spin class activity?

This watch will monitor your heart rate during exercise, including spinning.


Does this watch have a ‘seconds’ hand, or just ‘minutes’ and ‘hours’?

This watch has only minute and hour analog watch hands.


Hi REI, what metrics would this watch provide after a bicycle ride?  Secondly, After swimming?  

​This watch will not provide you with swimming metrics.


Does this watch have GPS for tracking runs?

No, this watch does not feature built-in GPS.

Outdoor Girl

Will REI carry the Garmin Vivomove HR Sport Rose Gold with black wrist band in addition to Rose Gold with white wrist band? I sure hope REI will carry the Rose Gold with black wrist band. Please consider add that to your stock.

As of September 2018, we do not stock the Rose Gold with black wrist band. All available colors are on our website. Thank you for your suggestion, we will forward it to the appropriate department.


on the hr garmin can you regulate the vibration level incoming call or mail also will the vibration continue while the phone ring's

​The vibration level on this watch can be adjusted in the system settings. This watch can be programmed to vibrate for notifications such as an incoming phone call.


When will the white and rose version be stocked again?

As of August 2018, the rose gold/white watch is available for backorder. Please contact us directly at (800) 426-4840 for more information about backorders.


Does REI carry the black and rose gold version of this watch?

​As of July, 2018, we do not carry the black and rose gold version of this watch.


When it says battery life, is that the actual battery turnover and you have to buy a new one or is it rechargeable?

The battery on this watch is rechargeable. The battery life listed is how long it will last under one charge.

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