Co-op Cycles - REV DRT Kids' Bike

Category: Bikes

As a bicycle mechanic for several years, I can say that REV DRT 24, is very well built and weight is correct for a bike of this size. Please note, this bike is almost as large as an adult model, with just a slightly smaller frame and wheel size. Along with these great tires, which help in loose sand and smaller bumps, front shocks work well absorbing larger drops offs, like curbs etc. Brakes are fantastic! Quite happy with the choice. Thanks co-op

Bike is great and my 8 year old Daughter loves it. It's not heavy as some say and definitely no where near 90lbs. My 8 year old can pick it up off a rack and I would say that it's a good 40lbs in weight which isn't bad. Cheers to a great product,.

Bike is awesome my son really loves it. Great quality components and a sweet ride.


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