Brooks - Adrenaline GTS 19 Road-Running Shoes - Men's

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I got these new shoes for orangetheory and they are incredibly comfortable and provide great support. The shoes help prevent the impact on the road and treadmill. I have had the GTS15s and 17s, and these are by far the most comfortable and best overall design.

The cushioning and support was great, I got these to replace my New Balance 860s. I needed a show for a slightly wider food and slightly fallen arches, and it fit the bill.

Great shoe all around however my complaint is the flat laces. This is the first time I have owned a pair of brooks with skinny, flat laces and it seems like I am going to have to purchase replacement laces after only 2 months. I hope Brooks gets away from this flat laces trend because it is a small, but annoying downside to a $130 shoe. I'll probably just use the laces from a previous pair, but the color scheme will be off. Like I said, I know it's being picky but I would expect better laces with a $130 pair of shoes.

These are the most comfortable shoes I've worn for running. I'm a long term regular runner of medium-short distances, average 10km, and these shoes feel great on my feet. I will buy more.

Very comfortable, relatively light, and good cushioning for a decent bounce.

Not crazy about the blue but very comfortable and stable shoe

The two stars are for REI's speediness in getting me the product. Other than that, I was so disappointed. I truly wanted to love these shoes! The higher heel makes my foot slant forward and push at the end. The heel was very sloppy and caused a blister. And the collar around the ankle rubbed uncomfortably against my ankle bone. Sorry, Brooks--the newest iteration of the Adrenaline is not for me.

This shoe is a good combination of cushionng and stability. I'm 200 lbs and it supports me. I would really like to see more selection in Wide widths on the website.

Awesome running shoe. Lots of support and fits my foot well. The support is exactly what I was looking for. Hugs my foot in a good way it has a lot of support around my heel and above my heel, which is something I haven’t found in other shoes.

Fits true to size, not too wide or narrow. The mesh allows for a snug fit. Can't run much anymore due to back surgery, but very supportive even on trails. Good tight fit on the heel even with an arch support insert. Only one complaint, the shoestrings are way too long.

The Adrenaline keeps pumping! Year after year this shoe stands tall. I've been running Adrenalines for about 5 year now. Always buy the prior years model as I do find then a bit pricey brand new.

I have wide feet and have a difficult time finding comfortable shoes. These fit!! Not only that, but they stand up to a lot of use. This is my 3rd pair of this brand and model.

The salesperson at REI guided me to the right shoes after consultation. Glad I came into he store to be fit. I am running faster, feet and knees feel better.

These are the most comfortable shoes I'v ever worn! I got honey all over them so I through them in the washer, they washed Great! (Air dry)

The GTS 19 just wasn't for me. The GTS is a stability shoe and was too cramped for my feet but the Ghost 11 proved to be a good fit for me

I have a high arch and this shoe gives me the best fit and comfort.


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