Brooks - Adrenaline GTS 19 EM Road-Running Shoes - Men's

Category: Men's Running Shoes

I'm a female with wider and longer feet. Pretty much standard affair that I'm forced to buy men's shoes in most models. Bought this grey knit colorway because I preferred them over the blue color (I have way too many blue shoes). Supportive with plenty of cushion on the road. I did have to use the heel lock lacing trick but that's pretty usual for me when I wear mens shoes. Ended up returning them after two 3-mile runs in 70+ degree weather. My feet were just too hot and sweaty in this knit version. I can't imagine how they would feel after a much longer run or on hot summer days. Ended up exchanging them for the standard mesh model. Breathability looks to be much better with the lighter fabric. I also found the regular mesh to have more give/stretch to it. Because of this, I was able purchase the corresponding womens size where the fit seemed to be a bit better.I do think this EM model would work really well in colder dry weather.

I will wear these until they stop making them. I’ve tried multiple shoes from multiple brands. These are the cat’s pajamas.


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