YETI - Panga Pack 28

Category: Backpack

This bag is exactly what I’ve been searching for and has performed very well. Bag is well built and will take a beating.

First, I loved this backpack. I used it for everything...biking, hiking, walking, commuting, traveling. Since it’s waterproof, times when I got caught in a downpour didn’t matter at all!

This thing sucks We took it on a small camping trip to test it out It was a 1 mile hike into the sight I consider myself a pretty experienced biker/camper and it was killing my back half way in. So uncomfortable. I’ve gone on 10-15 mile hikes and backpacking trips. For $300 this better be comfortable on my back. Not to mention the ice was melted by the end of the night. What gives yeti? I thought your products were supposed to be top of the line! This thing should cost $50


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