Cannondale - CAADX SE 105 Disc Bike - 2019

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This bike is great!! It's my first road bike and I love it! Really smooth, lite weight, and shifts wonderfully!! You push down on the pedals and the bike just goes!! It gets really good traction on dirt and gravel, its a little bumper then I'm used to with no suspension, but over all a great bike!

Got this bike a few weeks ago. Done about 5-10 rides so far. My only complaint is the gear ratios overlap a bit too much. Which it was a 53 instead of the 48.

I shopped entry level road bikes for a while before purchasing the CAADX. I was looking for a commuter with a luggage rack, but unfortunately this frame doesn't have mounts (per the description). I kept it anyway! Super light, and quick to respond. The disk brakes are nice, so are the tubless ready tires.

I really wanted to like the CAADX. I really admired the paint scheme and the well-balanced Shimano 105 components. I liked the two-tone brown on the tires on the bike. It really set the bike off. I like the fact that this bicycle is made in Taiwan and not China (better quality). Where this bike fell short was that I could not physically ride it for as long as I wanted to. I would fatigue out. Whereas on one of Cannondale CAAD pure road bikes, I feel more efficient and able to commute for longer distance with more ease and more energy. I understand that I can swap out the tires to skinny road tires on the CAADX, however I'm not much of a modifier. The CAADX felt very stable, solid, and durable. I just could not maximize on the bike for what it was and for its price tag. Decided to return. I'm trying out the '19 CAAD Optimo Claris for much less strain financially ($722 + tax) and opportunity to maximize on bike usage along with more efficiency.

I noticed that the bike does not have eyelets for a bike rack. I have a Topeak Explorer MTX. Would a seat post for rack mount work? Or do you have any suggestions as to what bike rack should I use for this bike?

This is the first cyclocross bike I’ve owned. The others have been mountain bikes and hybrids. I love this bike usually ride 50 to 100 miles a week. It is comfortable, rides great, and looks great as well. I would highly recommend this one or any Cannondale product.

After visiting REI for separate times to fix the table is set up I gave up and went back to tubes. Would never recommend WTB for tires or rims after this catastrophe. 

Amazing bike! highly recommend for commuting and adventure riding on gravel roads!



Hello, I am 5' 10.5" and have ~ 31.5" inseam (floor to crotch,not pant size). What frame size I should order? Based on geo chart (stand over height), I could be a 54cm, but am not sure. Thank you.

Based on the information provided and the geometry of this bike, the 51cm frame is a better fit. Ideally you should have 1-2 inches of clearance between your crotch and the bike with both feet flat on the ground while straddling the top tube.


What is the maximum allowable/ rated weight for a rider without voiding the manufacturer warranty?

Cannondale put a 275 lb. limit for rider and gear.


I am 6’1 and have an inseam (crotch to floor, barefoot) of 32 - is 58 the way to go for this bike?

Based on your inseam, it sounds like the 58cm frame should be the best choice. The standover height (top tube to ground) for the 58cm frame is 32.6 inches. Ideally you want 1 to 2 inches between your crotch and the bike while straddling the bike with both feet flat on the ground. We recommend measuring your inseam from crotch to ground with shoes on. If that measurement is at least 33.6 inches, the 58cm frame is a good fit.


Can you install front and back racks on this bike for touring?

Yes, this bike has the appropriate mounting points for a front and rear rack. We recommend reaching out to your local REI and speaking with a technician from the bike shop for rack recommendations.


I am 5'9'. What size of bike should i get?

To determine the appropriate size bike, you will want to measure your standover height. For more information on how to find your standover height, please see the link below.


Sizing. 6’3”.  33-34 inseam

The 58 cm size should be a good fit.


What is C2 alloy ?

​SmartForm C2 Alloy is Cannondale's proprietary aluminum alloy.

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