GHOST - SLAMR 2.9 Bike - 2019

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Bought this to replace my hardtail. Specs say tires are tubeless ready, they're not. Same issue on the rims. Discovered a part was missing, very little support from Ghost. Had to fabricate it myself.



What is the max weight that the rear shock can hold 

​The manufacturer does not publish a rider weight, however riders that are nearing 300 lbs have difficulty setting the sag, and end up going to a coil shock or a hardtail mountain bike instead.


Would this be a good first full suspension bike or should I look for something from a more popular brand

This would be an excellent first full suspension bike.


Would a 29x2.5 or 2.6 fit this bike?

Yes, the fit is snug (especially for knobbier tires), but you can include up to a 2.6 inch tire on the MD30 rims and through the fork and frame.


Is there any more information on the hubs? The only information listed is the sizes.

The front hub on this bike is a Bear Pawls BMB-008 model while the rear hub is the BMT-009 model.


Does this bike have quick release front or rear hubs?

​The front hub on this bike has a quick-release thru axle. The rear hub is just a standard thru axle.


Are the tires tubeless ready?

​Yes, both the tires and the rims on this bike are tubeless ready.


Would this be able to swap to 27.5+ size tires?

Due to possible interference from the shock and frame, we suggest conferring with a bike technician at your local REI store.


Are the rims included on this bike tubeless ready?

​Yes, the Alex MD30 rims are tubeless ready.

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