La Sportiva - Eclipse GTX Hiking Boots - Women's

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I have used these boots once and find them comfortable. A note on sizing: I typically wear a 6.5-7 in sandals and 7.5 in sneakers, and sized up to the 8.0 / 39.5 for these (I wore an 8.0 in my previous boots as well). I have low volume feet but on the wider side with a tailor's bunion. I tried several sizes and felt that the 39.0 was almost perfect but maybe too snug, as there was limited space past the toe, and I wanted to take the 39.0 off after an hour indoors sitting down..

I bought these boots after reading the reviews and trying them in store. They were super comfortable in stores (I had to add insole support due to my higher arch) and I felt confident they would be wonderful on the trail. However, after less than 1 mile in, I had hot spots on both heels and by mile 2, I had full blown blisters. I have a wider foot than average, but not quite a wide shoe fit, but these shoes definitely run true to size/narrower. The toe box is very stiff and doesn't leave much room for thicker socks (I wore hike/trek socks of medium weight).

My first thought when I lifted the boots out of the box was, "Wow, these are light!" I bent the boot and noticed that although the boots felt light, the sole had a nice stiffness to it.

I needed a boot that was durable, comfortable, and breathable since I go on month long hiking trips and boy these boots did not disappoint. They are extremely water resistant, I wore them in the rain many times and my feet stayed dry. Even when new, they didn't give me any blisters even though I hike an average of 10 miles a day. The only thing I don't like about these is the hooks for the laces sometimes get caught on the other boot and make you fall down.

I bought this boot because of the shape similarity to the La Sportiva TX3 approach shoes, which I adore! I was hoping for a GTX equivalent. The toe box was significantly shallower - may want to size up a little from the TX3s. A solid boot. Unfortunately I'm at the top end of La Sportiva's women's shoes sizes so I had to return mine. Considering a men's though, they're that great of a boot.

I tend to be a light-style/minimalist hiking boot person, so these were a little hefty for my taste, but they offered solid traction on rough terrain (and some serious mud!), great ankle support, and were VERY waterproof. I had a couple of creek crossings and about 200m in ~4" standing water and the only damp I got was at the top of my long hiking socks!

Comfortable, sturdy hiking boots, great for venturing off of the trail! Great traction on the soles - kept me sure-footed on muddy terrain. Waterproof yet breathable - I got caught in a downpour but me feet stayed dry and toasty, although not overly hot and sweaty. Great ankle support - just right, not too stiff and yet very supportive. I also really like the look of the boot - the colors are a nice pop but not too garish. My only criticisms are that they seem to be a little narrow - one of my feet would get a little tingly/numb after awhile, because it was a little tight/pinching (this seemed to be getting a little better each time I wore them so I imagine once they were fully broken-in, it would not be a problem) - I also found the shoe laces to be too short. I could not double-knot the laces (I had to tie them with a very small knot), but this is a pretty easy fix with a new pair of boot laces. Overall, a great boot that I would purchase in the future.

The boots fit well out of the box worn both in town and on the trail. The boots were great in snow, keeping my feet warm and dry. I liked the ankle support, lightweight, and grip on downhill trails.

This boot runs very small and no matter which size you choose the toe box is way too small. I returned three different sizes and none of them worked.

Nice boots. Have not had a chance to test how waterproof they are but they fit well


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