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Got several compliments on how nice that looked from my colleagues,traction is great on most surfaces and it rained most of the day and my feet stayed dry.

First impressions mean a lot. They look great and fit well right out of the box. I did listen to other reviewers and did a size up. I wear a 10.5 and got a size 44. I have narrow feet with a high arch. So support and fit are very important. I also use Superfeet Green insoles. I’m a delivery driver, on my feet all day on varying types of terrain, so I go through lots of shoes. I walk on average 10 miles a day.

I’m on my feet all day and I wanted a boot that I could be comfortable wearing during work and also take hiking with me too. I’ve always had pain in my feet since I was a kid and these boots take that pain away. Not once have my feet hurt walking around or just standing in one place for an extended period of time. I find they fit my feet perfectly and will continue to buy them in the future.

I have sensitive feet, so finding boots that fit and minimize foot pain has been a challenge. I’ve tried many brands and styles but have found few that perform as desired and minimize foot pain. That is why I was elated to discover and acquire the La Sportiva Pyramid GTX boots. A primary reason why I have been pleased with these boots is the excellent fit. My feet are such that size 10 ½ boots are often too short and size 11 boots often too long. La Sportiva sizing allowed me to obtain boots sized 10 ½+ (essentially size 10 ¾ boots). This provided a perfect fit for my feet yielding plenty of toe room and limited pressure on sensitive bunions/bunionettes. The large toe box coupled with a good fit minimizes forward movement impact on my toes when hiking. When wearing mid-weight hiking socks, the boots provide good lateral support and conform to my heels to minimize movement. The boot uppers are composed of flexible, supportive leather with strategically located ventilation channels. These channels combine with aeration channels in the footbed to keep my feet cool. Another feature I like about these boots is the wide tongue area which makes it easier to achieve the desired initial foot snugness and adjustment options as my feet swell and/or the terrain changes. The outer sole has a lug configuration that provides excellent grip and traction on uneven and slick surfaces. Due to the good fit and thoughtful design of the boots I was able to use them immediately without a break-in period. After using the boots for many day hikes on varied terrains, I am convinced about the versatility and high quality of these boots. Due to the quality fit and support provided by these boots, I will not hesitate to use them for backpacking treks. Though not a problem for me, these boots may need post-hike cleaning to ensure the continued functioning of the upper and sole ventilation channels. In sum, these boots now rank among the best boots I own and will be my go-to choice for many of my hiking and backpacking outings.

I am always looking for a better hiking shoe. Normally I get a trail runner type shoe but I thought I'd give this boot a go. My last pair of hiking shoes was the La Sportiva Spire and the Pyramid has a lot of similar features plus the added ankle support. I'm a really big fan of the drain holes in the side of the sole. They work miracles with getting water out of the shoes if you should say accidentally dunk the whole shoe underwater with a bad step. These shoes are a bit heavier than I'd like but they also are protecting my ankle more and I appreciate that. The look is nice although the green laces aren't my favorite. They just look like classic hiking boots but are hiking great features inside. I do think they were a bit warm when hiking. It is winter now and I think they work great in the cold but I'm curious what they will be like in the hot summers of Georiga. All in all these are great boots and worth trying.

Like all La Sportiva shoes/boots, these boots are mid-volume. Not too wide. Not too narrow. My E width foot fits nicely with mid weight hiking socks. The Gore-tex surround is top notch. Vibrate soles wear well. This is my 4th pair of La Sportiva waterproof hiking shoes/boots, and all have met expectations. Lightweight, water proof and bombproof. Great for a full season of daily 5 mile hikes.

I received these boots a couple of weeks ago and had ample opportunity to use them in Snowmageddon this year in the PNW. Mountain trails were snowed in which made it difficult to give them a full test, but days of shoveling, walking and a couple short hikes gave me a good idea of whether I liked the boots or not.

I had to return these due to the Euro size chart around size 14, had to order the 47.5. However they are very nice, and I’m super excited to get the larger size. I hiked three miles in the top small size and couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed them.

To start off these boots are great. I have had them for a couple weeks and have worn them almost every day. I started off wearing them to work so I could break them in. I highly recommend this. The first day they rubbed on my ankle a bit but nothing that I wouldn’t expect from a quality hiking boot. By day three they fit great. Because of it being winter in the Midwest this year we’ve gotten a lot of snow which was great for me to try them in that condition. The shoes performed as I hoped. My feet stayed warm and dry for the hour I was outside walking around. I have no doubts that they would keep my feet dry and warm for longer than that too. I’ve also been able to go on a short hike with no problems and my feet still feeling great when I was done a couple hours later. The only cons I have is the shoestrings that come with them don’t like to stay tied unless I double tie them. Not a big deal for me but something to consider. Even with that being said I can’t wait to use them on a 15 mile backpacking trip I’m taking in a couple months. Also I wear a size 11 in Nike’s and these boots are size 11 and fit great leaving a room for my feet to swell after a long hike.

most comfortable shoe i have ever worn, light and fast but protective and very grippy.

Very comfy and light enough for all day dog walks.

I've been on several 3 plus mile hikes in these as well as a lot of general use around town in cold weather and these are my new go to boots.


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