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I've made sure to put a few miles on these before writing this review, as they're rough out of the box. The straps are pretty stiff and the plastic bits chewed up my feet. I have a pair of Freewater flip flops as well, and they have soft and flexible straps, so I hung in there expecting them to break in. Luckily they have a bit, but they still have room to go.

At first, I didn't like these sandals and almost gave up on them. It took me about a week to break them in. Now I like them. There are three straps that can be adjusted allowing a lot of flexibility. It took me a while to figure out exactly where I want them. The back strap was the hardest, mostly because it kept falling off. I think it would be better if the back strap was permanently attached. It is staying on now, but I would be afraid to adjust it. The first week or so, my feet were constantly being poked by the edges of the straps, which didn't feel great. Now that I have worn them for a few weeks and my feet and the sandals got used to each other, they feel comfortable. They are light. They seem like they will hold up, but again, I have only had for a few weeks.

The velcro straps on these shoes are such a poor design that every time you start to walk the come undone. Unwearable!

They were comfortable and looked well made, but unfortunately, the strap popped out of the sole with less than 5 miles of walking (it is glued in), leaving me nearly shoeless out on a trail.

These sandals are very comfortable on the bottom of the foot. The plastic bits on the straps can dig in to the top of your foot if you tighten them too much. I suspect this will go away once they are broken in.

I return this item. If you do buy. make sure you get at least 1 size up because the size 10 was more like size 8.5 and my toes would not stay on. The back straps also came apart at the back constantly making the sandal unusable. Not comfortable. Wish I read the reviews. Beware of clearance items...there is a reason it was marked half off...not sure if you could even give these away...they are not usable.

The sole and platform is soft and comfortable but the edges of the back strap is stiff and rubbed the skin off towards the rear of my left ankle while walking. I had to remove the strap to wear it and may have to readjust before I could wear it again or not.

To be honest, I bought these because of the color and the price. I agree with the other reviews I read saying they run small. ( I bought 10's as usual and returned them for 11's which fit just right) The straps are a little stiff and fidgety compared with my Keens but I haven't worn them much. I would guess that they will break-in and soften up with use. I'm not too worried about it. Pretty happy so far.

The strap hurts you upper heals, need cushions, have to put on socks to wear it

We bought these for a river rafting trip on the tuolumne river and that couldn't have been a bigger mistake. Support is near nonexistent when walking. Forget light scrambling as your foot will slide out if it doesn't bust free from the straps entirely. Not to mention that the Velcro straps instantly break free when wet. Poor equipment like this can ruin a trip. My group threw these in the trash the moment we got back to civilization.

Great sandals. The foot bed is very good. Could not ask for a better fit. Took a few days to break them in.

At first the plastic parts would rub against my big toe on the inside; however after adjusting the straps I was able to find a better fit! I truly enjoy the removable back strap, it allows the sandal to function as a slip on when hanging out by the water. These are durable and I have worn them to multiple events already and am very pleased with the overall product.

I have worn these on one float trip on a river and one backpacking trip. The rubber sole is already de-laminating and the foam is ripping where it meets the straps. The velcro doesn't stick and pops open when walking. They are a great price... but not if they don't last longer than two adventures.

Where the straps go through the footbed came apart and made them uncomfortable to wear after 1 week. The velcro back does not stay and while walking comes undone. Did not hike in them, but would not recommend. Good thing I bought them at REI, returned them and that is never hassle with them.

Purchased these for stream crossings when backpacking. Used them this past week in the eastern Sierra. Experience was poor. The material on the top where your foot goes, becomes slick when wet. Feet slide sideways. Could tighten the straps but then the buckles dig into your flesh.

I feel obliged to give these a five star review given the price and how much I enjoy these. They are extremely versatile. Small and light enough to throw in a bag to take anywhere. FYI, I much prefer to use them as slip ons but having both options is great.

Tried them on and the foot bed is extremely comfortable but the straps were stiff. I threw them in the washer in rinse mode with some fabric softener and that did the trick. Now these are some awesome sandals!

Easy to put on and very comfortable! It takes a second to break in but when they do, very comfortable. My wife is embarrassed when I wear them but it’s because she doesn’t know cool sandals when she sees them

Bought these to use over my neoprene sox for cold weather paddling. Could not have chosen better. Very economical. Lots of adjustments. Just right for my use.

The velcro on the back strap occasionally comes undone unexpectedly otherwise seems like good shoes although not necessary very durable

Very uncomfortable to wear. Very stiff material creates a lot of pain points. Bought them because they were on sale.

These shoes run small. I was looking for a lighter alternative to my chacos and these are not the ones.

Nor for everyday use. Velcro not to strong. Shop around for better values. REI seems to add a premium

These had weak heel velcro that wouldn’t stay on, and I blew out the toe strap in a week.

After one month of extensive use, these sandals really fell apart.

Top Strap has pulled out of base after a week of use.

I picked these up for water crossings when backpacking because they were on sale for a great price and they look really good. I wanted a sandal that could survive light hiking in wet conditions and I could also slip into with socks for cold nights in camp. They were comfy but a little sloppy side to side, particularly when wet. The biggest issue I noticed right away just taking my dogs for walks was that the rear velcro would constantly pop open. I told myself I should just sew them in place, since that's the one part of the sandal I never felt needed to be adjusted. But my sewing skills are lacking to say the least and I never got around to it. I just took them on a four day backpacking trip, and they were great for fishing day hikes and even some light trail running in the Sierras. I like being able to feel and grip the terrain with my foot, rather than having a stiff hard sole, and these felt great. But I had to remove them whenever I was scrambling uphill as that rear strap is worthless. Unfortunately, when I got back I attempted to play a game of pickup volleyball in them and the straps ripped right out of the rubber. But I consider this purchase a useful experiment to prove I need some hiking sandals, I just need to find something more durable that stays put (Chacos are too bulky and I prefer a zero drop sole).


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