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Overall, I like the tent but there are a few things that need improvement. Being able to stand up in the tent is great, as are all the storage pouches. The curtain divider between the two rooms needs another tie back lower down. We have a queen size inflatable mattress. With that, our bags and our dog will fit with some walking room on each side, but we could not fit another person. We have used the tent 3 times. The last time, one of the poles bent during a thunderstorm. I would prefer to be able to open windows on the side from inside instead of rolling up the fly from the outside in the middle of the night.

I only gave it 4 stars mainly because it so large you really need two people to put it together. I love all the size once it’s up but you will need a large space for this tent. I also love all the pockets Inside the tent. Tent fits back in the bag pretty easily after you have used it.

We’ve had two Kingdom 4 tents. The first was damaged with bent poles from campground winds in Joshua Tree. The second improved version was partially shredded a few years later after being bent in Joshua Tree winds and dragged into catsclaw. Although we had a somewhat successful time with a Kingdom 6 tent in frigid weather in the Alabama Hills near Whitney a while back, we believe the Kingdom series is too high profile and not meant for any real degree of wind.

We have the older version of this tent (green and white) and its amazing. If REI has an opportunity to return to the previous construction I have zero doubt that everyone would be thrilled with thier purchase. We originally got this when our boys were small (cub scouts) and it's been all over the west. Its served us well on below freezing nights at the Grand Canyon and in monsoons in Utah. We got a floor for it (1/2 in foam mats - like you see in preschools) and that let's us take it into colder temps. This tent will be serving us for many many years to come.

Went camping over the weekend and excited to use our brand new tent. Winds picked up and collapsed our tent and bent the poles too bad to fix. I knew setting it up the poles looked. A little weak but have wishful thinking. Wouldn’t recommend.

Tent is easy to setup, packs well (though too heavy for backpacking), and is proven for us to be water/weatherproof - used in spring & summer mostly.

Bought this tent several years ago, and decided to add a review after several years of use, to give a honest working opinion. First off, its made by man, its bound to fail at some point. With that being said, it's like anything else you take out and abuse, you have to check for issues and take care of it. After we use it for that designated time out, we bring it back home, re-set it up and look for damage, in our minds, you got to. We re-rain proof it every year prior to going out, it's part of our maintenance plan. Set up, I don't think it's recommended to be set up by yourself, need a minimum of two people. Myself and my wife can set this up in about 7 minutes flat, we have that down to a science. Wind...I have been in several pretty good thunderstorm's in NC where this tent was literally laying down due to the wind, the tent never took off, never faltered. When the storm past, it popped right back up to it's regular upright position. I think thats why tents are made to give. I don't want rigid poles...( Pine trees bend in the wind, Oaks don't ). IMO, you have to understand what you have bought, you have to take care of your gear. Whether its motorcycle gear, boots, backpack, whatever, you got to pull maintenance. Nothing liked being surprised first week out with gear that was never checked...Just saying here, I have a REI 2-person dome tent that is 13 years old, gets used 5-6 times a year for motorcycle touring, weeks at a time. I have been thru hail, snow, cold and blistering hot sun. I pull maintenance on it before I go and after, keeps me dry, hasn't failed me yet.

Please throw out recent changes or supplier. Love loved my old one. I got a new one. The new one leaks within a few minutes of puttin it up. Hard to put up quickly. Instead of doors exactly the same on both ends this one does have a main one and putting it up in the dark is frustrating. It is shabby whereas the previous design kicked butt and was hardy as they come. Don’t know why you had to change a good thing. Next time you design something have people test it that actually camp in tents a week at a time stay in it first before rolling it out.

Tested the Kingdom 6 in the backyard prior to taking it to Glacier Nat’l Park. Following the test run in the backyard, the poles bent to 5 mph winds. I exchanged the tent the following day thinking it was just a bad set. While at Glacier Nat’l Park, there was a windstorm with 20 mph winds. Most of the poles bent. It was a disaster and drove 80 miles to REI to return and bought a tent from Cabelas. Quality is a joke! Stay away from this tent if you value your money and time.

We wanted to love this tent. Unfortunately, when we used it the first time, two of the zippers on the vestibule were broken and we couldn’t use that entrance. Then we were hit with two days of serious rain and we ened up with wet sleeping bags because of the leaks from the sagging (dimpling)rain fly. Guylines were used and nothing we did could keep this tent from sagging and gathering water. We were out of the country and were stuck using this tent for two weeks.

We were very excited to get this tent for our 9 day national park road trip. First night in the Badlands and the first night using it, there was a storm with some wind. Rained into the tent, the poles bent beyond repair, and the tent collapsed making it an expensive large waste of space for the rest of our journey. Unfortunately, also our childrens' first night camping creating some camping phobias...for the price point we expected a lot more.

Thoughtfully designed features, but unfortunately, flimsy quality. A brief rain with a few gusts of wind reduced this tent to bent rods and torn fabric. Guy wires used. It will be the first item I have ever had to return to REI due to a lack of satisfaction.

We really enjoyed this tent. It’s very light for its size. The tent will comfortably fit a queen air mattress and a single air mattress side by side with some room to spare.

So many upgrades from the Kingdom original tent. Love all the side pockets to keep you organized.

We used the Kingdom 6 for 3 nights last week. It had plenty of space for the two of us. You can stand in it, even near the sides. We used the room divider to create a space for a chair and some of our gear. Before taking it on the road, I watched a couple of YouTube videos and did a practice assembly at home. This made the assembly on-site a snap. One person can do it, but two is better, especially if it is windy.

Being a long-time backpacking tent user (even when car-camping), I was eager to try the downright luxurious Kingdom 6. I was impressed with the number of thoughtful details and options you can achieve without the extras feeling cumbersome on the tent design or function.

first, I have the previous generation Kingdom 6. Bought it in 2011-ish. This thing is enormous. We fit 4 cots in a row these days. Can fit a queen air mattress on one side

Used a few times and loved until we had a storm blow through. Not even a big storm. Moderate... the winds twisted and bent the poles so badly that it collapsed on both sides and my husband and I had to each hold an end unto the storm passed. The poles were so bent the night wasn’t recoverable so we had to pack up and find a hotel. Boo!!!

Just purchased the new Kingdom 6. Set it up in the yard this morning. My 11 year old son and I were able to figure out the directions, though the directions could be a little more detailed, we had no problem setting it up. Once up, and before we staked down the remaining sides, just the four corners are staked as directed, we went into the tent to see how she looked. At the stress points where the tent poles connected to the grommets, there is light coming through the stitching at ground level. If light can come through the stitching, water can come through the stitching. I am surprised and disappointed in the quality of the floor and the seam to the walls; very flimsy, can't see how it would hold up over time. I was expecting some kind of reinforcement along the seam, but there is no reinforcement. Over all, I am very disappointed in this tent. It is much smaller than I thought it would be. It looks like a nice size rectangle in the pictures, but is more of a square. (I'm sure mathematically it is a rectangle). My plan was to put two cots in the "back room" and have space for chairs in the "front room", but there is not much room left in the front once the cots have been laid out. I have been reading about tents for a year now, since last summer, I thought I had found a tent that would keep everything dry and have room to move around with two cots. I will be returning the tent and do more research.

Do not buy this tent! The poles are very weak - do not hold up in the wind and rei will not replace or repair them - if the poles were sturdier this would be an excellent tent

good size for my family of 4. I wouldn't want more than that in there. it was an easy set up. i liked the room divider and all the mesh. All the pockets were awesome too.

First time out wind took our fully staked tent with all our gear inside and blew it several feet away bending a pole. The wind didn't blow over the camp chairs that weren't even anchored down. As long as the wind isn't blowing it will shed water and stay dry while raining. We kept the tent because my girlfriend likes the size and bought several more stakes.

I love this thing. I have the version before they changed the design and colors. I can see just from the pictures that I think the older version was better. I've never had a problem of any kind in allllll kinds of weather alllll across the country. We just used it for a 12 day road trip across the country and it was perfect to sleep comfortably anywhere. Here a pictures of it in Asheville, Albuquerque, and Durango.

I just got back from a large airshow in Oshkosh Wisconsin where thousands of people camp on an airfield. Every other year or so a pretty violent midwestern thunderstorm rolls through, so it's a great place to compare tents from every manufacturer possible at once in the same conditions. I have been eyeing the REI Kingdom tents for years, as they are one of the most comfortable and spacious tents , with great features such as the garage, lots of ventilation for hot days, and lots of interior pockets. I held off buying one until this year as in past years many of my friends with these tents had their tents knocked down or torn during storms. This year the 2019 version seemed to have 2 extra poles and I hoped it would be more stable in a storm so I bought one. I was wrong. Despite using all 12 stakes and all the tie-downs included, and using additional tie-downs and stakes, my tent was torn and knocked down during a thundersorm , as were several of my friends with Kingdom tents. On the other hand, the vast majority of people camping at this show, with cheapo tents bought at at their local superstore , did fine. So, if you are willing to pack up your tent and sleep in your car when thunderstorms are forecast, it's a great tent. It really is and I seriously considered taking this one back and getting another , as it's really nice if the weather is nice. But in reality it is just too flimsy and I am going to try to get my money back instead and buy a little lower profile tent somewhere.

I was a little intimidated because this tent is bigger than the one I've used in the past, but I was able to put this up by myself. I am 5'8'' and had to reach a little to connect some parts, but was pleased at how relatively easy it was to put up and take down. I used the instructions but found some of it more confusing than what I found to be intuitive when putting it together. However, the instructions come attached as a waterproof tag in the bag which is really smart. While this is definitely not the kind of tent you'd want to lug around too much with its weight and bulk, the bag itself is smart with different compartments to keep stuff separate and straps so you can wear it like a backpack.

I bought this tent as a wedding present for my husband and I. We wanted something for car camping that would be a step up from a Coleman, and have room for our dog, a 75# german shepard and a weeks worth of gear.



I have the older model. I notice that the current model has diagonal struts as part of the tent poles which is different than my model. These seem like a great improvement. Can I buy a set of the new poles and will they work with my tent purchased in 2017

Unfortunately, we do not offer poles separately. Additionally, the grommets on the pre-2019 models do not line up with the pole placement of the new structure, so the two are not compatible.


I see The tent has a lot of great pockets for storage but does it have any loops or straps to hang things like a lamp?

This tent has 33 hang loops on/near the ceiling.


Is the bottom waterproof?

​Yes, the floor of this tent is waterproof. The seams are sealed and the fabric is coated with a waterproof polyurethane coating.


New owner, 1 time use.  It appears that pinholes of light are visible inside at the floor seam where the mid tent stake loops are attached.  Should this be a concern, and if so, what should I do?

The tent floor is waterproof and seam sealed to prevent leaking. If you are concerned with the pinholes and leaking, we recommend bringing the tent back to an REI location or calling us to discuss.


When the room divider is in place, what is the size of each room?

Hanging the divider toward the front of the tent gives you a room of 100" x 60" and second of 100" x 57". Hanging the partition in the other position gives you a room of 79" x 100", the other 38" x 100".

Tom S

Can you fit a Queen size mattress in the area which has some privacy?

Yes, a queen size mattress will just fit. Each section measures 60" x 100"; most queen size mattresses are usually less than 60" x 80".


I have an old (pre 2010) Kingdom 6 tent and need new poles. Is there any way to order replacement poles for this tent?

We recommend contacting Tent Pole Technologies for replacement poles for your Kingdom 6 Tent.


Very excited new owner of a used 2019 Kingdom 6 Tent we just picked up at the recent Members Only Sale. We found it only came with 2 guy lines. Can you please let me know what these are for? Will I need the other 4 guy lines?

The use of guylines is advised but optional depending on when and where you camp. To better understand the use of guylines and staking out your tent please review our Expert Advice Article by opening the following link:


Do you need to waterproof the seams?

No, the tent has factory seam taped seams.


Can you please bring back garage for 2019 model?

I'm sorry, the Mud Room is the replacement for the Garage for the 2019 Kingdom tents. We don't have plans to bring back the Garage for these new models. Check it out:


Do I need extra rain protection on the non-vestibule side? Doesn’t condensation gather here without rainfly protection? (FYI I don’t need a mudroom.)

The non-vestibule side includes a weather-protective awning and doesn't require extra protection unless you choose to add an accessory Mud Room or Front Porch. We have not noticed an issue with condensation build-up on this side.


How many additional stakes, cords, and tensioners do I need to fully guyline this tent?

This tent comes with all 13 necessary stakes to fully stake the tent down. You will need an additional 9 guylines to fully guy out the tent.


We have just put up our 2019 kingdom 6 for the first time. There is a marginally shorter pole that came in a separate bag within the test set. We cannot figure out what it is for? It doesn't appear on the instructions either.

The pole you are referring to is a splint and should only be used for a quick fix on a broken tent pole. To learn more about what a splint is and how to use it, please see the link to our Expert Advice article below.


What height tarp poles are recommended to stake out the awning?

​The 6 foot REI Co-op Adjustable Tarp Pole is a good choice for turning the vestibule on this tent into an awning.


What is the purpose of the 5" aluminum cylinder that came with the center pole?  The instructions don't reference it.

That is a tent pole repair tube. If a pole gets bent, straighten it out, slide this tube over the area and duct tape it. This will hopefully get you through your trip. When you get home, you can contact Tent Poles Technologies for a new pole.


How tall is the entryway?

The door height measured from zipper to zipper is 61 inches.

Outdoor Lover

Am I seeing a Bathtub Floor on this 2019 Version?

No, we use a seam-sealed, cut-in floor. It is less baggy than a bathtub style floor.


Is the kingdom 6 tent that's on sale the newest model? I heard it was upgraded in 2019 with better poles and more mesh and a brighter fly.

​Yes, this is the upgraded 2019 model!


I purchased the Kingdom 6 a few months ago. I know the instructions are attached to the carry bag, but are they available for print out?

Please call us at 800-426-4840 and ask for the Product team. We can email you a copy of the instructions.


I am in need of a rainfly for a Kingdom 6 tent. Where can I buy one?

We do not offer replacement rainflys for our tents, and we recommend contacting Rainy Pass Repair to inquire about a possible mend of your rainfly if it is damaged. You can review their contact details at the link below.


Where do I find replacement poles for my tent its a Kingdom 4 that's about 5-6 years old

Replacement poles for this tent can be ordered directly from Tent Pole Technologies.

Ray R

Are there going to be a garage for the 2019 model of the Kingdom 6? If so, any idea when it may be coming out? There's a question about the older garages, but it's not clear if the answer was referring to the old or new model.

There will not be a garage for the 2019 Kingdom tents. The Kingdom Mud Room is the new, redesigned version of the garage:


What are the dimensions of the 2 "rooms"? Does the partition cut it in half? Can you fir a queen size air mattress in either "room"?

The partition does not allow you to make 2 rooms of equal size. Hanging it toward the front of the tent gives you a room of 100x60 and second of 100x57; hanging the partition in the other position gives you 2 different rooms…one of 79x100, the other 38x100 (numerical values in inches).


I have a 2019 kingdom 6 tent and am thinking of buying a reflective tarp to put up over the tent to protect from the sun. Do you have an idea how big such a tarp should be? Would a 10f * 10 ft do?

A 10' x 10' tarp would just cover the tent; 12' x 12' or even a little larger would be a better choice.


Is this a freestanding tent that can be set up and moved before staking it down, or must it be staked down at the corners before assembly?

Yes, this is a freestanding tent and you can move it around (fully assembled) before staking it out. You may need a second person to assist moving it as it's rather large.


Is the tent floor waterproof?

​Yes, the floor is waterproof.


We are looking to purchase a larger tent (we have a Hobitat 4) Will our garage fit the Kingdom 6 or 8? It did last years model. ??

The 2019 Kingdom tents do not have the Connect Tech zipper used in the previous Garage accessory. They are not compatible.


what is the warranty on the kingdom 6 tent?

You can view REI's Return Policy here:


The last model (2018) has many poor reviews with regards to poor performance in windy conditions. Poles bending/folding in, collapsed tents and even bent/broken poles. Has this been addressed? Or is there a "max wind rating" or guidance in this area?

This model of Kingdom 6 has been updated with new pole hubs, sleeves, and clips. Keep in mind that this is 3 season tent, and not designed for extreme conditions such as high winds, or snow.


Will replacement poles be available in store/online for the new model, or will they need to be ordered from a third party?

For replacement poles, we recommend TentPole Technologies.


It looks like there are two attachment points on the floor for the interior divider. Is it possible to set up the divider in different locations? What would be the "room" dimensions? Thanks!

The divider can be moved to different locations inside of the tent. With the divider in the front position, the distance from the divider to the front door is approximately 57 inches and approximately 50 inches to the back door. With the divider in the rear position the distance from the divider to the back door is approximately 38 inches and approximately 79 inches to the front door.


Is there a plan for these to be set up in store to see in person? Thanks.

​Some of our larger retail locations may have this tent already on display while other stores may not have enough room to show it. Please contact the store nearest you to learn if they have it on display or if they could possibly set it up for you to look over:

American Bison

This is the new 2019 model, correct? Can the included vestibule be used at the back door so the new accessory mud room can be installed at the front door?

Yes, this tent is new as of January 2019. The Kingdom Mud Room (sold separately) attaches to the back end of the tent, which allows you to get full use of the vestibule on the front end.


Am puzzled that new 2019 footprint is not compatible with 2018 tent...the dimensions are the same. What am I missing?

The tent pole configuration has changed for the new Kingdom tents, thus the footprint was changed for the new model to accommodate said pole configuration.


Are there any major differences b/w this new 2019 Kingdom6 tent and last years model?

The pole configuration is the most significant change; the newer model has more poles and offers more structural integrity when the weather grows rough.


Will the Footprint for this tent work on the old Kingdom?

No, the footprint for this Kingdom 6 tent is not compatible with the 2018 and earlier model Kingdom series tents.


When is footprint available?

The footprint for this tent can be found in the link below:

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