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I came into REI and it was great that I was able to try the sleeping mats before I purchased one. I am a side sleeper and do a lot of flip flopping at night. This mat stayed in place, wasn’t noisy, and felt like my bed at home. My shoulders or hips never were uncomfortable. Great mat. My only complaint is that they are not very compact. It won’t fit in a normal size storage tub like most of my other camping gear. But I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

Super affordable and highest quality, most durable and lightweight sleeping pad I have ever owned!

I have had this pad for quite some time now and I am still very happy with it. I got it for tent camping because of my lower back problems. My previous pad was good but much thinner. This one is nice and comfortable, provides just enough support for my back and hips, and offers great insulation from the ground. The pad is large and heavy so I use it exclusively for car camping. I would not recommend using it for backpacking or anytime space and weight are of premium. Otherwise, this pad works perfectly.

We purchased a 3rd one of these after trying 2 of them alongside the mountain summit. They were a close comparison...however the camp bed was a wee bit more comfy, and the fabric seems nicer. We recently returned from a 5 night backpacking trek with them into the mountains ...2 nights it got down to about freezing. These pads along with some cheap $40 sleeping bags from amazon actually kept us warm with only one thin to medium layer of clothing! There were some nights that we had to get out of our sleeping bag even to cool off abit. So they definitely add a nice chunk of warmth. They perform great as far as inflating/deflating as well and seem to be durable. We are well pleased! As for comfort...sure we had to shift a few times a night from side to side...but without a super think foam mattress..that would be the case with anything. It's nice that firmness can easily and quickly be adjusted.

This pad is excellent for car camping. I've a number of low-priced sleeping pads of various designs that deflated during the night or were too noisy, too narrow or too thin for the comfort of an antsy side sleeper. This pad, in the XL size, is the answer! Super quick to inflate, and each user can customize the firmness to their preference with a few easy breaths before capping. The pad holds its firmness over multiple nights, and is quiet as one shifts position. It is NOT for backpackers however -- now matter how much I wish I could take it along, the XL is too cumbersome to roll and strap to one's pack, and at 5 pounds, rather heavy too. If you are still undecided and live near an REI, I highly recommend trying out the pad in store -- that process helped me decide which was the right one for me!

I am fully enjoying this sleeping pad...thank you for a fine product!

This pad is the best pad you can get that is portable enough for camping. I don’t like the big inflatable mattresses because I have to bring a pump and they are too big. This is very high quality and very think. You will not feel any small pebbles beneath you. One thing to watch out for is if you are getting the XL size, make sure your tent length can fit it. I made that mistake so I have to fold the mattress to fit in the tent.

We visited Mom and Dad so they could see their grandkids and great grandkids. They lived in a big home in SF, but did not have enough beds for 12 people. so two adults and two tykes had to sleep on the floor. The little ones were happy on a blanket over carpet, but my son and I had to sleep on hard oak. Not comfortable!

I Have used this a couple of nights already for tent camping, and my son even used it to sleep a couple nights on the floor when friends were over. This is by far the most comfortable camp bed that I have ever had. This is a bit large and bulky for any backpacking, but perfect for car camping.

Had a bunch over the years. I went online to do my research before a weeklong camping worth it. Slept like a baby, even on my first night. You aren’t going backpacking with it, but if you are looking for a car camping pad — look no further

Enjoyed this. I’m a 235lb 6” guy and felt this makes rent sleeping a bit better. I could not get the deflation to work as described so took longer than expected to pack up

Very happy, self inflated, only needs a few breaths, great value.



What is the packed size for the XL? Dimensions listed is for the Regular only.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! The packed size for the XL is 8.5 x 30 inches. We will have that added.


What are the proper steps to successfully "self inflate" the this mattress? Thanks

Self-inflating pads offer a combination of open-cell foam insulation and air​. Simply open and lay it out, the foam will regain it's shape, and fill with some air. You then should top off the pad with air to meet your desired firmness level.


Is this the same thickness as the last model of REI camp bed? I'm looking to buy one so me and my partner can use them side by side.

​In the past we had both 2.5" and 3.5" thick versions.

Traveling Nurse

The description says the pad has an R value of 5.8, but the tech pecs say 6.8. Which one is correct?

The correct R-value is 6.8. Thanks for bringing this information to our attention! We'll update the info on the site as soon as possible.


Are there plans to release this in a double option? (50" wide)

We don't have plans for this model to be available in a double.


when are these mattresses going to be available is the 3.5 inch going to be available as well

As of January 2019, we don't show that we will be carrying the 3.5" version in the near future.


can you blow these mattresses up to desired firmness instead of letting it self inflate. I know the risk and am fine with it

Yes, you can add or let out air to get to your desired comfort level.

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