Teva - Sirra Sandals - Women's

Category: Women's Footwear

I wore these a few times for short walks around the neighborhood and noticed the plastic buckle piece rubbing a little, but didn’t bother if I did not tighten them up too much. I decided I trusted them enough to try them on a longer hike, and after about 3 miles I was in pain. Had to cut the hike short and ended up having blisters in multiple spots on my feet. Bummer, because they are so cute.

From the very beginning I put them on they were very comfortable, no breaking in needed. The small piece of padding at the heel makes all the difference. I high rating well deserved.

I wear this sandal almost every day around the house , running errands, etc. Very comfortable and I'm able to tighten them to fit my narrow feet.

Best sandals ever. Comfortable, stylish, lightweight and easy to tighten.

They fit so well right away, no need to break them in.


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