Teva - Original Universal Urban Sandals

Category: Men's Footwear

What can I say, you get what you pay for, and I got mine on sale for $30. The straps are cheap Velcro that irritates your skin and is hard to adjust--the heal is NOT adjustable. The buckles rub on the outer side of your foot. I'm a 10.5 but the 11s I bought are a little small still. And my girlfriend says they're just ugly. I don't get all of the positive reviews, unless the guys are just to cheap to buy nice sandals. They're good to keep in your trunk for when you forget your good sandals.

Even in the house in the winter (northern Rockies) the Teva's contact with the soles of my feet help keep my feet warm. For outdoor summer wear they're very comfortable. The soft part of the Velcro attachment wears away more quickly than the soles, but they still have holding power after 5 years of lots of use.

Bought these and have really learned I can hike and do water activities in them. I just pull off my darn tough merino wool socks put these back on and I’m wading and swimming in them. Couple minutes out of water and they’re dry enough to put socks back on for 7 mile hike

it is not comfortable to wear while cycling, not much in the way of adjustment!


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