Black Diamond - Zone Climbing Shoes

Category: Climbing Shoes

I have used the Zone on a couple of indoor bouldering sessions. The shoe has potential as warm weather sport climbing and bouldering shoe, but I can't recommend it because of sizing and fit issues.

I'm in the market for a new pair of indoor and steep sport shoes, and these seemed like they might be just the ticket. A downturned toe and velcro straps are nice features I look for in a shoe that I want to be tight and precise. But these are tight in really weird ways. Even after sizing up a full size from what I normally wear in climbing shoes, my toes feel really scrunched and knuckled up by the shape of the toe box. The rubber is pretty stiff, and this combines with the knuckled up toes to make it hard to tell exactly where I'm putting my feet on holds. I haven't gotten a chance to try them outside on real rock yet (it's winter in Maine right now), but the rubber feels a little slippery on gym holds.


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