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Their sandals are the best, but these were just Meh. I am not a thong guy (no jokes) but these just didn't feel as good as other brands. The fit when standing still was OK, but when you walk in them, I felt as if they kept trying to slide off. Too slick of an insole.

Bought these after my Chaco flips of 16 years finally died. These new ones are terrible! Too big, clunky and the foot bed isn’t as comfortable.

The worst flip I’ve ever owned. Foot bed is slick, hard and uncomfortable. Straps cut your feet and leave blisters. Had high expectations as I’ve owned Chacos for years. Do you yourself a favor and stick to the ecotreads.

They are really sturdy and heavy, but once you put them on you do not notice the weight. I found the texture of the sole felt like sandpaper at the beginning, but after using them a couple of times you get used to them. The with is on the small side, otherwise the size accurate to what I normally wear.

Bought them to replace an older pair of Chaco flip-flops. Some of the reviews I had read said the straps were too loose. When I tried them on I the store they seemed a bit loose, but I thought I might get used to it. I didn’t, and I returned them. Too bad, because otherwise I liked them a lot!

Although, I've never been a flip-flop guy, I've been wearing these for about 2 weeks now and I am really enjoying them. They took a little to get formed to my feet but after about a week in they started to feel very comfortable. Initially they felt narrow and the straps felt stiff and harsh but since forming to my feet feel great. The flip-flops seems very sturdy and also look great so I'll definitely be wearing them more and more.

I'm not one to generally wear this type of sandal but I received these to try out so I gave them a fair shot. The sizing was accurate to what I normally wear and the sandals do seem very sturdy. They are a nice dark color with just a bit of a v-pattern on the strapping that gives them a bit of flavor. They wouldn't be out of place on the beach or dressed up. After wearing them many times, there are a couple things that continued to stick out to me. First, and most importantly, they are fairly heavy! The sole is thick and sturdy and they seem like they'd last for years but at the cost of some heft. They are also tapered through the arch, perhaps too tapered. The arch hump is a bit high and, granted, I'm a person who is usually barefoot, but I also have a really high arch so I wouldn't expect this to be so noticeable. However, I'm pretty certain that for people who usually wear hefty footwear (mountain boots, running shoes, dress shoes, and so on) these issues wouldn't be so noticeable and that these would be great. I just never really wear "shoes" in the natural sense so these things probably stuck out to me more.

Did the sizing change? I had a pair of Eco-treads I wore forever. Chaco sent me a pair of these when the Eco-treads failed. Same size but man are they sloppy.

I'm so sad to report that these sandals are junk. Over the past 10 years, 80% of the time when I left my apt, it was in my Chaco flip flops. Now I have no idea what to do. I'm a pilotless raft, floating down the river-- abandoned by my gosh dang flip flops. I've had 4 pairs of chaco flip flops since I blew a week's pay on some as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2006. They were fantastic. The only flip flop that retained traction with mud on the foot bed and could last more than a week in the wet conditions. Indeed they lasted 1.5 years of daily, hard use. That first pair of Vibram soled flips were the best. The next few pairs, "Eco tread," were pretty good, but the glue on the straps seemed to break down faster even in my drier, sidewalk-oriented environs.

Second pair...LOVED the first, but these are too loose across the foot and come off to easily. Will be returning.

I've never really liked flip flops much before. I tend to find them difficult to keep on my feet without a lot of effort awkwardly using foot muscles how they shouldn't be used. But I needed a pair of sandals and so gave these a try. After a brief break-in period, these have been fantastic! They fit snugly but not uncomfortably, and I don't think twice about how I walk in them. The contoured bottom is perfect, and my very wide 6E feet fit just fine without sizing up (very rare for any shoe!). The construction quality seems excellent: I think they will last a long time.

These replaced my oldest pair of Chaco flips that failed (toe strap dislodged) after 6+ years and countless miles of wear. The Chaco orthotic footbed saved the day when I hit my 50's and thought my flip wearing days were over. They are so comfortable and so durable that I I've picked 5 pair of chaco flips in different colors over the years. I wear them all day, all summer.

Just picked up a pair of these and enjoy how easy they slide on and off. They are a bit loose so snap a good bit on the heel when walking. Doesn’t bother me too much.

Flip flops, but with chaco arch support. Enough said.

In general, I was disappointed in the Chaco Playa Pro Flip-Flops. I mainly wear sandals such as Keens with full foot coverage. I have been considering getting flip-flops for a while as they would be easier for wearing around the pool and for simple errands. However, these flip-flopsdid not meet the mark.

I'm no stranger to wearing flip flops. Growing up in Hawaii I lived in them. We called them slippers ("slipahs"), but my grandma called them go-aheads. Now as an adult they are a summertime staple in Colorado: pool time, mowing the lawn, and general weekend wear. I've usually gone for the cheap ones with rubber straps, but these are a welcome addition to my options. I've tried sandals with straps behind the heel, but they always stayed in my closet and were eventually donated. Flip flops are great for walks along gravel trails; if a stone gets in the sandal, just relax your toes, shake, and move on.


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