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I brought these on my 2019 PCT hike to use as camp shoes and loved them. At 8oz (for a pair of W's size 8), they weren't too heavy as far as camp shoes go. I loved being able to wear them with socks too, since often times I would get up to go to the bathroom early in the morning and I could just slip them on with my sleep socks still on. I used them for minor stream crossings, but I wouldn't recommend for anything too intense since the sole can feel slippery (just use trail runners without socks on). Towards the end of my hike, the velcro back strap started to have issues staying attached. Knocking one star because of that and bc they're pretty pricey for minimalist sandals. But definitely a good option!

I'm not a sportsperson. I am an avid fan of Xero footwear as it provides the full toe box and freedom for my feet. This sandal is my favourite. So much so that I wear them regularly.

These are a wonderful way of wearing sandals to feel the ground below you. You can feel everything from rocky terrain to fluffy grass but with a durable bottom to protect your feet. They feel great and let your feet breathe. I usually wear them around camp, around water like a day at the beach, or to run errands.

Normally I wear a size 8.5 if it's available but after reading previous reviews I ordered a size 9 since there are no half sizes. The shoes are a little bigger than I would have liked and on the go my feet tend to slide and I've had to stop and tighten the back. Not a big deal.

Love these! If Chacos give you blisters then go with these! I don’t mind the sole being thin. Feet will need to get used to them because it’s like walking barefoot... but give them a week. Also they will stretch out! I usually wear a 8 but got 7.5 and the back strap Velcro barely made it but now it straps all the way over. If I had bought 8 there would be overhang.

Have worn these all summer in the Wyoming Rockies- walking the dog, hiking, lakes, rivers, creeks, and even indoors on the cold tile floors when I don’t want to be barefoot. My feet are always happy. Love the traction & movabiliity. Never slipped, not once. Never even thought that I should be wearing anything else on my feet. After months of daily intense use, they show no wear & tear. They dry quickly.

I have been wearing my Z-Trails for about a week. Today I also am wearing my Correct Toes spacers. After a lifetime of wearing “comfort shoes”, (many expensive European shoes!!!), I discovered that I had a hammertoe developing on my right foot. Now I am totally changing my shoe closet. Every week I order a new Xero shoe! Since I live in Florida, I can easily wear sandals year round. I have three pairs of Z-trails! Not only do I have Z-Trail sandals but I also have a number of Xero sneakers! I have Prios, Speed Force and the new HFS shoes. I love them all. The most significant discovery is that my posture is improving! I stand straighter in my Xero shoes and I don’t lean forward as I used to! As always, thank you Xero shoes for your amazing customer service!

When I first put them on, they felt a little weird. After about an hour after having them on around the house, I forgot I was wearing them. When adjusted properly, these shoes are very comfortable. I wore them hiking and had no problems with slipping. These were great for going from the trail into the creek and then back on the trail. They don’t feel heavy with water once you step out. They also dry quickly. Great grip on the rocks in the creek. The fit was true to size.

I wanted to like them. I don’t like the Chacos because they were too stiff and bulky and i tried these out. The flexibility in them is amazing and does really feel minimal. But that’s the catch too, they’re so minimal the heal of my foot’s area on the sandal is already about to have a hole through it. And I actually haven’t even worn them that much. My $2 flip flops last as long as these. And their warranty they offer is only 80% off a new pair. To me- not worth it.

The Z-trail sandals are extremely comfortable that I can wear them everyday. Walked around in the summer for twelve hours in them and didn't feel any discomfort like I usually do with other flat shoes. I also used them for adventures such as hiking and canyoneering. Unlike other outdoor sandals I didn't feel like I was dragging it with me as I hiked. I also love how sleek, simple and light it is. I absolutely love it!

These are my new go-to sandals! Feels like being barefoot with a little added protection. I was worried they were too big at first as my foot doesn't fill them out - I'm normally a size 8 so I ordered an 8 - but the straps are completely adjustable and my foot stays put, no sliding around. I've only worn them for walks thus far but I don't doubt that they will perform well on the trail!

These sandals are so comfortable. I was a bit of a skeptic at first considering I am used to bulkier sturdy sandals like Chaco’s. Let me tell you these sandals are a perfect fit and true to a size 7. They do well on any terrain, the best part is they are so light and molded to your foot that you can just casually traverse all day and not feel sore or even notice you’re wearing sandals.

I love running in Xero Shoes sandals! These ones have a little more cushioning than I need, but are great for varying terrain. My only issue was big toe chafing, which eventually subsided when I got used to them, as happens a little bit with all sandals and running while your feet get used to something different. I've had them for months and haven't had any issues with the velcro.

I was skeptical about this sandal but gave it a try for an extended backpacking trip through the JMT. I got them specifically to double as stream crossing and camp sandals and let me tell you... they were beyond perfect and now I wear it as everyday sandals over my chacos (Chacos have always felt too stiff for me).

I pined for the z-trails for over a year before purchasing. They fit well, and I expect to get many miles out of them. The only thing I would change is making the heel strap a little longer... my Velcro barely overlaps, despite all other straps fitting well. Overall, happy with my purchase!


After some work adjusting the straps here and there, these sandals are set for comfy! I love to go barefoot, and this is the second best way to do it. As we get older, our feet get more sensitive to rough and hard surfaces. These help me be barefoot without the discomfort! Glad I go them.

I have been a fan of Xero shoes for a long time. I love these. Perfect minimalist shoes that are easy to wear. Company has excellent customer service and makes a good product. Try them, you will be hooked!

First pair of Xero sandals and really loving these new additions!

These shoes are awesome. Extremely comfortable and true to size. I wear a Size 7 in Chaco sandals and these fit perfect in the size 7. I got the Santa Fe color, which is very, very pretty subtle colors.

Took them on a moderate 8 mile hike and they held up but they definitely got roughed up. I will probably just wear them for casual wear and outdoor bouldering. They are super comfy!

I love these sandals! I run in them 5 times a week and I love the freedom they give my feet. Plus, I’ve been shin splints free since making the switch.

I love these! Super comfy and i use them as my camp shoes and my city sandals lol just wish REI carried the other colors and styles!

I love these shoes and on my 2nd pair of them!!!! Most incredible shoe which feels like you have nothing on but protects your feet.

I knew that already from the previous model I already owned. I love the new thicker sole and can’t wait to take them in the trails!

My wife and I love our Zero’s. The are extremely comfortable and are great to take along when hiking or backpacking.

Love them and the company! The are simple and comfortable. Hiked for many miles in them

Love these sandals! I have worn one pair out and am on my second pair now.

I’m really confused by all the quality issues i’m reading about in other’s reviews. I will be heartbroken if Xero starts cranking out shoddy shoes because these are the best things i’ve ever worn! I NEVER used to wear sandals hiking but now these are my go to hikers, even when carrying a load. I used to get blisters, experience foot pain, and leg pain (in my ankles, knees, and often hips), but those days are over. These shoes have changed how I walk/hike in a very positive way. The only negative is that they suck when wet...at least for me. My foot slides around in the sandal and I hate it so much I usually just take them off and hike barefoot until the plastic dries on the foot side, which usually happens quickly. But it is a real pain if you are doing frequent stream crossings. Other than that, the grip is amazing and I have a lot more confidence on ledges and such because I feel like my foot is really in touch with the terrane. Oh, one thing to note, I think the shoe sizing is weird. I wear

I've been wearing mine almost daily for the last 2+ years, and loving them. They're light, flexible, and so comfortable. They have never once rubbed me the wrong way or caused me any pain. They provide the perfect ratio of ground feel to protection/comfort for me. The wide foot, thin sole, and zero drop make my feet and back and whole body so happy! They've finally started to show some signs of wear, with the sole separating a bit... but I feel this is fair given the heavy use I've put them through. And also mendable.


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