Wahoo Fitness - ELEMNT ROAM GPS Bike Computer

Category: GPS Systems

I upgraded from the excellent Wahoo Bolt and love the additional features in the Roam. Still easy to use, but better screen visibility, color highlights, very useful new navigation features along with a longer battery life.

The Wahoo ROAM has exceeded my expectations. It is a super-smart device. It has fast GPS signaling: any changes to my course are noted within 2 seconds. Integration with a variety of apps, including REI's MTB Project app (free), as well as paid 3rd-party apps. One needs an iPhone or iPad to use the features. Route planning through the apps and computer. I had to update the California maps on the unit when it arrived. I have a lot to learn still, but anyone with any prior GPS experience will find the unit user-friendly. Many, many features and map capabilities. Thank you, Wahoo!

Coming from the Bolt, I was attracted to a bigger more vibrant screen and an additional row of LED indicators. Unfortunately my experience thus far has left me underwhelmed. I want to like it but can’t justify the price and calling it a true “upgrade.” The buttons are very hard to press and you have to press them just right for them to respond. The LED lights are dim at best and on a sunny day wash out. I use companion apps to navigate, so I don’t really need embedded maps in the unit. I never had a problem with Komoot or Google Maps. It’s not really a color screen either. More color would help. I think I’m going to pause on this one and wait for a 2.0 version where hopefully the improvements are worth the jump.

In order to use many benefits of this device, you are forced to use the app which gives up your personal data to Wahoo. It's marketed to you as a great way to share your rides with friends, but it's really about them using your personally identifiable data including where you frequent. Before Mar 2020, Wahoo corporate "allowed" you to use this as a bike computer, but now it's mostly an expensive spying device.

Glass appears blurry under different lighting conditions. BOLT screen is still better and clearer.

the battery holds up through multiple rides. It pairs with my garmin cadence sensor, my HR sensor and my Garmin RTL510 rear radar. It is easy to follow a course and it flashes to let you know a turn is coming and also blinks in the direction of the turn. The radar shows up on the side. My only complaint is the marker is a cute car but difficult to see. It would be better being a big black or white blob. The map page does not give street names and I suspect that is because the screen resolution is limited (but that may be why the battery life is so good). Dislike that I have to upload all my ridewithgps routes and cannot individually select them. Also, that all is interfaced through the phone. So, I have to stop and get out my phone if I want to change a setting or select a course.


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