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Put the blanket (silver side out) on top of your tent to cool it during sunny days (and darken the tent so you can take a nap).

I have one of these that I purchased around 1972! Only recently have holes developed, causing me to get a new one...but the old one still gets used.

Have used this product since the 70's with BSA, Search & Rescue in the Pacific Northwest. Panel signals can be made for survivors to convey signals at sea or land. Primary use as ground cloth for tents and in snow shelters. On a recent 50 mile canoe trip on the Colorado river it was an excellent reflective tarp for shade during the day, even used it as a sail for a 4 mile stretch with a tail wind between the California Arizona boarder.

I use this product as an emergency bivvy sack. For that purpose the 5x7 foot size is a little short on the 5 foot side. But it is versatile and can be used also as an emergency shelter tarp. At 12 ounces it is a bit heavier than some of my alternates, but it is inexpensive and folds up nicely and has lasted a long time. I dislike ordinary "space blankets" because they are flimsy and blow around in the slightest breeze. This is much better. Tie cords on the corners and carry a long cord for a ridge line if you want to pitch it like a tarp.

I used my blanket for years as a wildland fire fighter. When stuck out on a fireline over night without any real camping equipment, it works great as a temporary bivy and got me through plenty of cold nights. Also used it for a makeshift tent using para cord. We also fashioned a stretcher out of one using two small trees and para cord. 1001 uses.

Just used this on Mt Hood for an ultralight night. Used this as a ground cloth/sleeping pad/tent and it was pretty good. Excellent insulation, very light, waterproof. Started off on top then it it started raining so I folded it in half and slept in the pocket for a while. I'm about 6' and there was enough room to shelter me, but not my bag, shoes, etc. The only reason I went four stars, is because it is 6x5 not 5x7 as specified.

I noticed another review mentioned that they have had one of these for 22 years. I have had mine longer than that!. Normally it is in my car as an emergency shelter. But when I do winter snow camping/backpacking here in Michigan it goes in my tent under my sleeping self inflating pad and down sleeping bag which is setting on top of the cot for me. With the silver side up it reflects heat back up so really helps keep me nice and warm. I didn't realize that they still sold these...may get another just as a spare.

Like many others singing the virtues of this tarp, I can say it is right up there with a ziploc bag of dry tinder and a Nalgene in my top 5 best gear list. Bought mine about 6 years ago, and its paid for itself many times over. I like to line the interior floor of my tent with it, silver side up, under my sleeping pad. Keeps away the chill, so I can sleep better through the night and hit it hard in the morning. It folds down to slip behind my maps in an outer pack pocket. Could probably serve well as an emergency signal device as well: silver side in a wooded landscape, or red side in the snow.

I got my first one from my father maybe 45 years ago. I keep three in the trunk of my car and I always carry one on an outing where shelter and/or cold would be an issue. We have used them for shelters, but mostly I use one to insulate between my Big Agnes air mattress and my sleeping bag, as this way I don't have to carry closed cell material which lessens the bulk. They are essential in cold weather in case of hypothermia. Lots and lots of uses! An essential part of my gear always!!

This blanket really could save your life. Even if you don't ( if you are smart you should ) have a way to start a fire this blanket can keep the wind off of you if you have to spend a unexpected night out. Also this will keep the rain off in a downpour and is better than Goretex for a extended rain event. I keep one in my ATV cargo box and one in my daypack/backpack.

Have two - one with hood and hand holds lives in the car and slides into the pack last thing out of the car. The other doubles as a ground cloth for 18 year old REI half Dome that never had a footprint. Used them under a bivy bag in the Grand Canyon to Ireland as a shelter to keep the rain off three of us while brewing tea. Grommets are great with a bit of string to tie off on things. Much more versatile and better than a disposable space blanket even if it weighs a bit more.

Great Product! I have owned this blanket for almost 30 years. It has been pressed in to service as a tarp, shelter, ground cover and sleeping bag. It has survived storms with winds strong enough to push my half filled pack around like it was lighter than air.

I have been using one of these regularly as a ground cover and tent "footprint" since 2003 and am quite happy with it. It's not even cracking along the fold lines and it have been folded a lot. Mine is finally getting enough tears and holes in it from rough ground and sharp things to warrant replacement after nearly 13 years. The plan is to get another one just like it.

got this for my yearly road/camping trip. definitely good at heat refraction when placed under my sleeping bag to prevent heat loss through the ground. it has holes in the corners to be used as a tarp (would be perfect for any emergency situation). i would recommend this for a bug out kit or just a little extra warmth during those colder camping days. it also packs pretty small id say 6"Lx6"Wx2"H

These blankets are great, they pack small, are lite and hold up well. I've only used mine on 2 trips so far, but it still looks brand new. I use them for tent floor lining and breaking down camp(rolling up sleeping pads and setting stuff aside on and out of the dirt). They do hold the warmth in, at 8 degrees(air temp with frozen ground) the blanket was noticeably warmer by touch than the tent floor while in my bag. I would definitely recommend for winter outings.

Aside from all the other uses described, I have used this as a heat shield from hot desert sunlight. Two are required for full coverage of a typical 2-person tent, plus some No. 1 spring clamps(maybe 10 or 12) or other fastener. Ever feel like taking a nap, in your tent, in the middle of a long hot day ?

I added grommets (reinforced with old bike tires) to the long side of two of these and "stitched" them together, then laid them over the top of the tent with the silver side up. It keeps the tent cooler and dark so I can sleep in after a night of stargazing. I may add two more to the contraption so it is also cool in the afternoon (we have a large Base Camp 6 that we set up at star parties we go to). I also cover an ice chest with one to keep in cooler in bright sunlight. Great item.

There isn't much I can say that hasn't been said already. These are great - I keep one in my car kit and one with my backpacking/hiking kits. I take this on overnight trips and use it as a ground cloth, rain tarp, or wind blocker. I also take it on day hikes to use folded up, as a seat, picnic blanket, emergency shelter, etc. The uses are endless. The quality is top notch, love the grommets, feels like it will last me a very long time.

I recently used this on backpacking trip at Estes Park and Door County in the winter. I used this to replace a tarp and put under the sleeping pad inside the tent. I noticed significant warmth kept inside the tent when compared to not using it. The package says it returns about 40% of your body heat.

I wont go camping with out it. It has many many uses from something you keep in the trunk of your car to a drop cloth for your tent or a rain tarp for camping. I have used one of these since the mid 80's. They are relatively cheap and very versatile I have used mine for many of things from tarping of a load in my pickup truck to using it as a rain Canopy during a rainy backpacking trip. I always have one laying around.

A classic. Durable, multi-use. The endless uses of this piece of gear have been described. I used one in Africa every night for 5 weeks when it was unexpectedly cold. Fit right between my supplied blankets. Everyone should carry one.

Look, this blanket can be anything you want it to be: ground cloth, sun shade, emergency beacon, cargo cover, rain tarp, and, yeah, a blanket. I have one in the truck year 'round, and it goes camping and kayaking and for junkets to the Wednesday night band concerts in the park. And besides being silver on one side, it's red on the other--makes me feel Italian.

Great for picnics and the beach as it does not collect dirt and sand. Use as a ground cloth, etc. Make sure it is dry before putting it away or mold will quickly eat at the coating.

Don't waste your money on a Space Blanket, buy this instead. Good material, durable & reuseable. Easy to pack & provides good protection & insulation. Reflective side can be very useful. We have 2 and are going to buy more.

This blanket is a great insulator. We used it snow camping and it made the biggest difference for regulating the temperature in our tent. I forgot it once and it was so much colder at night.

This product is so versatile it is hard to know where to begin. After 40 years of living in the trunk of my car and regular use in most imaginable situations, it is polka-dotted with little tears (well mended with gaffer's tape) and has reached the point where it is slightly embarrassing to use in the presence of others. A necessity. Time to replace.

I used this in the smokies in March, and I did not have a 0 degree sleeping bag, so I wrapped this around the bottom half of my sleeping bag and it helped keep my feet warm without creating too much condensation on my sleeping bag. We also spread it over me and my two hiking buddies on the last night because we knew it would be colder and this blanket was big enough for three. Our sleeping bags were a bit moist on the outside but otherwise it helped keep us all warm.

I have used this as a temporary shelter, bivy, blanket, tent footprint, and picnic table. Great product. Mine is 19 years old and still going strong. Highly recommended.

I come from a family of camp-o-holics, so I've been familiar with this product (and its relatives) pretty much as long as I've been kicking around.

I always have one of these in my pack year round - it is a ground cloth, an emergency shelter, and a space blanket all in one. It is a little heavy, and a little more expensive, but it is so much better than those flimsy cheap space blankets.

I've always carried this article never expecting to use it but always at the ready should it be required. On one multi-day backpack trip a member of our party had her rain gear fail and she wore it as a poncho for the rest of the trip. Uses: Back up rain gear, shock blanket, tarp, pup tent, red locating signal for air searches or a really nice backup warmth/shelter if you unintentionally spend the night on a cold night in the mountains.

i have used this in my cold basement as a blanket and it works better than other blankets. in an emergency or survival situation, this would be a perfect replacement for a sleeping bag. i received this as a gift from a friend who already had one. he and i used it in an imitation emergency and it worked well.

My wife laughed at me when I purchased this bulk of an emergency blanket but I'm confident I made the correct choice. It packed away into my 40L Daypack without hogging a ton of space since I kept it folded large and flat. It may weigh more than other blankets but they won't have this durability. The grommets all appear to be solid, the stitching looks good and it's really not that heavy for a typical day.

Great product! Weighs almost nothing yet is durable. Used for multiple days mountaineering under sleeping bag to improve warmth. Also can be used for emergency shelter/ground cloth. Compresses down to a very small package.

I've handled hypothermia incidents with both this and space blankets. The space blankets tore and were useless. These are strong, effective, and not much harder to pack than space blankets. Don't leave home without one.

I use this for winter camping. First I dig out a wide trench in the snow. Then, depending on the design of my tarp shelter, I lay down a small cheap blue tarp (so I don't have to worry about my boots or any hidden snow covered sticks and stones ripping my nice light weight tarp). On top of that I place this space blanket, silver side up. It is thick, strong, and durable. Then I put down my sleeping pad and a wool army blanket. Next goes my -20 degree sleeping bag. Then I crawl in with fresh socks, thermal underwear tops and bottom, and a dry wool hat. If my shelter blocks out all of the wind (I often build a wall of snow around the shelter to deflect it), I stay super warm in very cold weather. This space blanket is an important key to staying warm because it reflects a lot of heat back into my pad, blanket, and sleeping bag where the insulation is thin due to being compressed from my body weight. I don't carry it on hikes because of the weight and space it takes up but on a winter camp-outs I always have it. It is pretty rugged and will last a lot longer than the thin emergency space blankets.

have not had a chance to take into field as it is too darn hot right now but inspection shows that it is much tougher than typical space/emergency blankets. Size is also bigger. While it is bigger and stronger it is also very light and takes up minimal space. I plan on using it with a hammock to stop wind and reflect heat back to body on the bottom of hammock. Hoping that this along with an over quilt can work for all but the coldest days. I will update once I test next late fall.

It's a tarp, tent, blanket, tablecloth... It's anything you can imagine it to be. I've used this thing in every environment under all conditions. It stays in my pack, except when I take it out to put it in my boat.

I've had this for a couple years, and have yet to use it as an emergency blanket. But... have used hung it like tarp, and laid it under sleeping bag when winter camping. Instead of bringing an xtra tarp, I'm going to get another one of these... then I have space blankets in case of emergency. :)

I find the Grabber brand space blanket to be an extremely useful outdoor product. It can be used for a hasty shelter, additional protection over your tent, an excellent cover for an emergency medical patient etc. The list goes on and on. Very happy with the price and quality of this product.

I never leave on a trip without it. I have used as a roof over bivsack, melted snow with it, used as ground/snow cave cloth. I just wish you could still find it in green because it melts snow better. One of us carried red for signaling and I carried a green one for snow melting.

I have several of these and like to have them ready in the car, truck and ATV. Invaluable for shelter building or just to wrap around in a survival situation. Nice that they are heavy enough to use many times rather than the tissue thin ones that are pretty much one use items.

This past week brought it hammocking. I used it as an under quilt for a few nights and when it started to rain I extended my rainfly by looping some paracord through the grommets. Very affordable and keeps my top quilts rain proof on the out side of my pack.

This is a step up from the thinner solar blanket we had before. Great for warmth but also as a tarp to sit on during lunch on the snow. Large enough to cover the two of us in an emergency. Takes up more room in my backpack but well worth it.

I bought this for a recent trip to the Enchantments to help on the cold nights. It is a durable blanket, however it is extremely loud , like it sound as if you were wading up a tarp. I didn't notice it keeping me warmer, just keeping me up all night. Would work great in an emergency situation I imagine but I ended up just using it as a footprint for my tent

Although I bought several Space-All-Weather blankets for our car in case we were stuck in the snow, I have only had to use 1 in the past 10 years and that one has been wrapped around our outdoor cat's plastic dog house on our patio to keep him warm during the winter in Davis, CA. I keep an inside/outside thermometer in the house and the temperature inside the house gets up to 80oF when our outdoor cat is inside.

Although I haven't had it long it does everything it said it was supposed to, but better

Great thing to have in your pack. Obviously beats those thin, flimsy space blankets. I think I saw a video where a guy used this as a shelter.

I bought this just to have an extra to keep in my car. When I went camping to a hike-in site, I threw it into my pack just in case. Turns out we forgot the ground cloth for the tent in the car but this worked great as a substitute! Haven't used it in an emergency or weather related situation, but I'll definitely be keeping this in my car.

I was forced to camp on a ridge at 10,000 ft. while hiking up Mt. San Gorgonio and there were freezing winds coming up and I my sleeping bag and tent were not helping. So I brought this out and places it over my sleeping bag and my head. I ended up having to take off a few layers because it trapped body heat so well.

Large size. Kind of loud. Went camping and the temp dropped much lower than I expected at night. Tried layering clothes which didn't help much. Threw this over myself and my sleeping bag and I was good for the rest of the night. Nice and sturdy. Will definitely bring this on every camping trip.

I bought this for backpacking, but felt it was too heavy and bulky. I returned it for a tiny version space blanket. It would be great for car camping. I only gave it 4 stars as I did not use it, but I seem to agree with others that it can be used for a variety of purposes.

I only got to use this on 1 trip so far, but let me tell you this will go on every hike! Used as a footprint for my hammock / tent. Then used as a rain shield, then made a lean to with it

it really did reflect back my body heat, i put it between my Kingdom Cot and the 2.5" inflatable mattress, it was GREAT! light weight a big plus. two thumbs up.

This goes on every hike and every overnight trip. Made all the difference on one cold damp trip as a heat reflector at the end of a rough cold and wet day.

This is too large and hard to fold up decently after opening. I used it one night over my sleeping bag hoping it would add warmth as I was cold with sleeping bag and it did work for about an hour but then the silver side collected a large amount of condensation and next thing i knew my sleeping bag was wet too.

I present each scout with a Space All-Weather Blanket when they join. Part of being prepared for all weather. Uses are multipurpose.

Strong. Light weight, I trust the nasa development team, and SOL.

I've had my 2 for nearly 30 years and use them for hunting sitting on a ground cloth type on snow, under my tent, or reversed and tied to the top of my tent to reflect heat in the summer. Finally wore them out.



If used it silver side up on floor of tent to ensure heat on a colder night on the Oregon coast, will this make it too hot in the tent for my dog?

This blanket can be used for warmth on your tent floor. The blanket itself should not become excessively hot.

Jay D

I'd like to fold this blanket smaller than 8x6x2 inches so it fits my backpack's survival gear pocket..Is there anything at REI that can help make it more compact? Or, will additional folding and crushing do damage?

​You can fold this blanket further, and use an XS, travel packing cube to make it compact and organized for your kit. You can review our travel cubes offerings at the link below.


How many grommets does this blanket have?

This blanket has four grommets.


I'm trying to find the best stuff sack to hold one of these rolled or folded. What do you think about the small REI Mesh Stuff Sack?

The REI Mesh Stuff Sack is a fine choice for this blanket.


How breathable is this product? I'd like to know about condensation build up when wrapped around a sleeping bag?

​The All-Weather Blanket is not breathable.


How durable is this blanket? Can I let my dog cuddle in with me or on it without me when we camp together?

This blanket is very durable so you should be able to let your dog on the blanket without worrying about damage.


Thinking of purchasing the sea to summit ultra light pad because of its small size, but it has no insulation. Would I be able to use this under the pad to provide extra insulation for non-summer camping? (I never do serious winter camping)

The All-Weather Blanket can be used under a sleeping pad to provide extra insulation if needed.


Anyone knows how this compares to the SOL brand utility blanket in terms of strength and durability?

The Space All-Weather Blanket is very similar to the SOL Sport Utility Blanket in size, construction and function. The SOL blanket appears to have a slightly more robust construction and may hold up better over the long run.


Could I use this in my Hennessy Hammock instead of a sleeping pad? I will be in Yellowstone in September where temps that time of year can go below freezing at night.

While you could use this in the hammock, it likely won't be warm enough to keep you warm in below freezing temperatures. We would recommend using an underquilt with your hammock.


will this work to help keep heat in a pop up camper if I place outside over canvas bed area?

The Space All-Weather Blanket will help reflect heat back into a space and provide a layer of insulation.


What size does this pack down to, and does it come with any kind of stuff sack or pouch?

The folded size is approximately 8x6x2 inches. A stuff sack is not included.


Which colors are available at REi. The Make Olive, Orange, Red and blue according to the manufacturer.

REI only carries the red version of the Space All-Weather Blanket.

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