Backpacker's Pantry - Kathmandu Curry - 2 Servings

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I love curry, so I thought I'd give this one a try and I'm glad I did. Perfect kick to it, and super filling. I love all of the vegetables - peas, carrots and potatoes that you can actually see and taste with every bite. And, all of the lentils are an awesome source of protein. I'm vegetarian, so this dish is definitely a regular go-to for me.

This is one of the few Backpacker's Pantry meals I really enjoy and don't mind eating whenever, wherever. A good vegetarian option (and there aren't many).

Just got done eating this last night after hiking 10mi on Hood. I think there are only about three dinner veggi options from Backpackers and this one, along with the Pad Thai, are really tasty. It's spicy and has good texture. I add more water to make it soupy, then use a bagel to soak up the juices and nudge me into the full zone. I like it.

It is easy to cook, just add boiling water and let sit for 15 minutes while you do something else. I thought the flavor was good and that there was a good amount of spice. It was a little too salty, but I am fine with that. It will come with us on every trip we take for at least one meal as it is the best vegetarian meal we have found so far.

Two of us shared this and thought it was quite good. It has almost no fat, which is actually somewhat of a downside if you are relying on these as your meals for the day to replenish your energy. And for the record, neither of us had the problem one reviewer described, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this!

I did not notice the gas problem that the other revewer commented on. For backpacking curry it really isn't that bad... sure, its not perfect, but its backpacking food. I've taken it on numerous backpacking adventures, and even just day trips with my little backpacking stove, and everyone who has tried it has loved it.... If its a cold day out and you've been on the trail a long time its great to have something with flavor and something warm... sure beats ramen!

I legitimately have no clue what these other good reviews are talking about. Maybe they already have diabetes and are used to this kind of garbage. This is the saltiest, nastiest camping meal I've had in years of backpacking. It literally has 100% of your daily salt intake if you eat the entire package (which most of us do), so 50% per meal. Your body needs to replenish a good amount of salt while backpacking, but there is still absolutely no reason to have this much in one serving, let alone one package. I was only able to eat stomach half of it because I was on the trail and desperately needed sustenance before bed, and literally just threw the rest away when I got back. I am absolutely not one to waste food. Disgusting.

Good backpacking meal. Gluten free with brown rice (as opposed to many other options which are white rice). use slightly less water than recommended.

The flavors are really good and it's quite nutritious. But unfortunately I couldn't finish eating it because it was too salty for my taste. I should have known that from the nutrition info, it has 50% sodium for each serving size. If only they could make it with less salt. Salt can always be added later, but why spoil it for those who don't take too much salt.

I have experienced this product first hand...then gave a package away as a practical joke and got back the same will experience MAJOR flatulence. That's putting it mildly. Mediocre taste aside - you will enter your tent as friends and wake up sworn enemies after spending the night farting putrid odors into your nylon atmosphere. Dutch ovens, covered wagons...whatever you call them...they're horrible. Be warned.

I don't know why the instructions say 660ml of water when almost all other meals by this company only need 540ml. Do not listen to it, I'd stick to 540ML. It turned out SUPER soupy, like someone poured a glass of water over it. The flavor was alright but the soupiness ruined it. Would not buy again.

I love curry, and when I saw this my first thought was, 'WOAW, this looks so awesome!' I looked at the nutrients and thought the numbers looked right so I got it. When I got home, a family member pointed out that this meal, with just one serving gave 120% of the fiber needed in one day. I am a big boy and had planned to eat this meal all by myself which consisted of two servings. About 240% of the fiber that I would need in one meal. That is scary when you are backpacking.

My daughter and I just went backpacking and had this for dinner. We both thought it was delicious and appreciated the high protein. No ill effects on us. I liked being able to prepare it in the package.

On my 6 day backpacking trip this was one of my favorites. Lots of veggies, flavorful, spicy, and filling. Loved it and would highly recommend! We added in a package of peas and made it even better.

This is definitely my favorite of the vegetarian freeze-dried food options. It is tasty and had good protein.

People may think it's a juvenile humor thing but I'd have to agree w/ the might cause flatulence warning from the other reviewer. Read the label, this stuff has an outrageous amount of fiber, so much so that we started calling it "colon blow" in honor of the old SNL skit. consider yourselves forewarned. it's a bit boring too but tasty enough.

I wish I could give this half a star, but REI only lets you rate it by full stars. Getting ready for the Atacama Crossing (a 250k self-supported foot race) I taste tested this beforehand. Wow talk about salty. But it was tolerable. And because I'm gluten intolerant and vegan, my options were few so I decided to include this as one of my dinners during the race week and particularly saved it for the long march when likely I would really want something salty. Long story short, the moment this touched my mouth I wanted to barf. It tasted like vomit. Granted my body had probably already shut down and was in shock from the beating I put it through so far, but this just goes to show that if you don't like it under normal conditions, you will HATE it when under difficult conditions. This meal is simply way too salty and intense for my liking.

I purchased this meal along with several other meals for a 4 day backpacking trip out west. Within 30 minutes of consuming this meal, I suffered from bad flatulence. My daughter , who ate the same meal, did not have this issue. Evidently her gut processed it differently (and better) than mine. So be warned, some people may experience this issue. Aside from that, expect the meal to be mildly spicy, so have some water on hand to chase it with.

I enjoyed this, sure, but maybe my expectations were a bit high. I did not check reviews, I largely just looked around the store and picked things I hadn't tried yet for my last trip in Alaska. It's good, I will definitely say that. Good enough I'm going to purchase it again. I'm not vegan or a low-fat subscriber so that was not a major factor. To me, the flavor was just a bit flat. Good, but flat. It needed more spice, some more bite to it.

In preparation for a recent 21 day hike, I looked for vegan options that would be filling, provide a good calorie and protein count, and be tasty. The Kathmandu curry was bought for its high protein content, but is really tasty as well. One can also add more boiling water than is called for to have extra curry broth to warm up after a cold hike. Everything from this company that I tried was delicious.

But my wife was not so impressed - that's the only reason it gets four stars here, instead of five. The texture is excellent, the flavor and the spice are well-balanced, and it is plenty filling - everything I want at the end of a long day of hiking. My wife only knocks it back a little because she doesn't care for lentils. Like, not even a little. But she still liked this very well.

I bought a variety of these for a weekend backpacking trip into the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. Super tasty and hearty with some spice to warm me up on a cold night atclose to 12k ft. The rehydration was longer (about 15 minutes) but the pouch is thicker than other brands I’ve used so between that and wrapping it in my puffy it stayed hot even though it was about 25 degrees.

This meal was absolutely delicious, it taste like something I would eat at home. I love the lentils, peas, potatoes, etc. It has just enough seasoning without being overwhelming. Also, a great amount of protein and it did as well on top of the mountain! Will definitely be purchasing this meal again for future backpacking trips.

Very well seasoned and the main ingredients (cubed potatoes, lentils, rice and veggies all keep their shape nicely just like one might have at home or in a restaurant. I found it to be absolutely satisfying and the two-person serving is perfect for a hungry 150 lb. dude who has been hiking all day. You'll be full and happy.

This was way too spicy, weirdly off balance flavor, way too many lentils and all together disgusting. I had to throw half of it out even though I'd been on the go all morning and could have used a good dinner. I love hot food, and Indian is one of my favorite types, but this was gross.

Delicious balanced meal. Easy to prepare. I've eaten a lot of these types of meals from several companies and am not often a fan of the taste or texture. This one, however, (along with the BP Chana Masala) tastes like it came from a restaurant instead of a bag.

The taste was strong, over seasoned a bit - and heavy on the sodium (salt side). My son could barely tolerate the amount of salt - its way up there! the meal was, OK... but would not eat again. Just too spicey and too much sodium to think about buying again.

I was very excited about this when I saw it. However, on our recent trip in the Grand Canyon we found this dish had no flavor. Both my girlfriend and I agreed that this was nearly tasteless. Despite our starving state this was hard to put down.

My brother and I ate this one night when we were backpacking the Appalachian trail. We also made mashed potatoes that he had dehydrated and prepared with the curry dish. It was so delicious and definitely my favorite dinner meal.

Definitely the best vegan meal by Backpacker's Pantry, even better than many of their vegetarian meals. Interesting note: spices might turn your plastic utensils a slightly different color for a while.

This was a good meal after a long day. Our group took turns sharing meals with the 1 vegetarian on the trip. Fortunately, I got to share the Katmandu Curry and liked it very much (for freeze dried).

Tasted great (if you like curry), easy enough to prepare, and filled us up. Would consider taking on the next trip if I had a meal slot to fill, otherwise we're still looking for new things to try.

I'm part of a backpacking group and this year three meal partnerships brought this meal- ALL of us could only call it dinner, and a over spiced and rather salty one at that. I'd pass this one up!

These type of meals are convenient but they don't taste very good, this one in particular was one of the better I've had though. I'm sticking with mashed potatoes, pasta, tuna and jerky I think.

Totally yummy. Rich flavors with cumin, coriander, ginger, and the nutmeg made it beautifully aromatic. No digestive issues or gas as some mentioned. At all. Would order five more of these.

The package description tastes much better than the actual meal, not to say that it wasn't a decent curry. Texture and heartiness was all there, but the flavor was definitely lacking...

This is a good wholesome mix of rice and lentils, however the spices need to be cooked a bit. The indian spices never taste very good if you just drop them in the packet raw.

Perfect amount of spice. As a pescaterian I was happy to have such a flavorful meal after a long day of hiking. You will not be disappointed with this gem in your pack.

The textures and flavors are not my favorite, but it did its job. The calories and macros are good however. I would recommend something by the brand Good To Go.

Very easy to prepare, provides nutrition, price is right, taste was good, easy to carry, it was everything I wanted it to be. I wouldn't eat at home

I preferred the sherpa stew and pad thai over this one. This is still good, its a little soupy so if you like it less soupy, add less water.

After 40 minutes, the meal had still not absorbed all of the water. What was edible, was bland. Filled my belly, so I'll give it 2 stars.

Lentils and coriander cumin mix. I've been to Kathmandu and this does not do justice. Could use potatoes and cauliflower at the very least.

There were way to many peas in this dish. I am not a big of peas so this made it hard to eat. Also to longer to cook than I wanted.

I added too much water...disgusting. I think otherwise it would have been “okay” but it ruined curry for me ever since.

We do about a 5-6 night trip every year, and I expect this one to be on the menu every year. Very satisfying meal.

This is a great stand alone meal or can be used as a base for a larger dish for those that like to improvise.

I really could not even choke this down. I just didn't like the way it tasted and would not purchase again.

Ok. I like some others better ... but better than most.

I loved it! I’m buying more for our next camping trip.


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