MSR - Mountain Plate

Category: Camp Kitchen

The good before the bad: • Size and weight of the bowl is perfect for camping and hiking. • Stainless steel finish is easy to clean. • Stacks perfectly into plates. • Pairs well with MSR Mountain Bowl. Note. Filling the plate with hot contents/meals may transfer heat through the metal making the plate too hot to handle. No regrets about my purchase however. Should last a long time.

Got several of these MSR plates and bowls. I like that you can use these stainless steel dishes to heat things in, but beware that the MSR pot holder won't work on these plates because of how the rim turns outwards. I can use the pot holder on the Snow Peak titanium plates, but not these, and I would prefer to heat things in stainless steel. The plate is a pretty perfect size otherwise.

Excellent size, weight, durability, and easy to clean. Stacks on each other perfectly, can be heated on a stove. Wish I hadn't wasted money on other plastic plates before finding these.

The only complain is that they put this huge sticker on the top of the plate and even after using them for over a month with numerous washings.. the sticker glue is still visable ..

Great product...helps keep food warm/cold depending what you are eating...easy to clean afterwards.

Perfect size camp plate when lacking a lot of extra space. Inexpensive also.

Very durable and lightweight also can be used for cooking in if necessary.


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