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I bought this liner on a whim to keep my bags (and my little son's) clean. It turns out that this thin little "baggy" actually does add a bit of heat retention. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually kept me warmer than I'd thought, even though I still plan to buy a warmer liner so I don't need to buy a more expensive bag.

The coolMax liner is a bit thicker and warmer than my cotton/poly liner, but the quality is nice. I wish there was a slit opening down the side of the bag so that you had the option to vent the liner. The way it's designed you have to either be completely in or out of the liner - no inbetween.

Bought this in preparation for a cross country cycling trip next summer. I had a chance to break it in during RAGBRAI (Iowa) last month. On hot nights it was a perfect lightweight blanket - I did not even get in it. On cooler nights it was great by it self as a bag (though not always easy to get out of during the night.) I did not take my sleeping bag, so on cool nights I used the liner while wearing long sweat pants and wool long sleeved shirt. No problems down to 60 degrees.

Bought two of these liners a year ago for an Alaskan backpacking trip in August. I live in a warm climate, so I hated to spend big bucks on a liner that I would not use very much outside of my trip to Alaska.

I regularly use sleeping bag liners, primarily to help keep my bags clean. This liner is very comfortable, stretching and comforming easily if tossing and turning is the order of the night. Have also used it by itself on warm summer nights. I would like to see an option for some kind of side opening. Climbing in or out from the top can be a little awkward.

As a soldier, space is very limited when i deploy. This bag is great by itself in slightly cool places and wonderful as a bag liner. It may look thin, but it works great.

Wicks away moisture unbelievably well! Perfect for warm, humid nights to use alone as a bag. Ultralight and small. Very practical and worth the money!!

I found this liner to be a great summer bag for early night time, offering a little coverage without making me sweat. It also turned out to double as a superb mosquito netting, though I suppose you could find a lighter net. I was happy with it in my average-weight pack, but I may rethink when I go UL.

The product was thinner and lighter than I had initially expected but it was very effective in upgrading the warmth of my mummy bag. In the past I had needed to rely on wearing fleece underwear and piling on jackets or sweaters on top of my bag to keep warm at night.

On a hot sticky midwestern night, this liner makes a world of difference. I start out in just the liner and as the night and I both cool off, I slide into my bag. The liner moves with me, and gives me the most comfortable night in a bag I can remember.

I bought this as part of a bike packing trip set up where I didn't want the bulk of a sleeping bag or a tent so used this inside the minimalist bivy and an ultralight sleeping pad. I found it very comfortable and soft, and it had generous length for me (6'5").

I bought this product before heading out on a snow camping trip in my cat's meow sleeping bag, which is only rated to 20*F. I have to say that I would have been really uncomfortable without this. I'm amazed at how much heat and comfort can be contained with such a thin layer of fabric! It packs down pretty small and can be stuffed anywhere in a pack.

I've used this liner for the last year traveling through Asia. It's soft as can be, super compact, and lightweight. It's never smelled, it washes and drys easy, but above all it's soft.

Extremely comfortable. I can't use word to describe the amount of comfortable this is. The only issue I have with it is that I feel like I could tear it very easily. I think this just comes with the territory. If it was thicker it would be too warm and bulky.

I have used this cocoon for 6 years of camping. Living in the Midwest, it can be hot and sticky. Using the cocoon, I’m able to sleep on top of my pad without touching it and if it gets chilly, pull my sleeping bag over me like a quilt. It keeps any mosquitoes from landing on me which otherwise makes me crazy and results in middle of the flashlight hunts for the pest. And it limits my sweat and skin oil from transferring to my sleeping pad, sleeping bag, or tent floor if I've rolled off the pad. If you are sleeping without the fly, it provides some privacy rather than passersby seeing my lumpy self, or if you are nicer looking, attracting admirers, critics or stalkers.

I've used this liner 30 nights or so since purchasing it this spring. It's great for summer camping and in place of those heavy comforters in hotels. It's light and takes up very little space. I have not had the opportunity to try it in cool weather, but i don't leave home with out it no matter what type of travel. I wish I'd purchased one of these years ago. Now my wife wants one to use in hotels (she's not a camper).

Took this bag liner on the AT with me without trying it out first. Big mistake! It was the first thing I shed from my pack. It was like wearing a giant stretchy nylon stocking, severely restricting movement and comfort.

Loved using this liner during a week long camping trip. Was too warm to jump right in the bag at night, and the bugs were out in force so had to use a cover. With a little bit of bug repellent, once in the bag I was able to pull the drawstring around the face enough to cover up and keep the mosquitoes away. Then when it was cooler later just slipped right into sleeping bag while in the liner. Seems durable, packs up easily and compact in its little stuff sack. came out of the wash fine when I got home. Nice liner!

I used the product in lieu of my sleeping bag on my last trip when the nighttime temps were rather warm. It worked great and is very compact.

At first glance, the material seems way too thin to add much heat. It is literally see-through thin. I was pretty skeptical but after 7 nights camping in the Sierras, I can attest that it does add noticeable warmth and I was glad I had it. Enough to turn a slightly chilly experience into a comfortable one, maybe + 5 to 6 degrees F? It was also surprisingly durable, stretching instead of tearing. Packs down pretty small.

I bought this as a gift. I was not sure if it would be needed, but it was needed and was much appreciated!

Everyone should have one of these liners. It adds a few degrees more of warm, but it makes a sleeping bag so much comfortable because it is so soft. I sweat a lot in my sleep, so it is much easier to wash the liner than the bag.

Although I originally bought this for my mummy sleeping bag I find that it make an excellent travel sheet for hot washes well, stuffs down really small and keeps you cool and dry in hot weather. So glad I bought this.

It was a little colder than we anticipated in the higher altitudes---the sack was warm enough, but we would have liked something a little more substantial-----we were not cold, so it was fine.

I liked the softness and added warmth. It did create static electricity sparks against my sleeping bag, but that is likely due to extremely dry conditions.

Haven't used it as a liner yet, just by itself. Good if the temperature won't dip below 70 degrees F.

Added layer of comfort. Added layer of warmth. Added value


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