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I wanted a lightweight pot to cook single meals when thru-hiking. While I had used a Jet Boil in the past and enjoy using it despite the additional weight and trouble of a gas canister, the pot was not wide enough and too deep to stir comfortably without getting steam burns. So I went to an alcohol stove with the MRS tea kettle pot because it was wider and not as deep. It cooks fast and cools fast. I managed to burn some potatoes on the bottom that left a persistent black stain, but it's slowly coming off. I can store my whole cook system inside: aluminum wind break, lighter, alcohol stove, and spork (with the long handle hanging out of the spout rim).

I have all of the Snow Peak pots and cooksets, but the MSR Titan Tea Kettle is the pot I always go back to. I like the lid better than the useless and often poorly fitted lids on the Snow Peak variety. The pour spout is awesome when making pasta and having to drain water and also great when pouring hot water into my tea mug. The size is perfect for making meals for 1-2 people and easy enough to use with a short to regular sized spork. In an emergency, you could cook over a wood fire and scrub the resulting soot off by just rubbing it in wet sand/dirt. The only issue I have is that I cannot nest the windscreen for the Snow Peak Giga Stove either inside or out. Different manufacturer of course. By far, my favorite lightweight cookpot.

I've used this multiple times camping and hiking for dehydrated meals in conjunction with my MSR PocketRocket. It's large enough to carry a small gas canister, a fold-away measuring cup, a bandana for cleaning and fire starter. It's titanium, so it's obviously very light and sturdy. I won't use anything else above my camp stoves.

I use home made dehydrated foods so all I need to do is boil about two cups of water. There are smaller options for that, but I like the flexibility of this kettle and it does a great job for me. I can fit my alcohol stove, windscreen, lighter, utensil, and lighter with room to spare. All in all, this is a great option for those looking to shave weight and keep your options open.

This kettle is just about all I carry for cooking gear when backpacking when I am only responsible for myself. It holds a canister of fuel perfectly. It is lightweight but still large enough to boil enough water for my oatmeal, hot chocolate, or mountain house meal. The lid fits on tightly and doesn't fall off when you go to pour. No complaints.

Perfect size for boiling two cups of coffee water, heats and boils quickly. Lightweight & Compact size while nesting your fuel saves backpack weight & space.

Since the handles were too short, I fashioned some coat hangers as replacement. Now they extend about 3 inches out. This was the key modification and it has been my essential pot for a few years now. I dont know why they built it with such short handles in the first place.

I pair the kettle with a cozy to cook and hydrate homemade cuisine. Have used it with gas, canister, solid, and homemade alcohol stoves. This versatile kettle lets me heat water for a hot drink, then cook cereal or stew in the same pot. The measuring marks eliminate the need for a measuring cup. It's the only pot I carry for a weekend trip for two people.

This has served as my kettle, pot, pan, bowl, plate, and mug for over 3,000 trail miles. I did burn the handle on the lid on my very first trip, but otherwise it hasn’t aged. It is just the right size to fit a small fuel canister, cleaning cloth, collapsible stove, folding spork, and lighter inside when it’s packed, wasting almost no space. Perfect!

Very nice pot. My son bought it for me as I wouldn't have spent that kind of money on myself but it is definetly worth the money. Titanium costs like gold. The pot handles do get hot but a great pot holder to pick up this pot is the cup that comes with the squishy silcone bowl set by Guyot sold by REI. I kind of wish my stove would fit inside the pot but sometimes we can just wish our lives away.

I think this is a great pot. it is really light weight and compact. its great for people who like ultralight gear because it weighs like 2 ounces. the only problem i have with it, is that the handels get too hot, and that the lid is too tight which makes it hard to look in too it when your cooking. if your thinking about getting this pot i would recomend getting a pot lifter because the handels on it get really hot. and its easer lifting it with that then lifting the pot with your sleeping bag or your shirt.

I got this to go along with my MSR Pocketrocket. I used them for boiling water on overnights and a couple long weekend trips. I now use it for lunch at work during chilly weather(work outdoors). I can have hot soup while everyone else has a cold sandwich. Last year i used this combo with an 8oz fuel and for lunch 4-5 days a week from oct - feb. Well worth it. These days i take longer trips and do a little more cooking rather then boiling water so i mainly use it for lunchs, but i will never get rid of it.

The best part of this kettle is that it will exactly fit an isobutane fuel canister. Combined with a compact stove like MSR Pocket Rocket or Snowpeak stove, it makes an excellent soloist cookset to boil water for dehydrated meals. Lid fits very snugly.

Solid construction. The lid fits tightly and securely and the kettle handles are secured by 3 spot welds per side.

This kettle serves double duty as both my cooking pot and drinking cup. In respone to the handles getting hot, I took some tygon tubing, cut it open, attached it to the handles, and secured it with small electrical ties.

There's no question this is about as perfect a cooking item as you could want in your backpack. We found, however, that if we wanted to cook an entree or breakfast, plus a beverage like coffee, having two of these was the optimum. And, since you can stash a Pocket Rocket in one and a fuel can in the other, there's no wasted space! Yes, they are expensive; but IMO, they are absolutely worth the price. I JUST WISH THERE WERE FLUID VOLUME SCORE MARKS ON THE SIDE, LIKE 1 CUP AND 2 CUPS.

No major complaints here but you need to pay attention to when it's boiling. Otherwise you'll have fiery hot water blowing out of that spout. Haven't run into that with my previous pots.....

Really great pot. Perfect size to share tea with 2 people. The lid stays on tight. Very light weight. The handles don't flop around. Super Lightweight

Quality product...Period. Lid fits tight, functionality of handle fits bare and gloved hand, highly recommend!

At this point, I love this pot. It doesn’t rattle like some. Extremely lightweight.

Was recommended by a worker at REi and what a great choice! Very lightwieght

Not much to say about this kettle. I bought it to use on my bicycle touring trips. It's lightweight and sturdy. I had it stuffed in my panniers on my bicycle, along with everything else, and it didn't deform or even get any dents in it. The handle can get warm, so just make sure you are careful when you go to lift it. I suggest keeping the arms flipped out while cooking so as to minimize the heat transfer to them.

I bought this little kettle after I received a Pocket Rocket stove for a birthday gift. I use the kettle with the PR as a light-weight, minimal cooking solution. The handles DO get hot, but that has been my only issue. I use a little makeshift "pot holder" that I fold and stuff into the PR case that also prevents the stove from rattling. Compared to the Jet Boil, it's lighter and I actually like packing two smaller items (stove and kettle containing fuel canister) as opposed to the bigger Jet Boil unit. The Jet Boil is a great product, just not the one I have in my pack. People have complained about the lack of measure lines... Either make a mark yourself on the outside, or measure a cup of water ahead time so you know how much it "looks like" in the pot. It doesn't have to be perfect for a freeze dried meal. Pricey, but I got the PR as a gift so I didn't mind. Amazingly light and right!!!

MSR gets it right, once again! The titan kettle should win an industrial design award for simplicity, durability, and light weight. This kettle is perfect in every way. combined with the MSR titan spoon you have everything you need in a mess kit for backpacking or adventure travel. The cost is well worth the benefit of such a well designed and useful product. kudos once more to MSR!

I like this one, poor heat transfer and all. The side handles which do get hot are designed to be stable. A rarity for most cookware these days.

Very lightweight and strong. Perfect size for one person, this and a spoon is all I need. Nice design. Has a good fitting lid. Bottom is wider than other solo pots making it sit on stoves nice and cooks faster than a narrower pot. My stove fits inside so that saves space in my pack. Can be used as a cup too so there is one less thing to carry. Great product.

Plain and Simple this does the job right. No need to look for anything else. This paired with a popcan alcohol stove made the 9 month Thruhike and cooked all my meals.

This little stove is the best cookware I've ever owned in the field. Its so light and the perfect size for ramen,soups, or cooking a breakfast for one. It is also extremely durable. Once I was in a hurry packing and had this pot at the bottom of my bag with about 35 pounds of rocks on top of it. The only damage it had was a very small dent in the side, which is pretty good since the bag was being constantly moved and thrashed. And it's so light and compact that it's easy to take and pack away anywhere ( I put my MSR stove that was bundled with it inside to save space).

All titanium is a bit pricey, but when you consider this the only piece of cookware you'll ever need, it's well worth it. At 125g including lid, the Titan is very durable. It also heats up quickly & stores your fuel canister. Can be used as a pot, cup/mug, water boiler, etc. Long live titanium!

I bought this to lighten my the overall load of cookware I carry while backpacking. Very well constructed and lightweight kettle - the lid fits very tightly which has pros and cons. A pro being that you can "nest" things inside it and not have the lid pop off too easily. A con would be that it does take a little effort to get the lid off so one must be careful not to spill hot water on yourself while doing so. I found the 4oz MSR fuel canisters nest inside with a little room to spare (enough for a collapsible X-Mug); the 8oz fuel cans barely fit allowing the lid to just barely close. I do wish there was some insulation tubing on the side handles (the pull ring on the lid is coated w/ insulation) as they are just bare metal, but no big deal - I just use gloves or whatever I can find if the handles are hot. Very happy with the purchase and would recommend this as a great tool to boil water - I haven't cooked actual food in it (and probably never will) so I can't speak to anything other than that.

Yes. Yes you can. I have found this little jewel to be one of the starts of my lightweight rig. It's super lightweight and wide. It works perfect on all my stoves, even my smallest BSR. You can't go wrong with this addition to your gear. I think you'll fall in love too.

I finally broke down and bought a titanium cook pot at the REI Anniversary Sale. It’s pricey but a lifetime investment. I took it on a hike this weekend: Light and strong, it’s perfect for heating water for 1-2 people. Wish I’d bought this years ago!

This is great if and when you want to cut grams from your pack. It can hold a complete meal of spaghetti or it can be used to make tea. Works very well with the Pocket Rocket stove (which nests inside along with a fuel bottle).

Super excited about this new piece of gear! I also got the cup which nests inside. The size and weight are perfect. The welds for the handles, visible on the inside of pot, conveniently mark the 1,2 and 3 cup lines.

Great pot, secure lid, extremely lightweight, highly recommend, best for backpackers/hikers/climbers who are cooking for themselves and are minimizing weight and space in their packs

I don't like the fact that I have to use a "pot holder" of some sort to pick this up. Other than that it's great to store my fuel canister in. I like that it's lightweight.

This is a great little kettle. I use for the wife an I to boil water for freeze dried meals, which it works perfectly for. I use it on the solo stove and it's a great fit.

I got this in combination with the Pocket Rocket stove. I can use it as a pot or a cup, and the MSR fuel canisters fit inside perfectly when packing. I love it.

An extremely lightweight container that my stove and canister fit perfectly into, very durable as well. Could not have asked for a better peice of equipment.

Bought this for my thruhike (flip flop) and have been liking it very much.

I bought this to use with the MSR Pocket Rocket. It fits that stove perfectly. I love how lightweight this thing is. I would caution, however, that it is not as sturdy/durable as stainless steel. So, if you are rough with your stuff, you should either consider something else OR take extra care with this. The first one I bought was dented in the bottom and I didn't realize that until I got it home. I returned it because the dent actually affected the pot's stability on the Pocket Rocket and the Rocket can be a little tippy just by virtue of its height once fastened to a fuel canister. I was willing to accept the fact that this guy needs TLC, because the light weight is totally worth it. I just wrap it up in a little camp cloth that I carry and that seemed to do the trick in my pack.

Not too long ago, I was all about carrying a big cookset along with a big liquid fuel stove. It was basically enough to cook just about anything for a good size group. The problem? I hardly ever camp with more than one or two people, and usually if there are more, they have their own stove and cookset. That being said, I opted to significantly downsize my setup. Enter the MSR Titan Kettle...



Will the old style MSR Whisperlite fit inside the Titan Kettle?

​Without knowing the dimensions of your older Whisperlite, it's hard to determine if it will fit. This pot has dimensions of 5 X 3.5 X 3.5 inches.


Will the vargo decagon stove nest in this kettle;is the kettle 5 in diameter or 5 in height? Thx.

The Titan Tea Kettle measures 5 x 3.5 inches, so the Vargo Decagon Stove will fit inside.

Ken the Pilgrim

Does the lid lock into place? I'm thinking for using it over fires and threading a stick through the top.

The lid on the MSR Titan Tea Kettle fits tightly, but is not locking. Therefore, if you were to attempt to use it as you described there is a high likelihood that the lid would separate from the kettle.


Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes, the Titan Tea Kettle is dishwasher safe.


Will this fit on my MRS Pocket Stove?

Yes, the Titan Tea Kettle will be a good choice for the MSR Pocket Rocket.


Will this kettle fit on my MRS Pocket Rocket canister stove?

Yes, the Titan Tea Kettle will be a good choice for the MSR Pocket Rocket.

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