Backpacker's Pantry - Kung Pao Rice with Chicken - 2 Servings

Category: Camp Kitchen

While backpacking in Big Sur, my friend & I boiled some water and wanted for some Kung Pao Chicken-y goodness.

I gave this meal a go at home so maybe the setting wasn't right, but it was super bland. The little peanut pack was alright I guess. The texture wasn't great and it was lacking any real flavor. Too many good options out there to let this one take up space in your pack. If you do have it, add salt and a healthy dose of Crystal Extra Hot

After a 15 mile day in Rocky Mountain NP I was looking forward to this meal. The rice just lacked texture and flavor and i ditched it after forcing myself to eat half. It's good that you can adjust flavor with peanut and red chile packets, but the rest of it was liking eating mealworms. Better than going without a meal, though.

My kids and I loved this dish. Very tasty and just the right amount of spice.

After climbing Mt Adams and returning to camp, I looked forward to a great meal. Unlike the Backpacker's Pantry Pad Thai I had the night before, I was able to finish it, but I would equate this dinner with the flavor of Ramen noodles. That is being charitable.

I was tired of eating Mountain House beef stroganoff so I opted for this instead. I really like the additional peanuts it added quite a bit of texture and you can add a good amount of chili flakes included to spice it up. I will buy this again.

I literally couldn't eat more than one bite of this sludge, the husband couldn't do more than five. The smell was off-putting, the flavor - just terrible. I dare say that even wild animals wouldn't bother to eat this! Never, ever again!

I enjoy other flavors from this brand but skip this kind, first off at 10,000 elevation it takes 26 minutes to make and the taste was bland like wet saw dust. good thing I brought extra seasonings.

I would recommend less water and wait another 5 minutes to rehydrate. Pretty decent flavor. The packet of fresh peanuts & chili flakes improves the texture. I wish there was more chicken.

I thought that the meal tasted good, and had an acceptable amount of chicken. Because it contains rice which expands in your stomach, I also thought that the meal was adequately filling.

This was not good and not even remotely reminiscent of Kung Pow chicken. Spicy rice with a bit of chicken, dry with no redeeming value. We would not buy this again.

This one is pretty bland and soupy. If you’re going to get it, I wouldn’t use the full two cups of water they direct you to.

This is pretty good. I love Kung Pao anything. The way they spiced it up though it would have been better with Tofu.

A good meal, although sodium level was higher than other meals. I'll be taking it again on my next trip!

Freeze dried dinner which tastes like cardboard; filling but not very tasty

Isn't the worst one I've had, but probably won't buy it again.


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