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We traveled to India for 5 weeks and didn't stay in any "star" hotels. It was nice to have the travel sheet for a bit added "protection". Packs to size of a large jar. Got home and tossed it in the washing machine - ready to go!

I bought these travel sheets for my 13 year old son and I to use for a weekend car camping trip and was very pleased with the added warmth and comfort they provided. In fact, my son loves it so much that he is now sleeping in it at home every night (maybe he just likes not having to make the bed?)

I originally got this for a trip through SE asia where I stayed at some pretty questionable places as far as cleanliness goes. This was perfect to use in-between the sheets (i get cold...) and made it so i never had to worry about touching a dirty sheet/ blanket. I'm taking it to Panama for a trip where the accommodations are going to be rustic and humid and am confident that it will perform just as well as it did last time I would highly recommend this product!

This is my new favorite piece of gear. Just used for the first time on a long weekend trip. When it was cold at night, it added much-needed warmth to my lightweight sleeping bag. On a warm afternoon, it gave me just what I needed for a post-hike nap. It's soft and roomy. I won't ever camp without it again!

I have not yet used this is cold weather. My use was in hot weather and this was the best solution to a warm sleeping bag. It makes no sense to turn on the AC and then get in a sleeping bag. This was comfortable and was not confining in any way. Seemed durable and packed small.

loved it, camping last weekend in warm humid weather. Because of the wicking, it felt better than sleeping completely uncovered, even in the heat.

I bought this for a summer trip and I absolutely fell in love with it.... it's warm, thin, and stretchy... it's the best thing I've ever bought

I've used this as a warm-weather solo "sleeping bag" and slept comfortably when the nights are 70+ degrees, and also used it to supplement the temp ratings in several bags in spring, fall and winter trips. The liner really does add several degrees of warmth, and also keeps the interior of my bags clean.

Bought this liner to go with my zero bag for a weekend winter backcountry trip. Very comfortable and after a couple days of hiking, it kept the B.O. out of my sleeping bag.

I didn't like the way this felt against my skin, so returned it. Otherwise, it was good quality, and not see through. Perhaps I don't like the microfiber texture.

I have owned a Coolmax Cocoon for about 5 years. It is great for very warm nights, keeping the drafts off you in a warmer bag on cold nights, keeping the bag clean and best of all, I can use just the cocoon between me and my foam pad and it wicks well enough to keep my back from getting sweaty. That allows me to only need a top blanket instead of a sleeping bag, saving weight in the pack.

I have used this once. I bought for this for a trip where I needed to borrow a bag, and the liner provided a mutual benefit. It is warm, soft, small, light, and has a pillow pocket. It packs into its own very small stuff sack. It is a little different getting in and out of the bag since it is a light fabric, you wiggle into the sack. I will use it in a rectangular bag at the lodge where I usually sleep too warm. I am think it will work out just right.

I don't do much summer camping but, my son is in Cub Scouts now so summer camp was on the calendar. We sleep on cots in canvas wall tents so, bugs are an issue. I set us each up with a pop up mosquito tent on the cots but, it was to hot for sleeping bags and we didn't want to lay on the nylon floor of the bug tent. I got each of us one of these blankets as a bottom sheet to sleep on with thin quilts to cover up with and it worked out really well. It breathed nicely and kept us from getting too sweaty. I would definitely recommend it. If you want to wash it before your trip, don't wait to buy it until the last minute. It needs time to air dry. It comes with a small mesh and nylon sack to store it in that seems well made. When stored, it's small enough for a cargo pocket so, it doesn't take up much space and is light weight.

The coolmax liner is a simple way to add some warmth to your sleeping bag. On warm nights its a great cover alone and works perfectly as a "hostel sheet" for traveling in less than spotless bunkhouses. It's also a lot easier to clean than the whole sleeping bag and keeps the full bag from getting as dirty. I have found mine getting a little bit pilly, but is not tearing or wearing through at all. Over-all, a great investment!

This item is NOT a "sheet" in the normal sense of the word - it's a liner. When you look at it on-line, that's immediately obvious, but when you look at it in the store THERE IS NO WAY TO TELL THAT!! I bought two for a trip . . . and discovered too late that they weren't sheets :-(

I got this cocoon as both a liner in my sleeping bag, but also a standalone cocoon, when it's just way too warm. It has served well for both. It packs up really small, and washes easily. I won't say it gives you a lot of extra protection from the temperatures though, just a few degrees.

Bought this for my wife before a trip to Vietnam. She slept in it whether camping in the jungle, or sleeping in a 5 star hotel. Packs nicely, super comfortable, perfect for hot nights, or for an extra comfortable layer in the sleeping bag.

Bought this for a week-long sailboat trip in the Keys in June. Got just a tad cold at night, but otherwise it worked great. It provides no insulation as advertised. Far more comfortable than silk or cotton bags for hot-weather sleeping.

Brought this along for a month long trip through Indonesia while staying in homestays and losmens. Was perfect for the hot nights and very high humidity. Dried very fast and packed up small for travel. Was very satisfied with my purchase.

Purchased this to travel Southeast Asia. My travel companions decided to purchase a local one on arrival. A lot cheaper but not as nice, didn’t hold up like mine has. It was nice to have my own sheet. very satisfied

Great as a hostel sheet. But really nice when camping in variable weather. I went to bed with this sheet and the bag zipped open. Only needed to zip up a few nights, though I'm a warm sleeper. Good wicking properties.

not a neccesity unless you really need the extra warmth, but a nice item to take to less-than-clean sleeping places, including airplanes. A touch of luxury away from home.

Incredibly soft, doesn't make me sweat, very breathable, roomy enough to move your legs around. Keeps me cool. I use it as a stand alone on warm nights.

Its a bag liner. Bag liners are good for keeping your bag clean and adding a bit of warmth. I suppose you could use it as a warm weather cover up or a warmer on a train or something. I tried to use it with my hammock on a november morning in Austin, it didnt do the job, I upgraded from it to an REI Travel Sack. So Im not so sure yet about its versatility outside of being a bag liner. As a bag liner though it does its job. If you dont sleep in your cloths a bag liner keeps your bag cleaner and is more comfortable on your skin than the bag alone. if your camping in the cold you can pull the pillow pocket of this bag liner (wich is huge) over your head and face to get a bit of protection from the cold. But then again. if you wear cloths to bed a bag liner is less needed. and if you are a scarf fan like me it doesent help you quite as much when its cold, not that I didnt indulge. its a nice little bag liner nothing much more. If your a minimalist I say go without it. This is strictly a comfort item for me, Ill probably carry it for that reason, but I do Roll pretty heavy and tend to bulk up on the comfort items a wee bit more than some backpackers.

Super lightweight and comfortable. Have used it on trains and in hostels in place of their sheets. Excellent warm weather bag.


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