Mountain House - Macaroni and Cheese - 3 Servings

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My kids love this when we go backpacking. It certainly isn't gourmet food, but hey we are on the trail not at a table. This noodles swell up nicely and it looks more bountiful than a lot of the other entrees. A good belly filler. I'm not really sure what the naysayers are looking for.... A gourmet five cheese Mac? I bring this every time

I love most of the Mountain House freeze-dried foods, but this one was gross. It took forever to make, then when it was done, there was too much sauce,(even though we used the amount of water it said on bag) was very unhealthy, and tasted terrible. No flavor, and if there WAS some flavor, it wasn't one you would want to eat. Save your money on this one, and insted I would buy either the Beef Stroganofe, (I'm a terrible speller) Chicken and Noodles, or the Chicken Teriaki.

Lacks some flavor but still really really great after a long day of hiking.

After reading some of the reviews I am not sure what people thought they were getting when they purchased a freeze dried Mac and Cheese meal. This is exactly what I expected it to be and my kids (who I bought it for) loved I'm happy! I am getting ready to introduce our two boys (ages 10 and 7) into the world of multiple day backpacking trips. I figured I would get one of these to see if they liked it because they can be a little picky. This one bag made more than enough for the two of them and they said they really liked it! As some of the reviews have stated, after the recommended "cook time" some of the macaroni was not completely re-hydrated but it was still good! I will be buying this again when we hit the trails this spring/summer!

I normally try to limit my reviews to constructive criticism but in this case I have to be honest--the Mac and Chees is just gross. It was tough to "get right" during my test sessions at home. The noodle texture was (eventually) fine but I had to leave it for almost twice as long as the instructions indicated to get them that way (I added boiling water, stirred contents, sealed the bag and then immediately put it inside my reflective cozy). The biggest complaint I have is with the cheese sauce--there's just no getting past the taste...

I recently bought this meal to try before taking a family camping trip. Both of my kids really liked it. The noodles didn't cook all the way through, I believe altitude had something to do with that, I let it sit about 10 minutes more and they were a little better, more al dente than before. I would definitely buy this again, finding kid approved freeze dried meals can be tough. So when my fairly picky 7 year old said it was "really really good, I always want to bring it on trips". I knew I had found a new staple.

Went on my very first backpacking trip last year in the ozette triangle, got lucky enough I picked a delicious meal on the first try! I hadn't expected much, but this was the perfect hot meal after a hike; creamy, cheesy, everything you could want out of mac and cheese. I think I had to cook it a little bit longer than directed for everything to re-hydrate right, but in the end I was happy enough that I bought the same one for a hike coming up and I'm actively looking forward to eating it!

Comfort food = Mac 'n Cheese. Only thing I can add is more is less. Personally, I like my Mac 'n Cheese a little on the thick side so add an ounce or so less water than recommended. Yum

We took this on a trip with a variety of other foods, and it stood out as the absolute worst. Tasteless and way too much sauce.

I consistently take this on the trail with me and I love it! I am a smaller female, so the 3 servings is way too much for me. Before backpacking, I divide the meal into two freezer ziplocs bags and then rehydrate/eat it from those so I don't have any left overs to carry around for days. If you don't user a freezer bag, the thin regular ones will leak when exposed to boiling water. It's yummy to throw in some spices like pepper and/or garlic powder before hitting the trail.

I really, really like some MH foods, but not this one. The texture is gloppy, and it is tasteless and chalky. If you really want some plain mac and cheese, get the one in the blue box!

Out of all the food we had on our backpacking trip, this was by far the greatest stuff we ate. Yummm.

The kids and I both agreed this was too runny and did not taste good.

It has been awhile since I've looked at these meals. What happened. The Mac and Cheese contains 1,260 mg Sodium! 1,500 mg is the daily max. recommended. Come on Mountain House. Wake up. I don't recommend eating any of these cardiac downers anytime soon.

There's nearly a daily dose of sodium in just one of the two servings. My companion didn't like the excessive salt, so I ate the 2 servings. I generally don't mind salty foods but this one was over the top. This one meal put me over 100% of the recommended sodium for the day. I don't think you need that much salt for flavoring this meal.

Worst mac I've ever had! Soupy cheese sauce has no flavor...yuk!! We were 5 days on the trail before I tried this. Blehh!!!

This was sooooo good. Comfort food — sometimes I’m not in the mood for too much spice — there’s chili (spicy), Indian food (spicy), Thai food (spicy), and I just want something comforting and safe. This is really yummy. It’s not spicy Mac and cheese, or Mac and cheese with sausage, or Mac and cheese with some other unusual twist — it’s just really good, regular, yummy comfort food.

taste wasn't bad especially for backpacking food, but the issue for us was that the food was getting cold before it was fully cooked, so the macaroni was still a bit crunchy. if temps are going to drop significantly at night even in summer (like in the high sierras) I probably would suggest something else. I did have other pasta dishes on our trip that did not seem to take as long

Less messy than trying to make a box or 2, with the cleanup. Pricey for mac n cheese, and some of the noodles did not soften, though we followed the directions. Worth it? If you are camping with kids, they might enjoy it. Ours were on the fence overall, they said it was 'ok'. Us adults found it tasty, but really more of a novelty. 3 Stars, mostly for the ease of disposal

slimy may be a little unkind, but it's not very good in my opinion. there are many better choices.

Tastes like velveta cheese soup and crunchy noodles. And yes, I did cook it as directions stated.

The Mac and Cheese was very tasty, but the portion was incredibly small. It states that it provides 3 servings, but between my boyfriend and I, we could have each had a whole bag to ourselves. This would work best if you had a lot of side dishes available. Otherwise, it probably will not work if you are planning for it to be your whole meal.

The Mac and Cheese is pretty much what you would expect. It is very easy and convenient to cook and the mess is contained in the bag. It is not as good as any other regular mac and cheese. The noodles had a crunch to them. I would buy a box of the regular mac and cheese for taste and cost if you are willing to deal with the added mess.

Packed one of these on a seven day sea kayak excursion. After one long day with tougher conditions this was the perfect comfort food. Also good when conditions aren't good for more involved cooking. Boil water, dump in, wait a few minutes and chow down. Taste? Pretty good. Hey, it's mack and cheese. I'll take some next time.

I think it might have tasted okay if turned out. We were in a hurry on the trail so I use soft boiling water. I think the water needed to be warmer or I had a bad batch as the noodles never fully softened. The sit time was a lot longer than other freeze dried meals. Not knowing if the fail was my fault or not, I gave it 3 stars.

Took these hiking for my first time in Zion. Totally worth it and delicious. Just make sure you stir every couple minutes to prevent crunchy noodles. Tasted like a mix between Stoffer's and easy Mac. Fed me and my friend (both athletic females) after a long day of hiking. I would recommend if you are new to freeze dried foods.

I'm a touch "Old school when it comes to taste, so hopefully this will help some fence sitters on their decision's when it comes to these pre-packaged Dehydrated or freeze dried meals, When this kind of stuff first came out, it was Terrible! but they have really come a very Long Way and I can say that without reserve. it is now really worth purchasing. I take inner city people both kids and adults camping usually their first time out in the wild, and I used to do a full blown dinner meal but now I re-enforce the camp foods with food products from REI. Saves me the wear and tear as well as the cost and planning of the food prep. which can be fairly stressful trying to figure the needs of others dietary needs. I also like to keep a couple of these meals for those that are really hungry or are late for the meal call They are really quick and easy to prepare, low in cholesterol and for the most part sodium, double check your package if you have dietary restrictions.

I've always loved just about every Mountain House meal I've tried, even the ones I've tried that weren't great were edible after a long day hiking.

I bought this for an overnight hike. My husband and I shared it. It was enough for me, but not him (seeing as he has quite the metabolism over me). The taste was good and it was easy to take on the hike. I would definitely buy again. Only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because the noodles were a littel chewy.

I usually don't review the food but for some reason this one gets a lot of hate and I don't understand why. Yes, you may have to let it sit a little longer than the instructions say but that's a negligible issue. The food is de-licious and there is a bunch of it. I always throw this one in my rotation.

Not terrible, but definitely not quite like we're used to at home. Lots of "cheesy" sauce, which was a little grainy compared to at home. Ok, so it's probably not fair to compare to at-home, but that's my point of reference. We definitely liked the Chili Mac & Beef better.

This seems to be one of the faster "cooking" MH meals. I won't tell you it's good for you or low in salt. But, if you like the good brand of frozen mac'n'cheese, you'll like this. It also has one of the highest calorie levels of the MH meals. Kids will eat it up.

I love mac & cheese and this is not bad, but I would change the cooking instructions. Two cups of water make this into more of a soup than creamy mac & cheese. You might also want to let sit a little longer than stated as some of the macaroni was a little tough.

Took this backpacking and as with the chile mac the 20 oz meal for two was watery while the single serving pouch turned out nice and thick and yummy. Also would try adding less water next time. It did require longer than stated cooking time for tender noodles.

We couldn't get the noodles to cook all the way for this one... bummer because the cheese sauce tasted amazing! Still edible, but eating half cooked noodles after a long day was rough. We followed all directions and even let it sit in the bag for extra time.

I made this at home just to test it out before a weekend backpacking trip. Followed the instructions to the tee. It still came out chewy/crunchy. The flavor was good, but it just came out too watery and chewy for me in the end. It was borderline soupy.

This wasn't gourmet, but it was hot, cheesy, and satisfying. I'll definitely eat this again, but I'll probably bring some hot sauce, pre-cooked bacon, or some instant potatoes (you know, the kind with bacon and garlic in them) to jazz it up a little.

Absolutely love this meal from Mountain House. Tastes great and has a good consistency. I give it additional stirs as its re hydrating and usually give it extra time beyond whats recommended and if its looking a little dry, i'll add a bit more water.

It is a bit on the saucy side, but we don't know if we used a tad too much water or what.

the first time I tried cooking this meal the noodles were a bit hard, the 2nd time I cooked this meal I let it sit for 20-25 minutes and it came out amazing! I add a pinch of salt and a bunch of pepper and real makes it pop.

Very disappointed. Time on bag was not enough to cook through, so it was pretty crunchy still. Also it's says to add enough water to make it soup. Lastly, this is not three servings - more like 1. Would not recommend at all!

We used it on a 50 mile backpacking trip and loved it. For variation, we added a foil pack of tuna to it. Plan to use it again when we're on Isle Royale this fall! It does need a bit longer cooking time.

I bought this for a hike and primitive campout in the mountains. Water was as directed and boiling (very hot) but the macaroni did not absorb all of the liquid. I would buy it again but use less water.

I truly looked forward to this meal with my vegetarian daughter. There were a few pieces of pasta swimming in a lake of thin, melted cheese. Now I still have one of these to consume.

This Mac N' Cheese is so good, that it cheered us right up as we waited for a locksmith to come and break into our car after we locked the keys in at Pismo Beach, CA.

Had this with a 10 yr old and 7 yr old. Followed directions on the package but it was too soupy. Would use less water next time but there would be a next time...

Just returned from a couple of nights at Sequoia NP and my daughters give this an enthusiastic thumbs-up. Easy to make and color and consistency were very good.

What I would recommend doing is let it sit longer in the bag to cook and maybe add less water instead of the full 2 cups. Will definitely purchase again!

It states that it will feed three people. It really served 1. They should change the number of people to serve. The quality was wonderful, as always.

Very disappointing. Tasteless and slow to cook, even after 15 minutes of waiting the noodles were still crunchy and the cheese was tasteless.

This is by far one of the tastiest quick meals that mountain house makes. At the end of a hard day on the trail, this is good stuff.

Definitely stir and definitely soak longer than it says on the directions. It wasn't terrible but not the tastiest mac and cheese.

This is a really tasty meal for backpacking or just a lazy night while camping. It is easy to make and takes less than 15 minutes!

At High Altitudes, You Have To Let Sit A Litle Longer. But Tastes Great, Didn't Have An Overpowering Salt Taste At All.

It’s ok. It taste a bit grainy in my opinion but my partner loved it. Wasn’t a favorite but would probably buy again.

This is really good. The only thing I'd change is give it less sauce, and more noodles...and of course less salt.

Add Hot Hot water for pasta to cook. And add a couple more minutes till tender. Very cheesy and delicious.

Good for a change in flavors. Not one of our top choices but good to mix it in to the rotation.

For freeze dried mac n cheese this is the bomb! A little salty but great for on the trail

I brought this one a backpacking trip with my kids and it was a huge hit!!!


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